More Turn of the Century Inspired Fashion


If you saw my “Anne of Green Gables Inspired” post with host Bramblewood Fashion, here are my other inspirations from the same era, from the recesses of my closet!

My hair had had it by this point. The third outfit, after church and a long lunch with friends…

I picked up this wonderful cape somewhere awhile back. I KNEW it was a great find! If you think there may be a possibility you’ll dress up for some event, take advantage of the fashion trends that echo the past, like this one!! Most/all of my costume pieces are modern reproductions!


The skirt is just a modern maxi skirt from Kohl’s? Shoes and hat from the thrift store, blouse from Mervyn’s. Oh where have you gone, my favorite store?!


The hat didn’t actually seem quite right in the end, but here it is.



I bought two of these skirts last year from Kohl’s on clearance in different colors. I knew they were a great find!


And switched my hair from a braid as Anne, to a bun.



I love dressing up, especially in historical costumes! :>




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