Modest Monday: Shamrock Edition


Haha! Two weeks later, here we go! Celebrating and having WordPress issues has made my Irish Day posts take longer, sadly. I like to share photos and the photos weren’t loading any way that I tried! But here we go finally! So, For Modest Monday, here’s what I wore the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a good thing we enjoy the Irish culture year round! 🙂

I made this little jacket several years ago  and I still love it. 🙂



I absolutely LOVE these new shoes! They are a Mary Jane style with wee heels and would be great for swing dancing or a more comfortable version of character shoes…says the dancer. 🙂


See what I mean?

And this pretty, elegant jewelry was a gift from my in-laws.


I’ve had this barrette since college…so just a little while…ahem. Haha!


It was yet another hot day, so my hair was up in a messy bun with the barrette around the hair bands.

Now, how about these brand new rings? The shamrock one is from Avon and the flower is from Kohl’s. I LOVE them!!!


I’ve been needing a temporary wedding ring as I’ve gained weight and live with hot, swollen fingers a lot in our summery climate. So, I wore this one while I waited for another one to arrive.

I find it fun to dress in festive clothing, do you?


Ways to Celebrate Ireland Day


I’ve written a bunch of posts about the ways we celebrate Ireland. Our anniversary is just a few days earlier, and we both have Irish roots. I also lived there for two years as a missionary, so we like to celebrate the friendliness, beauty, food, music and dance of Ireland’s emerald shores. We sometimes do something more Americanized like lime and 7up punch, but we mostly do things the Irish way. So I’m including the links to all of my previous posts right here, nice and handy!


Shepherd’s Pie


Irish Soda Bread


Mince and Potatoes



Our Irish Anniversary


Lily’s Brown Bread







St. Patrick’s Day outfits, accessories, Irish Stew and Barry’s Tea

So, take a peek and see if there’s something here to help you celebrate Irish culture and all things shamrock!


Recipe Exchange: Lily’s Brown Soda Bread

Lily’s Brown Bread for St. Patrick’s Day!

Truly Skrumptious


Tuesday means the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange, and since it’s March I like to celebrate Irish culture. One of the ways we celebrate is with Irish food! So last night I made Shepherd’s Pie and Brown Bread, otherwise known as Brown Soda Bread, as opposed to White Soda Bread. I lived in Ireland for two years as a missionary and made some lovely local friends over that time period! Last June we went over for our Irish friend’s beautiful wedding. :> This is her mother’s recipe, and it is FABULOUS!! It goes perfectly with their wonderful spirit of hospitality. I have NEVER been to their house without being offered food! I have always been warmly welcomed and served with love alongside my tea, brown bread, etc. The Murtaghs embody a similar welcoming attitude you will find all over the Emerald Isle! :>

It felt so good to be…

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Modest Monday: “Irish” Anniversary Date

Our Irish anniversary date!!

Truly Skrumptious


I planned to write this post about our anniversary days ago, but we’ve been so busy! So I’m incorporating it into this week’s Modest Monday post. We had to put our celebration off for a week, because I was sick on our actual day and the live Irish session only happens one day a week. We like to celebrate with Irish themes since we had an Irish themed wedding during St. Paddy’s week! :>

Here are some of the musicians.


The Irish session plays at a British themed pasty (pass-ty) restaurant which also serves Irish food. I could eat something different there EVERY week! That’s saying a lot from a picky eater! My Sweetie had a local mix, with the Tri Tip Pasty, Santa Maria style. I had one that married the two cultures of Ireland and England,  a Shepherd’s Pie Pasty. And I forgot to take a photo before…

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Recipe Exchange: Mince and Potatoes

Mince and Potatoes for you Irish celebration!

Truly Skrumptious


I can’t believe I haven’t shared my “company” dish before! Since I haven’t cooked anything new and exciting lately, I was scouring through my photos, looking for something I could share today for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange. That’s when I realized I have a couple of photos of and have never shared my Shepherd’s Pie recipe, so here you go! It’s such an easy, forgiving dish that you can play with until it becomes yours. I ALWAYS make it the same way, the way we made it when I lived in Ireland, where I first ate it. But the whole idea of this dish is that you (the shepherds) use whatever you have on hand and throw it all in together. The original would have had, and still does sometimes, lamb instead of the ground beef or “mince” that I use. I can’t believe I don’t have any photos…

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Modest Monday: St. Patrick’s Day!

Here are some more Ireland Day Ideas!

Truly Skrumptious


This year, St. Patrick’s Day, or what I like to call Ireland Day because I celebrate the country, my heritage and Irish friends that day, fell on a Sunday. It’s fun walking into church and seeing green on those celebrating! We usually celebrate more than anyone we know, as we both have Irish blood flowing through us. We mostly celebrate more like the Irish, but we do throw in some American fun as well! One thing that celebrates everything about the day, is the shamrock. Patrick used it to explain the concept of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, 3 in one) to the pagan druids and it is a clear representation of the Emerald Isle! So I like to incorporate it, a lot, especially during this week when we celebrate both our wedding anniversary and Ireland. We had an Irish themed wedding…

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Recipe Exchange: Irish Soda Bread

Another idea for Irish Day is White Soda Bread, a fast and easy loaf you can whip up in no time!

Truly Skrumptious


After being sick for nearly a full week, I’m finally here with a great Irish recipe for you all for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange this week! I’ve been making this bread for 18 years now, and it’s ALWAYS yummy!! It’s fast, yummy and rustic, and always hits the spot! The Irish still eat this bread often, and it’s sister, Brown Bread, and I learned to love it and make while I lived in Ireland as a missionary. Let your kids join in and help you make this recipe for St. Patrick’s Day – they’ll have a lot of fun joining in! I love the way the best Irish recipes came from the idea of just making do with whatever you have on hand. When they didn’t have yeast, they made Soda bread. It’s absolutely perfect paired with Shepherd’s Pie/Mince and Potatoes and Irish Stew, updated recipe and photos…

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Recipe Exchange: Shepherd’s Pie

Need ideas for celebrating Irish culture? Here’s my favorite company meal! So skrumptious!

Truly Skrumptious


Here’s a new and improved Shepherd’s Pie Recipe post for the Recipe Exchange! If you’ve been reading for very long, you know we love all things Irish and enjoy the culture year round, but especially like to celebrate Ireland in March. So I made Shepherd’s Pie and Brown Soda Bread last night and took some new and improved photos! I usually make White Soda Bread, but I’ll be making brown more often now that I think I’ve figured out a little trick for the flour for us Americans.


I ALWAYS make it the same way, the way we made it when I lived in Ireland, where I first ate it, until the last few times when I shook it up a bit. But the whole idea of this dish is that you (the shepherds) use whatever you have on hand and throw it all in together. The original…

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Lord’s Day Scriptures: God’s Beauty and Patience


It’s difficult to remember sometimes, but God does make beauty out of ugliness, He does give beauty for ashes and He does bring healing from pain. I need this reminder daily! I want to know why now. I want to see healing now, I want to move on to the beauty now. But calls me to hope and believe and be patient and TRUST Him and His promises.

The wonderful thing? He gives us so much beauty all around us in His creation…and even in some of His people. I think He does this to help us see Him and to help encourage us to persevere, while we enjoy these little respites! 🙂

Thank you Lord!

“He has made everything beautiful in His time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11a

(Daisies are my favorite flower and green is one of my favorite colors! 🙂 )

*I found this image on Facebook with no original location.*


Purim, Passover, Ressurection Day and Haman’s Hats (Hamantashen)

It’s the season for Purim, Passover, Resurrection Day and Haman’s Hats!

Truly Skrumptious


Our Ladies Bible Study has been studying Esther the past few months and last week I made Haman’s Hats or Hamantashen for our last meeting. We’re just a few weeks past Purim also, the remembrance of Esther and Mordechai’s bold moves to save the Jewish People, so it was pretty good timing. I made mine with a sweet pastry and fig butter…yummy! Their shape comes from the idea that Haman wore a three-cornered hat and eating his hat symbolizes his destruction. More about this cookie HERE. They’re really fun to make and kids would love shaping the hats. :>

And if you’re looking for more Resurrection Day ideas, HERE’S a post from last year:

Resurrection Cookies

Resurrection Eggs

Easter Story Snack Mix

“A Week Long Journey” with Baby Be Blessed

And this Countdown to Easter scripture Printable.

Also Resurrection Rolls HERE.

More great ideas HERE, especially…

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