Christmas Fashion Inspiration


This week I’m sharing some Modest Christmas Fashion inspiration with you all for Modest Monday! (Which has actually turned into Thursday…oops). Including some of my past outfits and some collections I created on Polyvore. I like to incorporate blue and white, the original Christmas colors since Jesus Christ was Jewish, plaids, greens, nativity and gingerbread accessories, etc. Hope you enjoy! :>


I call this one Christmas Plaid


Green Christmas Elegance


Ballet Style: Inspired by a skirt I’ve been wanting and finally own, and my ballet background.




Blues and more plaid.


Sometimes I even wear red plaid, although it’s my worst color.



Me and my Sweetie!


It’s fun picking out fun and festive outfits!! And I love gingerbread and Nativity themes! :>


Living Proverbs 31 #89

Ballerina in the Making


A few weeks ago my adorable little Ballet, Tap and Irish Step student took her first official ballet class! It was amazing watching her little talented self listen to the teacher and get distracted by the other students. : >


I love her teacher! A good mix of structured, correction and encouraging. Perfect! You see, I’m very persnickety and need her to have a great teacher so she can flourish. Yay for great teachers!!


This day her latest pair of ballet shoes were too small and her green, wet hair was slapped up into a messy bun. But by the next class, she had shoes in her size and a real bun again!


Sigh…I adore this girl…and that top picture is my FAVE!! She’s been listening!!  Happy Monday everyone!! : >

Play Time and New Product Preview


It can never be the same as having my own or make up for losing a child, but I thoroughly enjoy my fun times with this little cutie!! (I also have another little cutie I love hanging out with). God has truly blessed me by giving me sweet little playmates over my lifetime.


We had a great time playing together a couple of days ago and I gave her one of my new products coming soon to the shop, as soon as I get photos taken. Fyi: these were taken with my cell phone again.




She greeted me with Grand Jete’s which she calls leaps! It’s her favorite part of ballet class, and I love that she greeted me that way! Then she went into Chaine Turns, no prompting for either one. My heart was happy!



Here’s another idea for the puppet stages! :>




Isn’t she adorable??!!




We’re a couple of sillies!




And she’s a great artist!!




A 5 Year Old’s Request


I picked up these little finger puppets  from a local shop and took them to my ballet lesson with the adorable 5 year old, so we could play with them after. You’d think that would be enough, playing with them admiring them and putting on a puppet show. But first, she decided which one each of us ARE which was my favorite, her 21 year old sister’s and hers. THEN, she says…”Would you make this for me?” So cute, she wants a matching outfit to this little ballerina! I’m used to this, she often asks me to make her one of something I’m working on or something she sees somewhere. She knows her sister and I sew and are crafty. So, I was a little surprised, but not very.


I said that MAYBE we could find a leotard or bathing suit with SIMILAR stripes, and make or doesn’t she already have a lavender tutu?! I was thinking of saving myself some work. NEVER promise a 5 year old you can find or make a matching one!! What if you can’t? Shoot for similar. She is very particular also! She went for it.

Then I stopped by Target and saw 2 possible bathing suits that same day!!! Whew!! Now we just have to see if she’ll go for the yellow instead of white, and all horizontal stripes…


I also found one with stars. I took photos of each, uploaded them, took side by side views and sent them to her dad. We’ll see if she approves them. :>


Her sister and I can’t blame her for this way of thinking, she’s learned it from us! Watching us see something and duplicate it, or create something out of our heads. She’s seen the wheels turning and now her wheels are turning too. It’s sweet to see!

31 Days of Heart and Home: Rejoice and be Glad

Psalm 118:21 “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

I’m felling exhausted, but thankful today for the gift of friends and family. And I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow, with cooler temperatures and even possible rain on the horizon!

I had a fun afternoon with my little 5 year old buddy friend with ballet and the merry-go-round at our little secret park. Then she buckled our little Irish dancing friend in for the trip home. So cute!!

AND…I’m so excited about the possibility of new projects on the horizon, and can’t wait to finish up others and begin new things!!!

Oliver +S Blog

What are you grateful for today?

Ballet Classes Part Deux

This week I decided to let my little student put on a “show” for her family. It seemed like it was time to let her reap the benefits of her “hard” work! I knew she was starting to get tired of it sometimes, she’s even told me she already knows everything. As if ANY of us ever know everything about a subject! :>

Just as I suspected, she was DELIGHTED to perform! I showed her my old toe shoes, let her feel the wooden box and tried them on for her (of course they don’t really fit after all of these years, but she got the idea).  We “dressed” the part with official buns, leotards, tights, a tutu, etc. I choreographed a simple dance, and of course, had to “perform” with her. Even still, she got nervous and ran off “stage” immediately following our entry onto the “stage.”  So I held her hand as we gracefully ran back out…and then she did it! I made sure I told her afterward how proud I was of her, especially since I knew she was nervous. (She usually doesn’t want anyone but me to see her dance).

And for her “encore” she chose to be the teacher to her sister and I. Oh how she loved being the teacher! And the surprise for me? She actually was focused and taught us…and didn’t just play. I was very proud! :> Her reward? Sliding down a mattress “dune.” She said she was NEVER going to stop! Then…tea! This little girl drinks real tea, always has! Happy Day Everyone!