Modest Monday: A Modern Victorian



It has to be time for Modest Monday, right? It’s been far too long. And this post took far too long to post today/night. But iPhoto was fighting me , and WordPress was fighting me, ugh! Had to go and live life and come back later, but here we go. 🙂


The day after Christmas we attended an “Anne of Green Gables” play, a birthday gift from my in-laws. I LOVE Anne. I AM Anne! We had so much fun!!! Us ladies in the group decided to dress sort of modern-Victorian in honor of the play, and this is the outfit I wore. I also wore it this past, muggy weekend for tea and church. So I have frizzy hair in the photos, but c’est la vie. Nothing I could co about it. 🙂





Considering the fact that I’m such a huge Anne fan, and have so much in common with her: red hair, adoption, searching to belong, loss, etc. this is only the second time I’ve been to see the play!




My Sweetie captured some nice, genuine smiles this time. 🙂




Matching cameo necklace and pale pink rose earrings from Etsy complete the vintage look.





And here is an interesting mushroom that popped up in our yard:








Are you an “Anne of Green Gables” fan?


And have you seen my other Anne themed posts HEREHERE  and HERE?



Now I need a day for an Anne marathon!! 😉






A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Modest Monday: Blue and Pink Revisited


I know I’ve posted this dress before, but I paired it differently this time, so thought it would be okay to sort of repeat. 🙂


The cardigan was actually too warm for the day, but it’s getting tricky to wear dresses without repeating outfits all of the time, when it’s so warm the past four or five years especially during this drought. I LOVE the new half tees I found with straps only, as they are so much cooler, but still modest.


This necklace I found on Etsy is the perfect match to this dress!  From Connor Inspires Amy.


Still so excited to finally be able to wear these earrings after promptly losing one right after I received them as a gift!


And LOVING these new flower rings from Kohl’s! They came in a set of three, but I prefer to pair them two at a time. 🙂

Have a great week!!


Modest Monday: My Favorite (Flowered) Dress


I shared about this dress before HERE, but it never received it’s proper attention, as it IS my FAVORITE dress!!! I rarely pay full price for things like clothes, but I was too scared to lose out on this pretty dress, so I bought it, then and there!   A year and a half later and it’s still my favorite!! 🙂


The dress was a tad short, so I added a strip of lace along the hem.

I just ADORE flowers!!


I still love this jewelry from Connor Inspires Amy on ETSY.

We tried a new spot for photos at my in-law’s and I LOVE seeing the GREEN behind me!!




I found the beautiful dress at Target.

Happy Monday!


Christmas Wares In The Shop


Yesterday I shared some of my Christmasy and Autumn wares from my shop. But I forgot this little gem! My Winter Deer Embellished Hoop Art! So adorable!! Go and take a peek!

Also my Woodland Themed Embellished Hoop Art!



And here are the Gingerbread Ornaments and Leaf Pins I shared yesterday. All of these items are ready to sell in my ETSYSHOP now!!



Happy Shopping!! :>

Leaf Pins and Gingerbread Ornaments


I have some great things in the shop for Autumn and Christmas! Leaf Pins look great pinned on a lapel, a hat, a purse, in your hair, just about anywhere! And they come in Green, Yellow and Red!!! Pop over now and take a peek in the SHOP!



I also have adorable Gingerbread Ornaments in both men and women, ready to bake some Christmas treats! I absolutely LOVE all things gingerbread!!! They are just so fun and whimsical!!! So pop over and take a peek at these also!! Right now!! 🙂




Christmas is coming…happy shopping for your loved ones!

Modest Monday: Patriotic Feminine Fashion




Modest Monday is back at last! After a LONG break I finally have a new modesty ideas post. Inspired by the Modest Mom and her patriotic post BEFORE the 4th of July, I thought I would share what I wore for Memorial Day.


I worked for several years looking for a more feminine option in a world filled with unisex, ugly t-shirts. First I found this top from Walmart several years ago (that I can now pair with this great skirt for variety!):



At least it has flowers!




Then I found this dress at Marshall’s and completely re-worked it, adding sleeves and making the bodice more modest. It had a lot of ruching, which means plenty of extra fabric for me to work with.  And I turned two bracelets from Kohl’s into a necklace (although the red is a bit more pink).











And then, I found this skirt! I loved it and it’s femininity immediately! It took me a while to find the right pairings, but now I’m so happy with the outfit!




It’s always better if you don’t limit yourself to the items the stores earmark for certain holidays or events. Keep your options open!!


The earrings came with a necklace I bought on Etsy from ConnorInspiresAmy. And the cute patriotic buttons came from Target? I just pinned one in my hair. :>




And find fun and festive items like these Dollar Tree glasses for the kids (or even yourself)!





Have a great Freedom Day with family and friends as you celebrate the birth of America! Happy 4th of July! (My Sweetie would want to make sure everyone watches some FIREWORKS)!!



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The Homemaking Party





Camp Crop 2014




I spent last weekend with 7 other wonderful women scrapbooking our little hearts out for FOUR.FULL.DAYS at our annual Camp Crop retreat for the 6th year!  We had such a fabulous time catching up, crafting and laughing together…A LOT!! This was my absolute favorite year! The past couple of years, I’ve tried to tell myself to relax and not worry too much about the number of pages I finish, but treat the time like a combination of crafting and relaxing. I had to because of health issues. But I think this year I finally took it to heart and thoroughly enjoyed time crafting, visiting and relaxing!! It’s so much fun getting together with these same women every year and I love these special women.


Here are some of the unique things I worked on over the weekend (excluding photos of my photo pages as I forgot to take them):




I made a cute little house album kit first to get my inspiration juices flowing.




It has sweet doors that open like a house if you put it together the way I did. My favorite part. ; >





Open sesame:




Inside the house, notice I tried to make wallpaper:




Another “room” view:






And the top, blue photos are the back. Now to figure out what photos it will hold!!


I also decorated the cover of my idea book…FINALLY:




My station:




Loving these pages:





Heather’s twine and ric rac collection:



Paula’s yummy coconut cupcakes:




We each gave little gifts to the others as we prepared our meal, (we each prepare ONE, love it!), and I decided just a few days before to MAKE the gifts. A variation of my new favorite wares in my ETSY shop.






I took photos of the other ladies too, but not sure they want to be on  here for all to see. :>


It’s so great to get away with your sweetheart and so great to get away with girlfriends. I highly recommend it!!!



 The Homemaking Party with Hope in Every Season

New Finger Puppeteer Stages


Whoo Hoo! I finally got some photos of my brand spankin’ new Finger Puppeteer Stages!!! I’ve had this idea in my head for about a year or more, but was planning on sewing the stages. Then I found something I knew I could use instead and began working on them and finding more finger puppets. Because, you see, it all started with my father-in-law buying me some adorable finger puppets to use with kids I hang out with. Then the wheels began turning!


So here are my adorable and fun Puppet Stages. And if you like what you see, pop on over to the SHOP for more fun!!









I can’t stand the cuteness!








I was so happy to find barn-like paper, a horse and this equestrian!!






Do you know someone who might like one of these? Then head on over HERE!


Have a great day!!  :>