Modern Anne and Avonlea Inspired


“Every little cove was a marvel of dancing ripples.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables, and Avonlea in general can’t help but draw in every reader to it’s quaint beauty and loveable characters. Whether feisty Anne herself, ever loyal Diana, feminine and outspoken Olivia or adventurous Sarah, they draw us to their days of old. Simpler days, filled with mishaps and blunders, along with joy and blessings, we long to experience a bit of Avonlea life for ourselves!


I definitely feel a kinship to Anne with her red hair, troubled life, desire for a family and dreams for the future. I also have a bit of Felicity (although I hate to admit it :>) and Olivia in me. I adore Olivia’s femininity and charming way about her, but I can also have that bossy, always right attitude like Felicity if I’m not careful.


After looking at the modern versions for the Bramblewood Fashion’s Avonlea Fashion Weekend, I went ahead and put together a “modern” outfit. Again, with items from my closet.  Thank you again to my Sweetie for taking the photos. We can only take them on weekends, so that has delayed my linking up for this fun event.

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We went on our own adventure to our local park for these photos…and even used the old schoolhouse which reminded us of Anne’s schoolhouse.



“We’re pretty near home now. That’s Green Gables.”



Time for tea!


I’m an avid reader! My father-in-law found this lovely “old” copy of “Anne of Green Gables” with lovely, sweet illustrations.



“Carrots! Carrots!”

Oh how I tired of the “clever” red hair jokes as a kid!






“Anne laid her fresh young cheek next to Marilla’s”


I grew up in the big city of Portland, but I’m actually a small town girl at heart. And if that small town includes beautiful trees, lakes homes and people, all the better!

Thank you to Bramblewood Fashions for this charming visit to Avonlea, for even just a short while.

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pleated poppy


One Pot Pasta and Veggies


Several months ago I saw a recipe on Facebook for One Pot Pasta. We were preparing for a 3 week trip to Europe at the time, then playing catch up once we arrived home again. By the time I began searching for the recipe on my timeline, I couldn’t remember what month I had shared it and gave up wasting time looking. I finally decided to do a bit of searching on Pinterest for it…and I found it! So this is really another person’s recipe I tried, and, as usual did some tweaking to make it more my style.

The greatest thing about this recipe is that you LITERALLY just THROW everything into the pot, turn on the heat and stir a few times…doesn’t get much EASIER than that!! :>


Throw it all in!


This is the amount of liquid I left in the pot:


We were both pleasantly surprised with how yummy it tasted, so I would call it a hit!!

Here’s the recipe:

12 ounces linguine pasta
1 can (15 ounces) diced tomatoes with liquid
4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon dried parsley leaves

15 Brussels sprouts, halved

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1 can olives with juice (I suggest slicing them in half which I did not do)
4 1/2 cups vegetable or chicken broth (regular broth and NOT low sodium)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Parmesan cheese for garnish

Place pasta, tomatoes, garlic and Brussels sprouts, in a large stock pot. Pour in vegetable broth. Sprinkle with parsley and Italian seasoning Drizzle top with oil.

Cover pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to a low simmer and keep covered and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes or so. Cook until almost all liquid has evaporated – I left about an inch of liquid in the bottom of the pot.

Season to taste with salt and pepper, add olives , stirring pasta several times to distribute the liquid in the bottom of the pot. Serve garnished with Parmesan cheese (which I forgot to buy).

Easy, fast and yummy!

Find the original recipe HERE.

Happy eating!

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Still Time to Get a Festive Leaf Pin and a Giveaway!


There’s still time to pick up a Felt Leaf Pin for you and/or a friend for the Autumn season and Thanksgiving! I love how a friend and customer wears her’s upside down so it looks like they are falling. So that’s what I’m doing now also!


Only $4.00 each, they’re an affordable addition to your outfit this time of year, and make a great gift for a friend! So pop on over to my SHOP now and choose your color combination!


AND…here’s the giveaway!

Simply comment here or on Facebook telling me which pin is your favorite color combination, and I’ll pick one of you to win a Leaf Pin for you and one for a friend!! That’s TWO Leaf Pins for the winner!!

Giveaway ends Thursday night!


I’ve also worn one in my hair!

Giveaway ends Sunday!

Happy Autumn!!

Book Review: The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis


I’m going to postpone my outfit post until tomorrow because I really NEED to get this review posted! Thanks for your patience! I was actually ready to write this post a while back, but needed to write this one first, according to the timing from when I received it. So…then I felt I needed to reread this one in order to refresh my memory. Let me tell you…it was NOT a chore!

I knew the minute I put the book down following the first reading, that I wanted to reread it…and soon! So I was glad to do it, but it has postponed this review. I assure you you though, it will be worth it!

I have been a HUGE Beverly Lewis fan since I first read her first adult Amish fiction novel/series,  “The Shunning” 14 years ago, especially because I related to Katie Lapp, an adopted redhead, just like me! And Beverly Lewis’ still really appeals to me. Thus my love for Plain people began.

I was SUPER excited when this one popped  up in Bethany House Publisher’s list for the  month, and I quickly picked it just in case waiting 10 seconds would mean I would miss out! What if our library didn’t get it? How long would I have to wait to read it? And this way, I own it already, YAY!!

**  {I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for writing a review}

Okay, on to the review:

Beverly Lewis is my all time favorite author, so I expected to like this book. But there’s never a guarantee, and I actually didn’t love one of her books (out of the many others I did/do love), not sure why. But, let me tell you, this story was like magic for me! We get to revisit Hickory Hollow and Katie Lapp and her family, which we haven’t done since October Song a while ago. And it was so wonderful and heartwarming, especially the healing that this community (as well as outside it) needs and receives.

I love the relationship between Rebecca and Jenny, Mary and Jenny and of course Andrew and Jenny. Andrew has become one of my favorite male leading men in Lewis’ books! I just adore him and his sweet patience with Jenny! He is such a strong, loving and patient guy any girl would be blessed to have in her life. And Ella Mae is always the best! There’s a reason they call her “The Wise Woman!” Her sweet relationship with Jenny is just as heartwarming as her relationship with Katie was.

The best part of this book? Coming full circle with Katie, Dan, Mary  and Bishop John’s characters. I think I’ve waited 14 years for this book and resolutions that come for them. And the ABSOLUTE best part? The gospel is crystal clear! It’s one of the reasons Beverly is my favorite author, she makes the gospel message clear in each one of her books, that it isn’t about how good we can be, our works, but what Christ did for us to save us from our sin.

Ella Mae – “Because sometimes when you tell the truth, you can start a fire.”

“Jenny remained in a contrite position, asking for forgiveness, knowing she must trust in divine wisdom and not ‘unto her own understanding’.”

I also loved hearing about Wycliff Bible Translators Deitch Bible. I didn’t even know they were working on it, and the entire Bible is now finished! I appreciate the need to get every people a Bible in their own language, that they may better be able to see their need for God and to receive His wisdom!

I could go on and on, but I may have already given away too much, so I’ll leave it here. I HIGHLY recommend this book to you as a great read, but more importantly, a God honoring read! Jenny Burns is a loveable, relatable, genuine character we can all see a bit of ourselves in. And this story of reconciliation and reconnection is a message for us all!


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Brown and Pink Flowered Tea Wallet in Shop


Here’s a new Tea Wallet that I somehow never listed in my SHOP. Brown and Pink with pretty little flowers, it’s perfect for carrying your favorite tea, business cards, etc. If you’re anything like me, you have certain teas you prefer and you like to have them handy with you. I only drink black tea, and NOT Lipton, good, strong black tea, preferably Irish or British. So I carry my tea around with me everywhere I go and I’m always ready for a cuppa when the fancy strikes, or I’m with friends who are coffee drinkers, or herbal tea drinkers. I’m all set!!

I also have a couple of other colors and patterns in the SHOP!






Happy tea drinking!

More Turn of the Century Inspired Fashion


If you saw my “Anne of Green Gables Inspired” post with host Bramblewood Fashion, here are my other inspirations from the same era, from the recesses of my closet!

My hair had had it by this point. The third outfit, after church and a long lunch with friends…

I picked up this wonderful cape somewhere awhile back. I KNEW it was a great find! If you think there may be a possibility you’ll dress up for some event, take advantage of the fashion trends that echo the past, like this one!! Most/all of my costume pieces are modern reproductions!


The skirt is just a modern maxi skirt from Kohl’s? Shoes and hat from the thrift store, blouse from Mervyn’s. Oh where have you gone, my favorite store?!


The hat didn’t actually seem quite right in the end, but here it is.



I bought two of these skirts last year from Kohl’s on clearance in different colors. I knew they were a great find!


And switched my hair from a braid as Anne, to a bun.



I love dressing up, especially in historical costumes! :>



Anne of Green Gables Inspired Fashion: Young Anne


Last week, Bramblewood Fashion hosted an Avonlea Fashion weekend. I found out 2 days before the event and didn’t have a chance to pull it all together and join in, so I rummaged through my closet and wrangled my Sweetie as the photographer and dove in this weekend!

I came to the party late, although I did read some of the books as a kid or teenager, but when the first film came out late in high school, I was SOLD!!!

I knew I had some options for the time period, as we have a local historical even of the same era, but matching an outfit with a character from one of  the shows was a bit trickier. I always loved Aunt Olivia’s outfits from Avonlea, but didn’t seem to have anything to recreate one of hers. Then I found this favorite of Anne and decided to recreate it with my own items. At least I’m already a redhead!! More auburn these days as I’m aging, than her strawberry blond, but close enough! :>


I found this grainy image through a search and then images. It may have been from Fan Pop.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”


I found ths wonderful wool cardigan with fun flowers at a thrift store over 10 years ago and I just love it! It seemed to fit the bill for Anne’s cardigan. The skirt is from Kohl’s on clearance last year. I bought two different patterns! I bought a few tops from different stores with a turn of the century look and this one from my old favorite Mervyn’s seemed the best. The boots are from a garage sale at least 10 years ago.


I went through my stash of ribbons and added one to my braid.


And I forgot my pearl necklace!

I’ve been an Anne fan for a long time, as I was adopted and a redhead. I understood her fears and longings to belong, her desire for family, and most of all, for love. I cried with her and laughed with her. Secretly, I actually preferred Diana’s clothes to hers most of the time. But her character and personality is the one I’ve always related to, as well as Aunt Olivia’s from the Avonlea series.

This was a super fun idea, and I have a couple of more outfits inspired by the era more than the shows, so keep your eyes open!