A 5 Year Old’s Request


I picked up these little finger puppets  from a local shop and took them to my ballet lesson with the adorable 5 year old, so we could play with them after. You’d think that would be enough, playing with them admiring them and putting on a puppet show. But first, she decided which one each of us ARE which was my favorite, her 21 year old sister’s and hers. THEN, she says…”Would you make this for me?” So cute, she wants a matching outfit to this little ballerina! I’m used to this, she often asks me to make her one of something I’m working on or something she sees somewhere. She knows her sister and I sew and are crafty. So, I was a little surprised, but not very.


I said that MAYBE we could find a leotard or bathing suit with SIMILAR stripes, and make or doesn’t she already have a lavender tutu?! I was thinking of saving myself some work. NEVER promise a 5 year old you can find or make a matching one!! What if you can’t? Shoot for similar. She is very particular also! She went for it.

Then I stopped by Target and saw 2 possible bathing suits that same day!!! Whew!! Now we just have to see if she’ll go for the yellow instead of white, and all horizontal stripes…


I also found one with stars. I took photos of each, uploaded them, took side by side views and sent them to her dad. We’ll see if she approves them. :>


Her sister and I can’t blame her for this way of thinking, she’s learned it from us! Watching us see something and duplicate it, or create something out of our heads. She’s seen the wheels turning and now her wheels are turning too. It’s sweet to see!


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