Ballet Classes Part Deux

This week I decided to let my little student put on a “show” for her family. It seemed like it was time to let her reap the benefits of her “hard” work! I knew she was starting to get tired of it sometimes, she’s even told me she already knows everything. As if ANY of us ever know everything about a subject! :>

Just as I suspected, she was DELIGHTED to perform! I showed her my old toe shoes, let her feel the wooden box and tried them on for her (of course they don’t really fit after all of these years, but she got the idea).  We “dressed” the part with official buns, leotards, tights, a tutu, etc. I choreographed a simple dance, and of course, had to “perform” with her. Even still, she got nervous and ran off “stage” immediately following our entry onto the “stage.”  So I held her hand as we gracefully ran back out…and then she did it! I made sure I told her afterward how proud I was of her, especially since I knew she was nervous. (She usually doesn’t want anyone but me to see her dance).

And for her “encore” she chose to be the teacher to her sister and I. Oh how she loved being the teacher! And the surprise for me? She actually was focused and taught us…and didn’t just play. I was very proud! :> Her reward? Sliding down a mattress “dune.” She said she was NEVER going to stop! Then…tea! This little girl drinks real tea, always has! Happy Day Everyone!


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