10,000 Visits Means a GIVEAWAY!


Over the weekend, my blog reached 10,000 hits! I can’t believe it! 10,000 times, people have come over  to read my blog!!! WOW!!

So, as a thank you, I’m having a GIVEAWAY!!!

And since it’s almost summer, I’m giving away something related to summer…Bicycle Vases!! I’m giving away a Bicycle Vase Package, including 3 vases, 1 mini, 1 medium and 1 large, in your choice of colors! Mix and match any way that pleases your fancy! Only need one? Give the others as gifts!



Head over to my Etsy Shop and tell me which style and color of Bicycle Vase is your favorite! And, if you want more chances, do those too! Giveaway ends Sunday night. ( I was hoping to use a giveaway widget, but WordPress makes it too much of a trial, so….I will randomly pick a winner from the comments by putting the numbers into a hat and having my Sweetie pick one).



Again, thank you all for all of the love and support!! Whoo Hoo! Have Fun!

Back to Organizing



It feels so good to get organized! I spent DAYS collecting these bins and organizing my fabric, craft supplies and Etsy Shop products. Than I stacked them up, waiting for bookshelves to put them on. It was a lot of work every time I needed anything, because I had to move so many bins to get to the one I wanted. And we’ve been way too busy to do any searching for shelves! Then my Sweetie went to a garage sale and brought these home for me! Yay! It would have been WEEKS until we would have time to search, so this is GREAT! I even have some extra space to fill!




I was getting discouraged about things being unfinished, but this helps motivate me again! Things like this super tall shelve make things a lot easier in small work spaces. :>



Recipe Exchange: Cheesy Bacon and Broccoli Quinoa Cakes


Ready for some skrumptious? Then hurry up and make these Cheesy Bacon and Broccoli Quinoa Patties! Paired with a tasty salad, this is a great meal! It’s easy to whip up a batch of these for everyone. Afterward, pop over to Little House on the Prairie Living website for more Recipe Exchange recipes!


Cheesy Bacon and Broccoli Quinoa Patties

1/2 cup quinoa/1 cup water
5 large broccoli florets
1/4 cup shredded cheese
1 large egg
4 pieces of bacon, chopped
Salt and Pepper for seasoning
My favorite Garlic and Herb seasoning from New Fronteir’s
Olive oil for cooking

**First, cook your quinoa according to the directions on the packaging. Spread it out and let it cool completely. Cook your broccoli until al dente, then let it cool as well. Once the broccoli has cooled completely, dice it into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, adding the egg at the end. Mix everything together well until you have a smooth, wet mixture that will make patties that will stick together. Heat some olive oil in a pan, and make your patties using 1/4 cup of the mixture.  Cook each patty for about 7 – 8 minutes on each side on medium heat. You’ll have a nice crust on the outside and creamy goodness on the inside! Yummy…eat up!! Makes 6 patties.


Great any time of the day! :>

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Welcome Home Wednesdays

Modest Monday: Our Heroes


I’m donating my Modest Monday post for this week to the heroes who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. As the days pass, we are recognizing more and more just how precious those freedoms are, and our need to protect them becomes more clear every single day. I’m thankful that there are people willing to risk, and even give their lives to keep us safe!


Credit: I found this one on Facebook…


I love this shirt (from WalMart a few years ago?), because they added femininity to it with the flowers. I don’t look for the usual Americana clothing, but something modest and feminine!


I added my adorable cowgirl boots from Kohl’s with my  thrifted denim skirt. :>


I don’t often wear denim, not my favorite, but I like to wear it for “Americana” holidays.


Our town has an amazing Memorial Day program every year!



As you enjoy this day of family and relaxation, also take a moment to be thankful for the people that choose to fight for our protection every day. And thank God for being the ultimate Protector and life giver, who gave the ultimate sacrifice when His Son gave His life to save ALL of us! I choose to follow Him and receive the benefits of being called His child and receiving His forgiveness.

Thank you to the soldiers who follow in Christ’s example of being willing to sacrifice their lives for my benefit!

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Welcome Home Wednesdays

Memorial Day Weekend Free Shipping


We’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t spent a lot of time on the shop. But this is a holiday weekend, so I thought I’d offer a special Memorial Day discount. So for the whole weekend, use the code: FREEMEM, for free shipping on anything in the SHOP!

I have some great items for summer, such as bicycle vases, and great gifts as well, so pop over and see what you might like to order without paying for the shipping!





And next week I’ll be having a giveaway as my blog is only 46 away from reaching 10,000 hits!!! Stay Tuned!!

Happy weekend!!

Modest Monday: My Made Over Bathing Suit in Real Life



Summer is coming, we have bouts of summer-like off and on all year long here on the central coast of California.  So this week I’m sharing more photos of the bathing suit I made over to be more modest, without wearing a tank top underneath. More about that HERE. I still haven’t found long, brown shorts in the right fabric, but maybe someday…


I added sleeves, a modesty triangle, raised the back, sewed a skirt to the top to make it a lot longer and looser, and added long shorts. It’s so freeing to wear something cute, feminine and non-embarassing in public! It’s very ’60’s style, the cute ’60’s style I have always loved.


No cover-up necessary! :>


I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it, and then I read the name on the tag…”Chocolate Tea Party” – SOLD!!! Now that I’ve remade it, I thoroughly LOVE it with no reservations!! I am happy to please God in this way. It has always bothered me that most bathing suits are more like wearing underwear in public, but this is more like a cute, modest outfit that dries quickly! Yay!! Happy Swimming!!

Update: It turns out I made over my bathing suit in the style of one from the ’20’s: the 3rd one on this page, the 1922 one!  I also like the 1962, white one with pink flowers and the adorable yellow one! It’s always fun seeing anything from Jantzen, since I grew right near Jantzen Beach, which was a mall by the time I was old enough to care, but used to be an amusement park when my mom was a teenager. The Jantzen swim brand began in Portland, Oregon, my hometown! Pop over to Fuzzy Lizzie Vintage Clothing for adorable, modest inspiration!!




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My Windsor Bouquet Purse





At the end of last year I went to a couple of Thirty One parties. I learned that their name comes from Proverbs 31. Isn’t that cool?! I never knew much about them, and don’t need more bags, especially giant ones, but I figured I’d be able to find SOMETHING! I turned out that there were only 2 patterns that were my style and one was being discontinued, my FAVORITE. WHAT??!!!  I was so disappointed! And just about everything I was interested in did NOT come in that pattern! UGH!



A couple of things I did end up buying were this Zipper Pouch and Key Fob, both in the Windsor Bouquet pattern. I am just in love with this pattern!!!!!

I hadn’t decided how I would use them, but I bought them anyway, since I loved the pattern and it was going away. Then I started thinking…the key fob comes with a pretty good strip of fabric, so…maybe I could turn a couple of them into a strap and make a purse out of my purchases. I would LOVE that!! So that’s what I did. I bought another key fob from Ebay, ripped out the seams and removed the ring. Then I sewed the straps together (which does take away from the “perfect” look, but I think I can live with it), turned under the other ends and attached my new “strap” to my new “purse.” Voila, a pretty, new purse!!

It has it’s debut last week, and I LOVE it!! It’s EXACTLY the right size for me and my “stuff!” And I received a couple of compliments on it in town on Monday. They knew it was from Thirty One, but hadn’t remembered a purse like that for sale. Because it wasn’t! ;>


Attaching the straps was a bit tricky because of the corners and zipper combination, but by being patient, I was still able to sew them on sturdily with 2 parallel, back stitched seams.


I noticed after taking the photo that there is a loose thread making my sewing job look messy, but, oh well, you get the idea. :>




Oh, and 2 other things I really love about it are that it’s a canvas fabric, great texture, and plastic/vinyl inside, so easy to wipe down if necessary.



Do you ever see the potential to change something into something you could love even more after the alteration? I do this ALL OF THE TIME!! :>

Soon I’ll be sharing my new purse/camera bag creation with you! If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself..that’s my motto!

Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard





Recipe Exchange: Egg and Bacon Cheesy English Muffin


This recipe began with a picture from my friend Krystina from Lollipops. I didn’t read the recipe, but the picture peaked my taste bud’s interest, and I created my own version of this open faced muffin. Oh, it is SO good!! I could eat this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I usually like the 100% wheat English Muffins, but oddly, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell them, so I used regular this time. I was amazed at the flavors crated by this combination, but I may still tweak it a bit, using my special seasoning from New Frontier’s! It can only make them better, right? :>

The first version I made with shredded cheese, but the second, with sliced cheddar was, by far, the better version.


Egg and Bacon Cheesy English Muffin

I English muffin

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

1 slice of cheddar cheese

2 strips of pre-cooked bacon

2 slices of tomato

1 hard boiled sgg

salt and pepper

**Toast the English muffin to desired toastiness. Meanwhile, assemble, slice and peel other ingredients. Drizzle olive oil on muffins, sprinkle with salt and pepper and begin layering in order for the best result.  Top with more salt and pepper, then microwave a bit to heat and melt everything without making the muffin too chewy.  or you could stick it in the toaster over for a couple of minutes. My microwave is perfect at 30 seconds, but everyone’s is different, so play with it until you find your perfect number. Enjoy your yummy breakfast…or lunch or dinner!




And be sure to pop over to Little House on the Prairie Living for more ideas from the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange!

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Matrimonial Monday #35





The Bittersweet Side of Mother’s Day


For some of us, Mother’s Day can a be a bittersweet day for different reasons, and that’s true for me. I often wish I could just disappear for the day, and I sort of do, but if I truly disappeared I wouldn’t have to feel the feelings I feel every year. I had planned to write this on Saturday, but I ended up being too emotional over the weekend, ironically, it started because there were 5 or 6 people I don’t know in real life reaching out to people like me on Facebook. That’s the most sensitivity and support I’ve ever seen from those who are mothers and have no issues with Mother’s day, but it brought out the tears in me.

Christmas is hard and our little sweetheart’s birthday is hard, but Mother’s day has it’s own, more complicated issues. The mother I grew up with lived in so much fear, that she isolated herself from us and tried too hard to control everything about our lives. If only she could have realized that she was only pushing us further away. There’s more to the story, but that’s all I need to say about the estranged relationship for now. I met my first mother when I was 17 and just began a real relationship with her a couple of years ago. Mis-leadings and miscommunications prolonged our true reunion, but I am so blessed to finally have her in my life! We haven’t been able to have children of our own, and we no longer have the little sweetheart girl God entrusted to us for 16 months. as we pursued adoption. She was 4 when she went back to her first mom the Friday before Mother’s Day 11 years ago. So, for many reasons, Mother’s Day is difficult for me.

Before I married, I prayed for several years about the man I would marry and the family I would marry into. I knew I needed a family I could fit in with and celebrate life events with. So now I have a great  mother-in-law, and when we are with her on the day, it really helps give me another focus. This year I also have my first mother and that helps also. It’s so great to have her in my life!!

I first saw these photos of myself when I was about 18 years old. I had no idea what I looked like as a baby before that!!



So, although I still can’t bring myself to attend church on Mother’s Day, I absolutely love that our church spoils mothers on that day!!! I WANT them too! But I just can’t take the offhanded greetings of “Happy Mother’s Day” from people and the exclusion I feel. It’s just too hard. I’ve had people close to me, who love me, share a heartfelt and loving card or sentiment for that day and it means so much to me. But often times, many people are just saying the expected greeting to everyone, and although they don’t mean to hurt me, it still hurts. So I find it easier to stay away, especially if I suddenly burst into tears!

This year I’m so thankful for the thoughtful words of people I only know through their blogs and Facebook, for reaching out, having a great mother-in-law and having my first mother in my life! Mostly I’m thankful that God is always here for me and offers me comfort and strength every day!

I am thankful I was remembered. I wasn’t forgotten. A tiny bit of the loneliness was eased. I didn’t feel so alone in this path I didn’t choose for myself. Someone recognized we don’t all get the happy ending we’ve longed for since we were children ourselves. I felt thankful.


I love this song by JJ Heller that is a reminder of who God is in the midst of struggles:

Ex 15:2  “The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.”
Psalm 28:7   “The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I will praise Him.”

3:1  “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”

If you’re looking for the some of the comfort and understanding  I found this year, for yourself or a friend, you may find a bit of it HERE, HERE or HERE.

And HERE’S a special conference I went to this year, called “CHOOSE JOY.” It was a fantastic way to be with others with similar struggles and challenges.

And HERE and HERE are a couple of others posts where I talk more about my experiences.

I pray that God will give strength and comfort to any of you who may be going through infertility issues, adoption issues or mother issues.






Hope In Every Season

Modest Monday: Kid’s Edition


We had another busy week and were out of town, visiting with family and didn’t take outfit photos. So I thought I would scour my photos for some modest ideas for kids for this weeks Modest Monday (on Friday :>). I’ve also included a couple of teenager outfits.




Adorable, sweet and modest ideas for kids!








And if some of these are not quite modest enough, add a shirt or tank underneath!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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