Modest Monday: Patriotic Feminine Fashion




Modest Monday is back at last! After a LONG break I finally have a new modesty ideas post. Inspired by the Modest Mom and her patriotic post BEFORE the 4th of July, I thought I would share what I wore for Memorial Day.


I worked for several years looking for a more feminine option in a world filled with unisex, ugly t-shirts. First I found this top from Walmart several years ago (that I can now pair with this great skirt for variety!):



At least it has flowers!




Then I found this dress at Marshall’s and completely re-worked it, adding sleeves and making the bodice more modest. It had a lot of ruching, which means plenty of extra fabric for me to work with.  And I turned two bracelets from Kohl’s into a necklace (although the red is a bit more pink).











And then, I found this skirt! I loved it and it’s femininity immediately! It took me a while to find the right pairings, but now I’m so happy with the outfit!




It’s always better if you don’t limit yourself to the items the stores earmark for certain holidays or events. Keep your options open!!


The earrings came with a necklace I bought on Etsy from ConnorInspiresAmy. And the cute patriotic buttons came from Target? I just pinned one in my hair. :>




And find fun and festive items like these Dollar Tree glasses for the kids (or even yourself)!





Have a great Freedom Day with family and friends as you celebrate the birth of America! Happy 4th of July! (My Sweetie would want to make sure everyone watches some FIREWORKS)!!



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Washi Tape Phone Decoration



I’ve done it again! I came up with a temporary solution to my boring, but protective black Otterbox Commute phone case. When I bought it last year before our European trip, it looked like this:




I was so sad to go from a pretty, plastic case to a boring and plain black one. So my last minute solution before we left the country was this:




So, here we are a year later with a plain, black case that shows absolutely nothing about my personality!! I like color…and flowers…and pretty!! So…while I figure out what my solution is going to be (because I HAVE found some options), I came up with this temporary idea to make myself happier…Washi tape decorating!!


I started by creating a pattern by a combination of tracing and bending and dots and etc. I don’t know, I just figured it out:




Transferring that to a more sturdy pattern I could place my tape on. I meant to use the sticker backing cardstock so I wouldn’t have to waste tape, but it turned out that I used the wrong one. The bonus is that it’s a pretty pattern now!!






All set! So then I just laid down each strip of tape and cut around it to form the right shapes, carefully placed each strip on my case and…settled for imperfection. Sigh…I still like it better than before though!! :>






I’m thinking that I’ll probably redo it now that I’ve had some practice, because I’m a perfectionist and those circles/ovals really bother me! But they’re also hard to cut perfectly!


Have you decorated anything with Washi Tape?






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Washi Tape Adapter



Yesterday I made my iPhone adapter absolutely adorable!! And it only took about two items and two minutes to make!!  And there’s no doubt about which one is mine!! :>






I just wrapped a piece of Washi tape around my adapter and I LOVE it!!!






You can create two different stripes too if you want!





I’m already thinking of other things to decorate with pretty Washi tape!! :>


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Pretty, Feminine and Modest Fashion Inspiration

Pretty dress and straw hat.
Image from Pinterest


I’ve been a slacker when it comes to Modest Monday posts the past few months, due to health issues where I don’t get gussied up on Sundays, or we’re too busy to take photos. The only days my Sweetie can take them is on the weekends, as it’s usually dark when he gets home from work.


So…I’m going to try to make sure I post SOMETHING outfit or hair related every week, even if there aren’t any photos of what I’ve been wearing lately. :>


This week I’m sharing some inspiration from Pinterest I’ve found and love. I prefer clothes that are pretty, feminine and modest, so that’s what you’ll see. Of course, you probably know that already if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. :>


I love this sweet, classic look.


Love this dress!






















Modest and great color.



Cute Plaid Dress.




Pretty retro dress.




Pink Dress in Hearts








I love Pinterest and all of the pretty fashion inspiration!!


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Tea Time and A Paper Flower Bouquet




This week I spent some much needed time with this little sweetie! It’s hard to believe she has grown so much from the little baby I took care of (with her brother too) while her mom homeschooled the older kids. As she’s gotten older and her family has moved a bit further away, (as opposed to living in our little town), we’ve spent a whole lot less time together. So we finally set a time to hang out together. :>




Now, at her house, we ALWAYS had mini tea parties, with tiny candies and such, and we ALWAYS worked on a craft. So this time we had a more “grown up” tea time at Panera Bread and we made a Paper Flower Bouquet as our craft. So it turns out that we basically did the same things we’ve always done together. And we both enjoyed the time as much as ever. We haven’t really changed much!! :>









Here’s our Instagram photo:




This sweet doll was made by her Nana:




And I love her flower light:




I love this little sweetheart so much and can’t wait until our next outing together!! It’s always great to invest in these sweet little lives, and we’re paid back in immeasurable ways!!


Here‘s how we made the sweet little paper flowers.


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Belated Mother’s Day in Solvang







Exactly one week ago, my Sweetie treated me to a Mother’s Day celebration. He was away on business on the actual day, but you know what? It was the best thing that could have happened, and here’s why: it was the first time in 12 years that I felt like I actually got to be honored as a mother for Mother’s Day outside of my home. I usually hide out away from all of the well wishing because I don’t want to hear a comment unless the person actually knows what they’re saying and who they’re saying it to. So I hide. But I’m still a mother, even if I don’t have my child with me anymore, and his idea honored that. : >









Before my Sweetie left, he offered to take me to one of my two favorite local towns as a belated day to honor me, and I chose Danish settled Solvang. I had also put off seeing “Mom’s Night Out” because I didn’t want to see it over Mother’s Day weekend (even though I was chomping at the bit to see it!) , so we went to the morning showing before eating at one of my favorite places, Me N Ed’s then headed out to Solvang. It was great! Even though my favorite bakery was out of my all time favorite treat, Swedish Delight, for the second time in a row. It’s extra hard because we only go there once or twice a year. But it was still great!! I LOVED FINALLY celebrating Mother’s Day in a fun way and I think we should do this belated thing every year!! I felt so much more free from the awful feelings. I think it will make the actual day a bit easier next year too, knowing I’ll have my own time.






My Sweetie had no idea how wonderfully his idea would affect me, but I think it’s yet another step on the healing ladder!! : >

A fun time was had by all!




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