Ireland: Day 3 – Kells and a Surprise Visit

P1010512Kells Church

On our 3rd day, we slept late after getting in late the night before. Slow going with planning the day and getting out the door. We went in to Athboy so my Sweetie could get a haircut at the place our friend gets his hair cut. Leta and I stopped by the charity shop (thrift store, they have them now!) and Centra market while we waited. It’s always fun perusing the isles looking for old favorites and new things to try!

Then we popped by the Fordstown post office to surprise my friend June who now, along with her husband owns it, combined with the newsagent. That was a surprise to me! June and I used to go on long cycles together when I lived there. We had lovely chats and I had lovely chats with her parents also. We would meet at her parent’s house, go off on our cycle, then split up and each head home. I’ve really missed those times with her these past nearly 17 years! :>

So…I just popped my head in and caught her eye…and she was quite shocked, if you want to know the truth! I had just found her address and my lost address book too close to the trip, so she had no idea I was coming! It was lovely seeing her, and we chatted like we had never been apart!

I was overcome with wonderful emotions and smiles as we headed out to Kells next.

We found this Ferrall beneath the Kells Cross, so maybe the spelling of our name wasn’t changed to Ferrel at Ellis Island after all…who knows?


Kells Market Cross: It’s been moved to the courthouse since I lived there.


The Kells Parochial (Anglican) National School the missionary kids attended:


The Trinity symbol and GREEN PINE needles at the graveyard near the round tower:


The Round Tower:


Looking up the Round Tower:


More perusing of food! We didn’t buy this, but it would have made a lovely birthday cake for my Sweetie in August, as he adores Cadbury Flake! They’ve FINALLY branched out away from fruit cake!! Yay!


End day 3.

Enjoy this short post, because the next one has LOADS of photos!!!


Ireland: Day 2 – Fore Abbey


Anchorite’s Church

A LOT of photos today! It’s so hard to narrow down to only a handful of photos when everything is so unique and interesting! You all want to see loads of photos anyway right? ;>

So after seeing Tully Nally Castle on Day 2, we headed to another favorite of mine, the town of Fore, with Fore Abbey and other ruins, founded around 630. I love this location and there’s much to explore with these 4 buildings. And have I mentioned that I LOVE GREEN?!

St. Feichen’s Church and graveyard:


Lovely old cross:


A view of Anchorite’s Church:


From inside St. Feichen’s Church. Love these steps!


Inside St. Feichen’s:



View of Fore Abbey from St. Feichen’s Church:


I really love peak a boo opportunities like these!

View of Anchorite’s Church from St. Feichen’s Church:


View of St. Feichen’s Church from Anchorite’s Church:


View of Fore Abbey from Anchorite’s Church:


The lovely Fore Abbey and loads of pine trees to remind me of my beloved Oregon!




Leta capturing the sights…isn’t it cool seeing the scene on her camera screen?!


I think I’ve mentioned that Ireland has cows…even ginger cows!


An elephant tree just for me!


The cows chased us down the hill. A bit scary and funny at the same time! The were literally inches from us as we climbed down hurriedly!



Cool find in the town of Fore:


St. Feichen’s Mill whose waters run to Lough Lene:


Now THAT’S a picnic table!


Now, on to Fore Abbey:


And have I mentioned my love for flowers?




Little birdies in a cubby in the wall:


I love how this shows walls that used to be there:



More flowers:



Time to exit:


It helps to have daylight until around 10:30pm every night!


Then we headed to Longford, founded by Farrells and met some of those Farrells at Eamon Farrell Pub. Sadly they weren’t serving food anymore, so we picked up some food at Supermacs and brought it back to the pub. We met up with some Farrells and all were happy to chat about being Ferrels/Farrells! They said our name was probably changed at Ellis Island , no surprise, but stay tuned for more on that…



Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more!

Ireland: Day 2 – Tully Nally Castle


I’m back with more about our trip. On our second day, we drove to nearby Tully Nally Castle, and although it was closed, there was plenty to see and explore. The weather fluctuated back and forth between sunny and warm, and rainy and cool during our stay, and as you can see, this was one of our rainy and cool days. I LOVED it! :>

We loved even the road leading in!


I go weak in the knees when I see “tree tunnels!” There’s just something about them that I LOVE!


The Castle!




A peek into the gardens:


My Sweetie sneaked a photo of us walking:


Another castle view:




A stone planter in the courtyard:





A lovely, mossy tree, and a drop of rain on my lens:



Lovely flower bush I was NOT able to capture on camera!



Look at the base of that tree!!


Have I mentioned that Ireland has cows? My Sweetie and his cousin took a LOT of photos of said cows!


We had a blast traveling and seeing friends during our 3 week trip, and I tried to take in the GREEN as much as possible! I miss GREEN!!!

More of day 2 to come tomorrow!

Love From My Sweetie


My Sweetie wants me to know he loves me!

I LOVE it when my sweetie surprises me and shows me love just because! It makes me feel special and cherished when he thinks of me, and even makes a special stop so he can let me know that in a tangible way!

It reminds me of the way God works. He often surprises us and shows us how much He loves us when we aren’t expecting it, and need the reminder the most!

1John 3:1 “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!”

John 15:9-10 “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.
If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.”

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her…”

Thank you Lord, for constantly loving me, no matter what!

Thank you Sweetie, for finding ways to surprise me with your love, and continuing to date me!

modest mondays 3

Ireland: Day 1 – Bective Abbey


After Trim Castle on our first day of sightseeing,  we headed off to Bective Abbey, always one of my favorite spots! It’s a spot full of exploring peacefulness.

I love these steps!




Did I mention that Ireland has a few cows?


My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of Bective Abbey!!



My handsome Sweetie!



We love to play and explore!





More adventures tomorrow!

The Adventure Begins…


Having our passports in hand and plane tickets booked made the adventure finally real!!

It all started nearly 19 years ago. 2 amazing things happened that year: I met my future husband, and left for Ireland 3 months later! He didn’t know it yet, but I became friends with his cousin when she came to work at the Cannon Beach Conference Center for the summer, and as we shook hands when he came to visit her and we met, God told me I was going to marry him! God didn’t tell him for a while though. :>

I had started working there the year before, and through the Bible school that meets on their grounds, I was given the opportunity to spend a year in Ireland as a missionary. (That 1 year actually turned into 2) It was very difficult for me to follow through and keep my promise to God to go on that trip after meeting my future husband, but I eventually made the right decision and left everyone and everything I knew to head off to the lovely Emerald Isle. I have NEVER regretted that decision!!

Fast forward about 18 years to June 2012 when a friend announced her engagement and asked us to come over for her wedding. As they say, “the rest is history.” We began planning, Steve’s cousin (who has become more like a sister to me) decided to come along on the adventure, and we were off!!  It was so much more fun having her with us!! :>

On to the photos! By the way, I highly recommend keeping a journal for trips like this…so glad I did!

The patchwork quilt of green separated by stone walls never gets old!


Our luggage after meeting up with cousin Leta at Heathrow…somehow my 1960’s case missed the photo opp.


Our home for the first half of the trip was my former home, but in the director’s old flat, at Drewstown House in County Meath about an hour’s drive NW of Dublin. (Yes, it used to be a manor house). I LOVE the Irish countryside!!



We popped by to say hi, have tea and get a tour of the director and his wife’s new house.

I think I need to make one of these for my sewing machine like Robin did for hers!


The next day they took us into Athboy to the bank and Newsagent/Post Office.

2 products I really wanted to buy for myself:

Irish dancer ornament…


…and a cottage peat burner, which could be like my version a German Smoker.


After a yummy breakfast of course! We drank a lot of tea and ate a lot of scones and rashers. I already miss rashers!!!!!! America is missing out!!


Then we visited nearby Trim and Trim Castle. I’ve never seen the inside, but this is where Braveheart was filmed.


The church across the road:



Oh no…Leta is in the stocks!


I find pretty flowers wherever I go!


“Where’re ya from?” She loved that we are Americans and wants to visit, as most Irish do. We couldn’t convince her that Ireland is gorgeous. She repeated over and over again, “Ireland isn’t gorgeous!” Um…yes it is, but the grass is always greener…(although, if you can find greener grass than in Ireland, I’d love to see it)!








Not only is this a great building across from the castle, look at the view they have!






The smiley building! :>


It’s fun seeing the locals hanging out at any ruins you visit!


I LOVE this cottage across the road!


Lovely flowers!



Stay tuned for more adventures…

Modest Monday: Pink and White


I was going to hold off a bit longer on modesty posts, and move forward with the Ireland posts, but I decided to sneak one in anyway, as I’ve missed them! I’ll still post some Ireland photos today as well! :>

Here’s what I wore to church yesterday: pink and white theme. I just HAD to make a quick hair flower for the side pony!


I love my new white cardigan from WalMart, and the necklace I won from The Shopping Lounge has pink flowers on it so I got to wear it!





I really wanted to wear my white wedges, but alas, with my heel and arch issues, plus an injury from all of the daily walking in Europe, I had to revert to my less clunky Sanita’s instead. Sometimes you can’t wear the shoes that look the best!

Overall, I was pretty happy with the “new” outfit! :>

modest mondays 3


Jesse Wilcox Smith~ On His Knee

Coming Soon: Ireland Adventures


We had a LOVELY time in Ireland, England and Scotland on our 3 week European trip, and I promise I’ll finally post some photos and adventures tomorrow!

I know…FINALLY!!

There’s a lot to catch up on when you arrive home from a trip like that…work, jet lag, unpacking, laundry, relatives, Freedom Day, (and I was supposed to have jury duty the morning after we arrived home!)…and sorting through the 4000 or so photos!!! Makes 2 weeks being home look like a short amount of time! :>

So check back tomorrow and I’ll try to give you a taste of the first few days of our trip!

Freedom Day Fun


I promise I’m going to post some photos and info about our 3 week trip to Europe, but I’m just finally getting over jet lag and have family visiting already, so I haven’t spent the hours necessary to go through the 2500 or so photos. I have weeded out at least a couple of hundred, but that’s it! It’s a bit overwhelming at the moment, but you should see something by next week. :>

So for now, here’s a taste of our fun from yesterday!



My sister-in-law posing with the stem of the giant pineapple on her head: she’s the Chiquita Banana Lady!! She doesn’t stand still for very long, so I had to be quick! No fixing settings for lighting with her! :>


It was too foggy to see the official show, but there were fireworks going on around us!!



Happy Weekend!!!

Celebrating Freedom


Today we are celebrating freedom here in the States. Originally it meant freedom to worship the way God tells us to in the Bible, His word. It also meant freedom from a controlling government. To some it’s come to mean freedom to do whatever you want, with no thought to how it will affect others. But, as our American freedoms, that many have fought so hard for, are slipping away, I am clinging to the freedom God promises us through His son Jesus Christ! He provides the only true and lasting freedom available, and it’s wonderful to know that I have this freedom as a follower of Christ, and that it can NEVER be taken away!

John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”





I enjoyed seeing the many different flags on our travels in Ireland, England and Scotland. Each flag represents feelings and beliefs for each country. Each one tells a fascinating story about that land, it’s principles and what it’s people stand for.

2Co 3:17 “Now, the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, he gives freedom.”


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ”
2 Chronicles 7:13-15

Tonight we’ll enjoy a fireworks show and celebrate our freedoms, both physical and spiritual. But most importantly we’ll be celebrating the freedoms offered by our savior and God!

Happy Freedom Day Everyone!!!