Modest Monday: Green Lu La Roe Perfect T (Dress?)


Have you heard of Lu La Roe? It’s all the rage here in California and it’s popularity is spreading to other states. I have a few skirts and some leggings, in case it ever cools off enough to wear them. A few weeks ago I finally bought a Perfect T! It turned out this one is extra long, too long for a shirt, too short for a dress. I was stumped at first. Then thought I would add a strip of pretty flowered fabric to the bottom to make it longer. But I wanted to wear it before I had done that, so I wracked my brain for a temporary solution and thought of a black skirt I usually wear for ballet classes. I tried it and the flow workes perfectly with the Perfect T. 🙂


Everyone else thought so too, so this is the way I wear it. I LOVE it! It’s so comfy and the green is so pretty. It kind of fits me like a Carly, which is a new dress in the line.


I also tried some other looks with it, and since I always want to share some more everyday outfits and modest pants ideas, but never get those photos taken, I thought we’d do that today also.

Wear it with a belt and capris!


Didn’t know he was photographing yet, haha! 🙂


Or with jeans and boots!

Happy Monday!

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