No Sew Modest Swimsuit Ideas


I thought with summer only a few months away, I would add a little to my previous modest Swimsuits posts HERE and HERE in time to put something together you can feel comfortable with. My previous posts talked about making over a suit to make it more modest, and I truly LOVE mine! I’m even planning on making another with the above suit. I bought two on clearance so I can add sleeves and a modest panel with the second one. I personally look better in an empire waist, so that’s what I’m highlighting here.

A friend expressed interest in her own modest suit and I realized, since she doesn’t sew, I could give some tips for no sew suit ideas. So today, here’s a no sew way to be modest, and it’s easy!


Find a top you like, this one is going to be my second suit! It’s best if the bottom part is looser, for a more modest fit.


Like this. Pair it with a modest necked, close fitting swim shirt or t-shirt, preferably out of workout fabric or something else that dries quicker and swim shorts, skirt or knee shorts (I like the knee version) of the same fabric, and voila! You’re all set for the beach or pool!







These are regular swim shorts, not the knee length kind.


My current, made over suit (I’m still looking for brown shorts or fabric). I loved the fabric and couldn’t find swimsuit fabric I liked to start from scratch, which was my original plan. But this gave me the opportunity to think over the no sew ideas! :>


Don’t be discouraged if you want to be more modest but don’t know how, especially in this area. It’s tricky, but can be done, even when buying off the rack! You can do it!

Happy Swimming!

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2 thoughts on “No Sew Modest Swimsuit Ideas

  1. I made my own swimsuit a couple years ago and made one for my sister as well. I’m making one for a friend this year. It really is so freeing to not have this feeling of being immodest when at the beach or pool. If you’re looking for a good pattern sight you should check out Fresh Modesty. The teen writer (well, I think she’s 20 now) wrote her own and it’s fantastic. Has directions for shorts and everything. And, included in the book, she gives her favorite websites to order fabric from. I haven’t ordered any (shipping is horrendous to Canada) but I’ve managed to find what I want on Ebay or in the stores here. Enjoyed these posts today. =)

  2. I love Fresh Modesty! Olivia is such a sweet and stylish, yet still modest young lady! I had planned to make my own, but gave up after months of searching for a fabric I loved as much as my “Chocolate Tea Party.” I never did, so made the decision to makeover my old one. It’s a great resource though, thanks! :>

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