Modern Anne and Avonlea Inspired


“Every little cove was a marvel of dancing ripples.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables, and Avonlea in general can’t help but draw in every reader to it’s quaint beauty and loveable characters. Whether feisty Anne herself, ever loyal Diana, feminine and outspoken Olivia or adventurous Sarah, they draw us to their days of old. Simpler days, filled with mishaps and blunders, along with joy and blessings, we long to experience a bit of Avonlea life for ourselves!


I definitely feel a kinship to Anne with her red hair, troubled life, desire for a family and dreams for the future. I also have a bit of Felicity (although I hate to admit it :>) and Olivia in me. I adore Olivia’s femininity and charming way about her, but I can also have that bossy, always right attitude like Felicity if I’m not careful.


After looking at the modern versions for the Bramblewood Fashion’s Avonlea Fashion Weekend, I went ahead and put together a “modern” outfit. Again, with items from my closet.  Thank you again to my Sweetie for taking the photos. We can only take them on weekends, so that has delayed my linking up for this fun event.

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We went on our own adventure to our local park for these photos…and even used the old schoolhouse which reminded us of Anne’s schoolhouse.



“We’re pretty near home now. That’s Green Gables.”



Time for tea!


I’m an avid reader! My father-in-law found this lovely “old” copy of “Anne of Green Gables” with lovely, sweet illustrations.



“Carrots! Carrots!”

Oh how I tired of the “clever” red hair jokes as a kid!






“Anne laid her fresh young cheek next to Marilla’s”


I grew up in the big city of Portland, but I’m actually a small town girl at heart. And if that small town includes beautiful trees, lakes homes and people, all the better!

Thank you to Bramblewood Fashions for this charming visit to Avonlea, for even just a short while.

Welcome Home Wednesdays

pleated poppy


9 thoughts on “Modern Anne and Avonlea Inspired

  1. I agree with Diane, beautiful post Tiffany, and I hasten to add, the background scenery looks very familiar 😉 I used to take my boys and our dog Bonnie for walks around there all the time, once-upon-a-time!

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