Modest Monday: Halftee Review


I’m doing something a bit different today for Modest Monday. I’m going to share my latest discovery of under-dress garments.  I’ve tried and worn many different tank tops to add modesty to my dresses and blouses.  If you find the right one, in the right color, they can be great, and if it is a perfect pair to a certain dress, I’ll keep it. But ever since I broke down and bought my first 2 Halftees, I’m practically living in them! I love that they also add sleeves to dress and are only half the length, so cooler. And I would love to own the brown one for more versatility.





A bit rumpled only shows how much I love it…ahem. :>


When I need something even cooler, I do live in California after all, I wear a Cami Secret, altered to actually work in anything. They don’t work very well the way the come in the package, But I’ve worn mine for a couple of years now with great result since altering them. I would prefer them without lace, less like an undergarment showing, but for now I’m just doing it. They hook onto your bra straps, but move sometimes, so I added hooks to the bottom, and now they work great! And these options will not take up much space in my suitcase for our June Ireland trip!!




Other ways I’ve worn the Halftees:





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