Modest Monday: Denim Dress and Green Flowered Cardigan


Finally…a new Modest Monday post! Actually, we were exhausted yesterday, after arriving home the night before from a little, last minute getaway, directly after a trip to spend Christmas with the in-laws, which was directly after having been sick for a week. So…we arrived home from church, I plopped down on the davenport and my Sweetie says to me, “I thought you were going to have me take outfit photos…” Groan from me. But, if he’s willing, I’ll do it. So we trudged out there and took them in about 10 quick minutes! Even while we tiredly, crankily argued…still, only 10 minutes. Then I took a nap and wasn’t so cranky anymore! :>

I woke up that morning and sat there trying to figure out what to wear and decided to pair my denim dress that I’ve worn here before, with my boots, black Haftee, necklace a friend made for me and one of my favorite cardigans. I found this cardigan at a thrift store years ago and fell in love with the flowers and the color. The wool was a bit too warm after all, even though we’ve finally been having cool days the past week. So I had to take it off. Boo hoo! But at least I’ve been able to wear my hair down lately, after three years of hot weather and having to wear it up. Yay! I am not a big denim fan, but this dress is the perfect cut for me, empire waist, A line and the perfect length for my height. :>

And I feel like maybe you actually can’t see the exhaustion and frustration in my smile…maybe. I was surprised at how well I felt the photos turned out after all of that. We like to make each other laugh!


I also wore this cardigan for my Anne of Green Gables reenactment post.


Happy Monday and Happy Adjustment back to regular life!


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