Cleaning, Organizing and Sewing


I’ve been spending MANY hours cleaning and organizing the shared space of our main computer and my sewing/crafts. We alternate between calling it the Sewing room and the Computer room, and it is TINY! It’s VERY difficult to keep everything organized and neat in such a tiny space. I recently bought MANY storage container to organize and corral fabric and craft supplies. Of course there is always some purging happening as well! I still have work to do and shelves to find at thrift stores or Craigslist to finish up, but it’s a great start.


Now that my sewing machine is available again, I am not relegated to handwork anymore and it’s time to tackle the stack of Fabric Paperdoll Cases waiting to be finished!


I’m working on retro ’50’s dolls and pioneer dolls right now for my Etsy shop.



Are you working on any projects right now?


Matrimonial Monday #6


2 thoughts on “Cleaning, Organizing and Sewing

  1. As a girl I loved paper dolls and even made a few and designed the clothes for them. I thought I had thrown them all away, so imagine my delight when I found the whole stash while I was spring cleaning!

    • I always loved them too! My first were the old fashioned kind, strung together, made by my great grandma. I love the sweetness and simplicity of toys like these, that never grows old. So glad you found yours!

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