Paper Flower Bouquets



The past couple of weeks I’ve spent a couple of days making Paper Flower Bouquets with this little sweetie!


Every year around May Day, we like to deliver flowers to her neighbor friends and run! (This was the first year we got caught!! )  :>







I put together old scrapbook paper, bendy straws, flower shaped post it notes, stickers, a hole punch, and shaped punches and we set to work. We didn’t finish them in one day, so I asked if I should leave the materials for her to finish, but she wanted to make them together. So sweet. : >








I actually like this way better than buying flowers to deliver (it’s harder to find flowers to pick in our California towns), because we get to craft together AND surprise her friends! Win Win!!






So much fun! And you can make it work for just about any age with a circle punch and flower shaped post its! We decided not to make the effort to cut out flower shapes as we had each injured our cutting hand.


Don’t wait for May Day, do this activity ANY day!! Everyone involved will be blessed!


Have a blessed day!!









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