Tea Time and A Paper Flower Bouquet




This week I spent some much needed time with this little sweetie! It’s hard to believe she has grown so much from the little baby I took care of (with her brother too) while her mom homeschooled the older kids. As she’s gotten older and her family has moved a bit further away, (as opposed to living in our little town), we’ve spent a whole lot less time together. So we finally set a time to hang out together. :>




Now, at her house, we ALWAYS had mini tea parties, with tiny candies and such, and we ALWAYS worked on a craft. So this time we had a more “grown up” tea time at Panera Bread and we made a Paper Flower Bouquet as our craft. So it turns out that we basically did the same things we’ve always done together. And we both enjoyed the time as much as ever. We haven’t really changed much!! :>









Here’s our Instagram photo:




This sweet doll was made by her Nana:




And I love her flower light:




I love this little sweetheart so much and can’t wait until our next outing together!! It’s always great to invest in these sweet little lives, and we’re paid back in immeasurable ways!!


Here‘s how we made the sweet little paper flowers.


The Homemaking Party







One thought on “Tea Time and A Paper Flower Bouquet

  1. Making memories with special people is what it’s all about. How wonderful to share tea time with this lovely little lady! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a beautiful day.


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