Lord’s Day Scriptures: Lavished Love



I think I may start a new little series here called Sunday Scriptures. I’ll find an encouraging Bible verse and a pretty photo and share a little Godly Truth and encouragement each week here. It’ll be short and sweet and not take up a lot of precious weekend time saved for family and friends and God’s Word.   :>


I LOVE the word LAVISHED! It truly conveys God’s deep love for us!


Have a great week!!


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Book Review: “Captured by Love” by Jody Hedlund




Eeek! I’m behind on my book reviews, so here’s the latest and I’ll be writing another one real soon. Then I can get to reading my new Beverly Lewis book!! Love!!


Today’s review is of “Captured by Love” by Jody Hedlund, and, as usual, I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.


Here’s the synopsis:

Michigan Territory, 1814

A voyageur and a young woman swept up in a time of upheaval and danger
discover firsthand the high price of freedom.

“The British Army has taken control of Michilimackinac Island and its fort, forcing the Americans to swear an oath of loyalty to the crown in order to retain their land. Pierre Durant is a fur trader who returns after being away from the island for years, only to find the family farm a shambles and those he cares about starving and at the mercy of British invaders.

Torn between the adventurous life of fur trading and guilt over neglecting his defenseless mother, Pierre is drawn deeper into the fight against the British–and into a relationship with Angelique MacKenzie, a childhood friend who’s grown into a beautiful woman. She now finds herself trapped by the circumstances of war and poverty, and the cruelty of her guardian, Ebenezer Whiley.

As tensions mount and the violence rages on, Pierre and Angelique must decide where their loyalties rest and how much they’ll risk for love.”



I was very intrigued by this area and a struggle I hadn’t heard about before. Years ago, I read about the Arcadia (now Nova Scotia) struggles between the French and British and this is another one of those struggles, but more focused on fur trader families and their village being taken over by the British soldiers. I loved the story line and characters. And I loved the way the two main characters care so much about the man’s mother and take care of her so well. What I didn’t like was the way the romance is a bit racier than I would want from a “Christian” novel. I know most people wouldn’t consider it racy, and I’m glad I’m married at least, because I think things were just a bit too descriptive. If Christ was physically sitting next to me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable reading it aloud to Him. That’s a good barometer for me.


I loved the story line, but wouldn’t recommend it for that reason.


My next review is going to be better…promise!!









Choosing Joy



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For about the past three years, I’ve been holding tightly to these two precious words: CHOOSE JOY. It began with meeting a beautiful, precious three year old blond girl, loving and wanting her as a permanent part of our lives, losing her, mourning her…and finally..learning to let go of her, choose joy and trust God. I did some pretty hard core mourning for those first ten years. Mourning the loss of her after 16 months with us, as well as the loss of hope for other children to call our own. Then two things happened, I read a blog post (maybe by Jacqueline at Deep Roots at Home?) about putting your child or desire for a child as more important than God, an idol, and I heard about the Choose Joy conference for those dealing with these issues. I realize now that I was already on a fresh new path of healing in my marriage and my relationship with my Lord, but these two things seemed to kick start my healing over my lack of children.


Since then, I have worked every day to TRUST GOD over questions and sorrow, and to CHOOSE JOY over mourning, even when I don’t want to. Some days it’s still super hard to do, but I really feel a difference. I can even get through those two hardest days (her birthday and Mother’s Day) without sobbing all day now. But a couple of other things have also been helpful the past couple of years: we’ve heard that she is doing well, and people like me are FINALLY being recognized and encouraged around Mother’s Day. I am so very thankful for the reminders that God truly does CARE about me and the sorrows that I endure, and He’s always there sending me little encouragements to keep my head up and CHOOSE HIM and CHOOSE JOY!!


My husband said something to me several months back that I also hold onto: that maybe in heaven/on the new earth, I’ll be taking care of motherless children. We don’t know exactly how it all works, and what ages and stages we will be at with our new bodies, but it gives me hope. Because God doesn’t give us random desires for no purpose, for pure sorrow, so there must be a a reason for my unfulfilled 40 year old desire. Assuming my desire started when I was six, but I just know it’s what I always remember wanting, marry young and have children. I finally married, not young and am still waiting on the children part, or for Him to take away the desire. I know He has a great and perfect job for me for eternity. I trust that, somehow, He’ll bring Beauty for Ashes. For now, I’m working on being content, trusting and CHOOSING JOY, every day.


Isaiah 61:3: “To console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”







Marinara Spaghetti Sauce


This week I made the BEST red sauce I’ve ever had! That means I need to get it written down so I can do the SAME EXACT THING next time!! That’s something my Sweetie started soon after we were married when he was afraid my random way of cooking  would hinder me from repeating a recipe that became a favorite. Add that to blogging, and I started writing down the haphazard ingredients I “threw” together more often. :)

So here’s my fabulous Marinara Spaghetti Sauce:

1 lb of cooked ground beef

20 oz of marinara sauce

1 tsp tomato paste for a richer flavor

1 tsp crushed garlic

Dean and Jacobs Parmesan Bread Dipping Blend (This is a fantastic seasoning for red sauces!)

1 Tbl grated parmesen

Add everything to the pan, stir and heat through until the color deepens, cheese melts and the sauce bubbles. Serve on your choice of pasta (we love it on capellini and tricolor rotini), and top with a bit more Parmesan. Yummy. Enjoy!! :>


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Ballerina in the Making


A few weeks ago my adorable little Ballet, Tap and Irish Step student took her first official ballet class! It was amazing watching her little talented self listen to the teacher and get distracted by the other students. : >


I love her teacher! A good mix of structured, correction and encouraging. Perfect! You see, I’m very persnickety and need her to have a great teacher so she can flourish. Yay for great teachers!!


This day her latest pair of ballet shoes were too small and her green, wet hair was slapped up into a messy bun. But by the next class, she had shoes in her size and a real bun again!


Sigh…I adore this girl…and that top picture is my FAVE!! She’s been listening!!  Happy Monday everyone!! : >


Modest Monday: Orange Flowered Skirt


Yesterday I pulled out an old Bass skirt i bought on clearance several years ago for church. I haven’t worn it for a long time, and my still newish necklace (and earrings) from Amy Inspires Connor on Etsy matched perfectly!  I paired the skirt with an old white tank top from a thrift store and my white cardigan from Ross.

My brown sandals and Flexi Clip finished off the look, although I’m really tired of wearing my hair up for three years straight in this hot drought! I’m so bored with hot hairstyles and clothes!!


I tried a new pose this week, then noticed in reviewing the photos, that they didn’t look much different, except that only one leg shows! Haha! C’est la vie. Ah well, at least we have a new setting. : >



Of course my eyes are even extra squinty than normal. Once again, ah well, what’s a girl to do?






Have a great week and enjoy some summery outfits! And if you missed my “Why is Modesty Important” post from last week, HERE it is.


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