31 Days of Heart and Home: Trust and a Modest Monday Swimsuit Tutorial

I spent a busy past 5 days with visiting relatives, and now our prayers are for other relatives facing hurricane Sandy tonight. First there were Tsunami warnings possibly for Alaska, Canada and Oregon…all places friends or family are living, and now this. So we’re trying to trust God and His plan with all of our loved ones.
Nahum 1:7 “The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him.”

Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.”

Amen and amen!!!! That’s all we can do, trust Him with their safety, because only He sees the end game!

Now to the Modest Monday part of my post. I have been planning this post for weeks, always wishing for more time to do it justice, but I’m just going to do it today. This summer I decided to make a more modest swimsuit for myself. It has bothered me for years that they are usually like wearing your underwear in public, and I never felt that Christ would approve of that. Also I am tired of wearing a top underneath to combat the ridiculous cleavage! No matter what, everything is awkward and immodest. So I decided to make a change, just as I have a few other times with my bathing suits.
The problem? I couldn’t find fabric I loved. So I started looking around and rummaging through my existing stash. Then one night in bed, it hit me…I could make over a suit I already have and love! A few years ago, I found a suit at Mervyn’s I just couldn’t pass up. The label called the pattern Chocolate Tea Party…HELLO…it was calling my name so clearly! And I still love that fabric over ANY I have seen for swimsuits, sooooooo, I plunged in.

**Here’s what I started with: A 2 piece tankini, a swim skirt (a couple of sizes bigger than I normally wear), and old knee length workout shorts.

**I had a hard time with some of the photos because the brown throws everything off sometimes, but you get the idea. The darker photos actually show more of the true shades of the suit and skirt, and the only way I could show that was by not using the flash.

I separated the bikini top part from the blouse part, and the skirt from the bottoms.

Then I cut an upside down  triangle out of the “blouse” piece and sewed it to the bikini top for modesty.

Next I pinned the skirt to the bikini top and sewed them for an empire waist look.

Then I cut little cap sleeves from the blouse flowered bottoms and blouse pieces. Things are always trickier when you use “scraps” to “piece” together an item, but it can be done, you just need lots of patience!

I would still love to find some long brown shorts to match better, but they’re hard to find, so for now I’m using some old black ones I already had.

When I tried it out for the first time a while back on a  weekend getaway with my sweetie, it was sooooo comfy!! And I felt so pretty and modest and worry free!!!!! SOLD!!! I surprised myself, instead of feeling self-conscious, odd and confined (metaphorically), I felt FREE!! I am so happy with this choice, and I know God is glad that I made it.

And after summer, I picked this little set up on clearance at Target, because I may need to ease in to the change around some friends, in order to help them not feel awkward or uncomfortable about it. I’ll need to either wear a shirt with it though, or make a modesty panel for it. Again, this is a 2 piece suit.

Have you ever made a decision you thought might be hard, but it ended up being easier in the end?


**Here’s a bit of an update!**

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