A Shady Date at Cerro Alto

DSCN7650I ADORE tree tunnels! I’m far behind on blogging posts, but here’s a glimpse of our wonderful shady date last Sunday! People kept telling us about the Cerro Alto campground for shady walks and hikes, and we finally decided it was time to see for ourselves! It cost us $5 to get in, but it was so great to walk as much as you want without it having to be in the sun. I didn’t even mind that there were also patches of sun, because there was plenty of shade. It’s really hard to find shady places to walk here, and I only know of two other spots, so this was a great find! And I wasn’t allergic to the pine trees and their wonderful scent!! IMG_1633 Our day started with a great church service. Then we met up with my visiting father-in-law for lunch at the Wee Shack. Then we were off on our date!! IMG_1636 I loved this use of big rocks for decorating the campground! IMG_1640 This was a lot greener in real life! DSCN7625 Reminds me of my favorite twilight-time views! DSCN7635 A pretty leaf curtain! The colors were already changing. I think we’ll have to go back in a month or so for some Autumn colors, something I’ve really missed since we moved here! DSCN7624 DSCN7618 This was so much greener than it seems here! I just sat and drank it in for a few minutes. I can’t wait to see this place in March, our rainy month!! DSCN7643 This one was for my Sweetie! He loves wildlife! ;> DSCN7648 I LOVE stone walls! DSCN7610 A twisty, odd, cool looking tree! DSCN7613 One of the trails. Reminds me of some of our favorite trails in Oregon! DSCN7653 My Sweetie on the trail bridge! IMG_1658 I think this may be our first “selfie” photo! IMG_1656 A frosty mug of yummy refreshment! As I’ve said before, we think it’s important to date each other regularly. It’s something we committed to early on, and we do! It may not end up happening EVERY week, but most weeks we do take time out to spend together, because we recognize how important a healthy marriage is!   Thank you for the date idea Sweetie!




Living Proverbs 31


Oregon…Part 8

Monday was our last chance for a trip to Tillamook and a visit to The Pioneer Museum, Netarts (one of our honeymoon locations), Cape Lookout and The Cheese Factory! These are all places my family enjoyed every year growing up and my husband’s family now also enjoys. We were enthralled by some darling birds we came across at The Terimore in Netarts. I realized later that my camera somehow was on the wrong setting though, it does that sometimes when I take it out of it’s case, but still okay photos.

On the way we tried to find the location of the restaurant we found on our way to Netarts after our wedding, because we were STARVING. Does anyone get to eat at their wedding? : > We found it! It was remodeled, with new owners, but still there, and the owner chatted with us a bit. I’m amazed we found it as it was dark, raining and we were not very observant of anything but each other at the time, but we did. It was called “Bayside Gardens” then.
We also saw what we called “the octopus tree swing” at Cape Lookout, the “airplane tree” we all used to “fly” and the “kissing sea monsters” out in the water.
Warning: Tons of photos!!!

Oregon…Part 2

Day 2 and 3 of our Oregon trip were spent with our good friends in Grants Pass. Special time with the wife and her grand daughter while everyone worked and my sweetie went on a day trip. Including Bewley’s tea, my favorite! I gave here one of my crocheted tea cozies, displayed in the photo. Then a BBQ and sweet fellowship before we were on the road again the next day. Below I’m sharing some photos of Renee’s beautiful garden!

Oregon…Part 1

I’ve sneaked away from friends and family to finally steal a few minutes to myself and write. It’s been 4 years since we’ve been “home” to Oregon (except for a whirlwind trip in March to celebrate the in-laws 50th anniversary). And here we are! Since we’ve lived in California for 8 years now, the real “landmark moment that we’re getting closer to green and Oregon is always Mt. Shasta for me ( and FORESTS), and this year I was finally able to snap the shots I always dream of.

Shasta also reminds me of drinking Shasta pop as a kid, and the old commercial, “I wanna pop, pop, pop, pop. I wanna Shhhasta!” So I sing it every time we pass through the town. And yes, I know we live in the land of “soda” now, but it will still always be pop to me!

I have MANY more photos to come, so stay tuned…