Love Is In The Air


A few weeks ago, Stephanie, the Community Coordinator from Bloom Nation contacted me about writing a post about the different ways we celebrate love, especially on the ordinary days, as opposed to holidays, birthdays, etc. Have you heard of Bloom Nation? I hadn’t. They support local communities by partnering with independent florists and showcase their handcrafted arrangements in their marketplace. What a cool idea!!  This is actually a concept I know very well! It’s something I’ve adopted in my own life for quite a few years. You’d be amazed how even  little  30 second effort can brighten an otherwise mundane or stressful day.


When we were dating, and working conflicting hours, the romance seemed lacking and I gently suggested to my Sweetie that he didn’t have to make grand gestures all the time, but a little note here and there would really help us feel more connected while we were both working. Even a short note on a piece of scratch paper would work. It helped that we worked at a Christian Conference Center and could drop off notes easily. And I worked at the Registration Desk which ALWAYS had scratch paper available. AND, Pass It On cards were hugely popular at the time. Ever since then, we leave little notes for each other regularly. Of course there are dry times, but we always pick it up again. I pick up cute Post Its when I see them and they work great for a simple “I Love You” on the bathroom mirror or kitchen counter/cabinet as a surprise in the morning. Or his lunch box. The same with these pretty, already written notes from a notepad I bought a while back. Last weekend our church had a couples dinner and gave us 3×5 cards to write notes on for our sweeties. Several years ago I bought a little valentine mailbox and we started using it to leave little notes or pustichalks (just a little something), a term we learned from our Russian family members. This year we received this adorable mailbox from my husband’s wonderful cousin as the gift box! Perfect for this gingerbread lover. So this is our new giftie mailbox. And bonus, it’s bigger, so we won’t have to leave bigger things next to it instead of inside. 🙂


Of course, we still love to celebrate the regular stuff, like our anniversary this Sunday! And who doesn’t like getting flowers for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and just to show you care?! Sometimes we give flowers, and sometimes we do other things for each other. Sometimes we watch a special movie, go to a favorite location, have a special meal, anything that means something to us. For example, for our Irish related anniversary, we might eat Shepherd’s Pie and Soda Bread, watch something Irish related or honeymoon related like Ever After because we watched it on our honeymoon, listen to Irish music, watch or perform Irish dancing, you get the idea. Or watch our wedding video or peruse our wedding album. And enjoy the shamrock plant from our reception that was a table centerpiece. The main thing is, we like celebrating each other and people in general. Relationships are precious and special, so we like to celebrate that in little ways as well as big ways.



And I love Irish Belles, usually found at Trader Joe’s these days.


Because flowers ARE pretty and cheerful!

We apply this same idea when remember those that aren’t with us anymore. By doing an activity that reminds us of them. I drink black cherry Pop Shoppe Pop when I’m thinking about my dad. And I think of him when I have non-chocolate cake, because we were the only two family members, including all relatives, who didn’t choose chocolate for our birthdays. And sports always make me think of him and all of the different games we went to with my brothers, because I didn’t have a sister until I was 9, and she was a baby! My dad and I had a lot in common, including personalities. 🙂

***** All of these months later I’m finally finishing this post after many health struggles, family emergencies, travels and stress! ****

I have a couple of little girls in my life and we like to connect by crafting and drinking tea together. Quality time spent chatting while doing things we love! Quality time is actually one of my Love Languages.  I often deliver flowers to one of the girl’s friends/neighbors on May Day that I’ve bought or we’ve made together. She loves it! 🙂



DSCN4749 - Version 2

When we remember and celebrate our Chelsie we like to look at her photos, say her favorite phrases, listen to her favorite song (Diving In by Steven Curtis Chapman), set up the train, watch Mary Poppins or The Gnome Mobile because she looked like Karen Dotrice, etc.


All of these probably reveal my love of themes! 🙂


A few other things we’ve done are kissing and saying I love you when we part, having a date most weeks, texting as a way to check in and stay connected during the day (including fun emojis the other might like 🙂 ) and just trying to be conscious of being considerate to each other. Helping each other out when needed, or anticipating needs are some of the best ways of showing someone you care, in the most important ways.

The BEST way to let someone you love them? Show them you care about their needs, thoughts and lives. Throwing in a card, flowers or a gift are just the icing on the cake. The Lord really wants us most of all, to show we care though our actions! 🙂

How do you show people in your life that you care?


Homemaking LInkup





Modest Monday: Toadstool Style and Casual Flowered Outfit


We’ve just arrived home from a three week vacation, and this sweet Toadstool Area was a fun, surprise find in Middlebury, Indiana at the Krider Gardens. The funny thing is, we debated stopping, as it was a last minute find, and it might mean missing out on other things we planned to do. Then, we parked at the far end of the gardens, which I thought was crazy, since we were just going to take a quick peek. I had to thank my Sweetie for it after we found THIS!! Thanks Sweetie!!


Because we’re a mushroom/toadstool loving family, especially my husband, his cousin and mom, and myself. We’ve even seen red and mushrooms in the town where we met. They’re REAL!!! But poisonous, so don’t eat them if you find some. Who would want to eat rubbery mushrooms anyway, yech! 🙂


All this sweetness needs is a little table for tea parties! 🙂



This is a casual outfit I wear a lot. I have two different flowered blouses I took on our trip. I like to belt it to shorten it a bit and create more definition. Unfortunately, I decided to take my brown sandals on the trip instead of the black, then ended up wearing more black over the three weeks. Ah well. When we found this little hangout, I thought, “We should take Modest Monday photos here!” So we did. 🙂



Then I made my Sweetie pose too, in his new vest from Gohn Bros. an Amish/Mennonite fabric store, also in Middlebury.



My Sweetie is so handsome!



I imagine children discovering this sweet spot and feeling miniature and enchanted by it’s sweetness. I felt a bit that way myself. It fit right in with my reading of the Borrowers books. Such a fun little surprise and one of our trip highlights!! I wish I had this in our backyard!! 🙂


A Little R & R Wednesdays - a linky party

Ladies Tea Time


There aren’t too many activities more wonderful than a special tea time with a good friend! This image is such a sweet representation of those lovely moments I’ve shared with dear friends, whether over a cup of tea, a simple meal or simply a good chat. Looking at this brings me instantly back to those moments and a smile to my face!

Haven’t we all had those special times with our friends? 🙂

Image: Facebook/Wonderful Pictures


Tea For Two At Eddison And Melrose


We had some unexpected, paid time off after Christmas and decided to take another trip to Carmel/Monterey. After discovering an affordable and clean motel last March and a fabulous tea room, we were ready for a fun and relaxing break, without much planned. We also discovered Scottish scones last March at the Tuck Box, but they were closed for a nice, long break of their own. Great for them, sad for us. We did love our one time being in the area when they were open, maybe next time?


Karen and her tea room were just as charming as last time! I told her about my birthday and she had pretty sparkling juice for us, a candle in my cupcake and sweet birthday wishes. I also love the rose that garnishes the tea tier! She also volunteered to take our photo and I found a hat on her rack that perfectly matched my outfit! She always makes us feel so loved and special. In fact, when I told her that, she said she thinks of her shop as her living room. And that’s EXACTLY what it feels like…visiting a dear friend!! I should have snapped a pic of her! :>


And super skrumptious yumminess for a decent price!! And cream scones!!! So skrumptious!!


Elegance at it’s finest!


And we were the last customers so I took some photos of the gorgeousness with my real camera this time! I just love the decor and colors!











More pics of us:




**Here are a few phone photos**

Our special, sparkling juice!


The darling hat!


Pretty Teapot and cup.


I mushed up one of the blackberries and put it with my lemon curd and whipped cream and it was soooo yummy!!


So many things make this my favorite tea room, cream scones, extra, lovely touches, pretty decor. But the best of all is Karen, her care and her staff! Kim was just as friendly and welcoming as Karen herself! Thank you both for another memorable afternoon tea!

So if you’re ever in the Carmel/Monterey area, pop into Eddison and Melrose in Monterey, meet Karen, relax and enjoy some lovely tea and fare! She knows how to see the potential and make something beautiful and welcoming! :>

Living Proverbs 31


Tea Time Tuesday

Garden Lunch With A Friend



Last week I had lunch with a dear friend at a Garden Cafe here in town. We had a lovely time chatting together, eating yummy food, then walking through the garden prettiness afterward. I love Cecil Bruner Roses, above!














I love the way they look like flowers!






For my cousin in law who loves glass bottles!




Love, love, love!!




Fabulous time as always!


P.S. These are all cell phone photos.



Modern Anne and Avonlea Inspired


“Every little cove was a marvel of dancing ripples.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables, and Avonlea in general can’t help but draw in every reader to it’s quaint beauty and loveable characters. Whether feisty Anne herself, ever loyal Diana, feminine and outspoken Olivia or adventurous Sarah, they draw us to their days of old. Simpler days, filled with mishaps and blunders, along with joy and blessings, we long to experience a bit of Avonlea life for ourselves!


I definitely feel a kinship to Anne with her red hair, troubled life, desire for a family and dreams for the future. I also have a bit of Felicity (although I hate to admit it :>) and Olivia in me. I adore Olivia’s femininity and charming way about her, but I can also have that bossy, always right attitude like Felicity if I’m not careful.


After looking at the modern versions for the Bramblewood Fashion’s Avonlea Fashion Weekend, I went ahead and put together a “modern” outfit. Again, with items from my closet.  Thank you again to my Sweetie for taking the photos. We can only take them on weekends, so that has delayed my linking up for this fun event.

Find my other Avonlea posts HERE and HERE!


We went on our own adventure to our local park for these photos…and even used the old schoolhouse which reminded us of Anne’s schoolhouse.



“We’re pretty near home now. That’s Green Gables.”



Time for tea!


I’m an avid reader! My father-in-law found this lovely “old” copy of “Anne of Green Gables” with lovely, sweet illustrations.



“Carrots! Carrots!”

Oh how I tired of the “clever” red hair jokes as a kid!






“Anne laid her fresh young cheek next to Marilla’s”


I grew up in the big city of Portland, but I’m actually a small town girl at heart. And if that small town includes beautiful trees, lakes homes and people, all the better!

Thank you to Bramblewood Fashions for this charming visit to Avonlea, for even just a short while.

Welcome Home Wednesdays

pleated poppy


Brown and Pink Flowered Tea Wallet in Shop


Here’s a new Tea Wallet that I somehow never listed in my SHOP. Brown and Pink with pretty little flowers, it’s perfect for carrying your favorite tea, business cards, etc. If you’re anything like me, you have certain teas you prefer and you like to have them handy with you. I only drink black tea, and NOT Lipton, good, strong black tea, preferably Irish or British. So I carry my tea around with me everywhere I go and I’m always ready for a cuppa when the fancy strikes, or I’m with friends who are coffee drinkers, or herbal tea drinkers. I’m all set!!

I also have a couple of other colors and patterns in the SHOP!






Happy tea drinking!

Ireland: Day 6 – The Wedding!


Our 6th day was spent at the WEDDING, the reason we planned this fabulous trip!! Isn’t the bride just LOVELY?!! And the proud Mum and Dada right by her side. :>

Buckle up, Irish weddings are LONG! I kept warning Steve and Leta that it was going to be a long, but fun day!

Sweet flowers on the ends of the pews made by the sister of the bride:


It’s a wedding, time for a hat:


Brother-in-law on Irish flute and niece on harp:




More awww:


The party, lifelong friend and sister of the the bride:


I adore the look on mum’s face here. I am blessed to be treated like family by these people:



Becoming one:


We all scramble for photos of the new bride and groom:


My lookalike:


Giving instructions for the next stage of the celebrations:


Whoo Hoo! It’s reunion time!


Off to the farm for tea:


Proof that my hair did not fair well while I was there. Oh well, they look great:


Friends, together again:


The Girley gang (from the town of Girley):


Together 18 years later. It meant so much to me that they all kept saying to me, “Welcome home!” Exactly!


What could she be thinking?


Everyone loves a sweets bar:


A stack of Bodhrans  for the Causey Farm business they run:


We were the only ones around for the getaway (to the hotel):



I didn’t get any great photos at the hotel reception…



We were so privileged to be a part of this joyous day with our dear friends! When the bride invited us soon after becoming engaged a year earlier, we were determined to make the trip happen! It was great motivation to plan another visit after 12 years!

Such a fun day…even if we did leave “early” after 13 1/2 hours!! It was only 2:30 in the morning, after all.  ;>

And…the Instagram view:









A fun time was had by all!

Great Fabric Deal



I love finding great deals on fabric, so when I saw that Picking Daisies was having a “$1.50 bag sale” for their “scraps” I couldn’t wait to get down there and fill a bag! Why do I say “scraps” like that isn’t really what they are? Because some were scraps. but some were pretty good sized pieces of leftover fabric. YAY! I was AMAZED by the amount of fabric I was able to squeeze into that little bag! I thought “Surely they are going to tell me some of my pieces were too big or my bag was too full.” But as usual, these sisters smiled and chatted in a friendly way with me…and I left with a whole bunch of cute fabric for only $150!!! Whoo Hoo!


Side Note: The friendliness and smiles from these two ladies are as fun and uplifting as their festive fabrics and handmade napkins (their trademark)!


AND they had a fun and creative St. Patrick’s Day display with Irish Tea, Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal and a handmade shamrock garland curtain!








This may sound like an advertisement for Picking Daisies, but honestly, they don’t know I’m doing this. And I thought I was just sharing my great find, but in the middle of it I was remembering how nice it always is to pop into their sweet store! So if you love fabric, take a peek!

Do you like to find great deals?