Modest Monday: My Favorite (Flowered) Dress


I shared about this dress before HERE, but it never received it’s proper attention, as it IS my FAVORITE dress!!! I rarely pay full price for things like clothes, but I was too scared to lose out on this pretty dress, so I bought it, then and there!   A year and a half later and it’s still my favorite!! 🙂


The dress was a tad short, so I added a strip of lace along the hem.

I just ADORE flowers!!


I still love this jewelry from Connor Inspires Amy on ETSY.

We tried a new spot for photos at my in-law’s and I LOVE seeing the GREEN behind me!!




I found the beautiful dress at Target.

Happy Monday!


Modest Monday: Peasant Top and Peach Skirt





After getting all decked out in Patriotic colors for the fourth, I wore a very summery outfit for church. And there were actually a few other in summery colors instead of dark this week. Yay!!


It’s so comfy, cool and colorful and it was a fun outfit to wear!







I love perfectly matching jewelry too!




My Sweetie caught a couple of pretty good shots this week! (It helps if we’re getting along!) Can you say freckles?








Top from a thrift store, skirt from Bass Outlet

Jewelry? Kohl’s?


Have a colorful week!




Pretty, Feminine and Modest Fashion Inspiration

Pretty dress and straw hat.
Image from Pinterest


I’ve been a slacker when it comes to Modest Monday posts the past few months, due to health issues where I don’t get gussied up on Sundays, or we’re too busy to take photos. The only days my Sweetie can take them is on the weekends, as it’s usually dark when he gets home from work.


So…I’m going to try to make sure I post SOMETHING outfit or hair related every week, even if there aren’t any photos of what I’ve been wearing lately. :>


This week I’m sharing some inspiration from Pinterest I’ve found and love. I prefer clothes that are pretty, feminine and modest, so that’s what you’ll see. Of course, you probably know that already if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. :>


I love this sweet, classic look.


Love this dress!






















Modest and great color.



Cute Plaid Dress.




Pretty retro dress.




Pink Dress in Hearts








I love Pinterest and all of the pretty fashion inspiration!!


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Modest Monday: My Made Over Bathing Suit in Real Life



Summer is coming, we have bouts of summer-like off and on all year long here on the central coast of California.  So this week I’m sharing more photos of the bathing suit I made over to be more modest, without wearing a tank top underneath. More about that HERE. I still haven’t found long, brown shorts in the right fabric, but maybe someday…


I added sleeves, a modesty triangle, raised the back, sewed a skirt to the top to make it a lot longer and looser, and added long shorts. It’s so freeing to wear something cute, feminine and non-embarassing in public! It’s very ’60’s style, the cute ’60’s style I have always loved.


No cover-up necessary! :>


I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it, and then I read the name on the tag…”Chocolate Tea Party” – SOLD!!! Now that I’ve remade it, I thoroughly LOVE it with no reservations!! I am happy to please God in this way. It has always bothered me that most bathing suits are more like wearing underwear in public, but this is more like a cute, modest outfit that dries quickly! Yay!! Happy Swimming!!

Update: It turns out I made over my bathing suit in the style of one from the ’20’s: the 3rd one on this page, the 1922 one!  I also like the 1962, white one with pink flowers and the adorable yellow one! It’s always fun seeing anything from Jantzen, since I grew right near Jantzen Beach, which was a mall by the time I was old enough to care, but used to be an amusement park when my mom was a teenager. The Jantzen swim brand began in Portland, Oregon, my hometown! Pop over to Fuzzy Lizzie Vintage Clothing for adorable, modest inspiration!!


pleated poppy




Modest Monday: Inspiration Ideas

Source: The Duggar Girls

FINALLY! A Modest Monday Post! Sunday was a long, tiring and fun day with my sister, her family, mother-in-law and sister-in-law on their way through as they move from New Mexico to Oregon. We had a FABULOUS time, but there was no time for MM photos!

So today I’m going to share some fun, attractive modesty inspiration. I actually tried to find some modest, feminine pants outfits also, but to no avail. Look for that in the near future, feminine, modest pants and tops that, as I read on another blog, hide the hiney.

Source: Working with Eager Hands from Fresh Modesty

I am a firm believer in both FEMININITY and MODESTY! They go hand in hand!

Source: That Wife Blog

"Casual New Vintage"(Modest Outfit)

Untitled #162

Source: Polyvore


Source: Totally Tessa

Source: A Proverbs 31 Wife – A Feminine and Modest Swimsuit

Orange Ruffled Scoop Neck Dress

Source: Shabby Apple

What do you think? Does this give you any help or inspiration? Have a great week!!


Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard

A Modest Christmas Style Guide


Image found on Pinterest

In lieu of the the usual modest outfit posts I do, which are a bit time consuming, I thought I would browse the internet for some ideas on modest dressing for the various Christmas activities we all attend. Sometimes people have a hard time figuring out how to be elegant AND modest, or festive AND modest, so I thought I would share some tips. I know that many people adhere to the British color scheme of red and green, but I like to think outside the box. Besides, I have red hair so I don’t wear red! I grew up decorating with blue and white, which I later found out were the original Christmas colors, since they are the Jewish colors and the Christ in Christmas was Jewish. I also, more recently, adopted purple into the mix, since it is a royal color and Jesus Christ is the King of Kings! The bottom line? You’re going to see more than red and green here!! Enjoy!

Source: via Tiffanie on Pinterest

Source: via Tiffanie on Pinterest

Source: via Tiffanie on Pinterest

Source: via Tiffanie on Pinterest

As usual, pop over to the Modest Mom for other ideas!


Do you have a favorite Christmas outfit?

Modest Monday: A Stylish Outfit

Welcome once again to Modest Monday with the Modest Mom! This week I’m sharing one of my outfits that makes me feel very stylish. And the pleasant surprise? Someone at church actually complimented my  “stylish outfit.” It feels dressier and reminds me a bit of the way I dressed in college and my thinner days.

The top and skirt are both thrift store finds I’ve had for at least a few years.

The tank top? Maybe Mervyn’s?

The boots are from last spring, but I already forgot what store I found them in.

This beautiful amber shamrock necklace and Claddagh earrings were gifts from my in-laws a few years ago.

What are you wearing during this Autumn season?

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