My Modest Wedding Dress



Inspired by the Modest Mom’s modest wedding dress inspiration this week and the fact that it’s wedding season for most people, I thought I would share photos from my wedding and how I made it more modest. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad to begin with.

And you’ll notice that my Sweetie’s “skirt” is shorter than mine. :>


I found my dress at a Vietnamese bridal shop just up the street from my apartment. Why is that so important you ask? Because I’m only 4’11”  tall (or short :>) and this dress was the PERFECT length!! One alteration I expected to face, but didn’t have to. Yay! It didn’t have a train and the v-neck wasn’t modest enough, so my mother-in-law offered to make a train and a modesty panel if we could find the right fabrics, which we did!! And she did!! ( We also found all of the other fabrics for dresses and ring bearer outfit). You would never know those two things were added to my dress. And with the extra fabric she also made me a little purse for tissues, lipstick touch ups, etc. She also made the made-of-honor dress for my now cousin-in-law and the adorable, old fashioned shorts outfit for our ring bearer. She was such a blessing!

Here’s my sister helping me get ready. You can see the modesty panel here.




Walking down the isle was such a joy! No more planning and seeing our family and friends there to love and support us.



Our first communion as husband and wife. See my beautiful train? I LOVE it!! It had hooks that attached to my dress, then could be removed for the reception and Irish ceili dancing. :>



The first person to call me Mrs. Ferrel was my husband’s aunt. Sweet words to my ears!!


Sometimes the groom needs his “skirt/train” fluffed too! Haha! :>


The sweetest little flower girl in the world! She is now 18 years old. How is that possible?! We had/have a special relationship, so our wonderful photographer and friend captured our love for each other here. Definitely a favorite of mine!!



Her dress went so well with mine, a great find! I completely forgot to wear my veil over my face so my groom could lift it to kiss me. I was sad.

I made my own veil and made it adaptable like the train.I took a plain, silk headband, glued flowers onto it and made the tulle veil part detachable so I could wear the headband alone. I still have it!!


My dear friends and sister! And the cutest little flower girl again!


Three out of four sisters plus two husbands.




A wedding in march, in Oregon means rain. But we have a chauffeur with an umbrella for the bride.




HAPPY new bride and groom!!




Time for some Irish ceili dancing!



This Irish kilt was a last minute addition to the wedding, once my Sweetie found out that for years I had wanted my groom to wear a kilt! I guess he loves if this introvert was willing to dress like this for me with all of these eyes on him!



The kids couldn’t wait for CAKE!!And my flower girl wanted to be right there with me the whole time. So sweet!




Our cake was a last minute disaster. The week before our wedding , the beloved Kienows Bakery called to say they were closing their business a few months earlier than planned. What? So I needed a new bakery, and fast. It’s only a cake. So I decided not to try to transport it the two hours out the location, but go with a local grocery store and save myself more headaches. I called, and she had JUST put the order in for the next week. Ack! Thankfully, she said she could call them right back, but couldn’t do anything fancy at this last minute. She DID say she’d try to add some shamrocks for us. :>

It’s just a cake, and everything worked out. It’s also just a wedding, the marriage is more important. You know what people have said to us the most, (besides comments about the kilt :>) that our wedding was very God-honoring. What a lovely compliment.



The adorable ring bearer outfit. His brothers told him he would have to marry the flower girl if he walked with her down the isle. Brothers are such torturers!



Off to the honeymoon amidst a birdseed shower!!




Such a happy, blessed day for us 15 years ago! So many struggles and so many joys. And our Lord has been with us every step of the way, guiding us in His ways.



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 The Homemaking Party



Surprise Roses


I was on my “death bed”  and asked my Sweetie to run to the store for 7-up and soda crackers. As I lay there wondering if I would “live” until he returned, I tried to remember that he was being nice and doing me a favor. :>

He “finally” returned, handing me a beautiful bouquet of red roses! My Sweetie wants me to feel better and to cheer me up. The flu is no match for a sweet husband and pretty flowers!!!

My New $8 Dress


Over the weekend, my in-laws stopped after church and lunch to look for a new cabinet for their new TV. Bye bye old Napoleon Dynamite cabinet!  While they looked at furniture, I looked at clearance clothing and found some great finds that you are sure to see in future Modest Monday posts. :>

I bought five $8.00 items!!! Who Hoo!!

One of these fabulous buys was this BEAUTIFUL dress!!! My normal size was too big, yay! And I found a size that is a PERFECT fit!!


I just ADORE the special, lovely and feminine touches on this dress: from the flowers to the ruffles, it’s a win!! And not low cut, another plus!!


I can’t wait to wear it!! And my Sweetie wants me to wear it on a date with him. I told him he needs to plan the type of date where I could wear it! ;> I’m all for that!!

Feminine and Modest Game Day


I’m a Duck. I’m from Oregon AND I studied Dance and Elementary Education at the University of Oregon. I planned to be a wife and mom, but teach dance until then. I did eventually marry at 31 and have taught ballet, tap and Irish Step dancing. I was even blessed with a precious little darling girl for 16 months of her life. But. of course, my life did not turn out the way I planned, but the way GOD planned!

So why am I talking about the Ducks? As an Oregonian and a Duck living in California, I get excited about the football games we sometimes get to see on TV here. Today’s game is the first one for me and I’ve had to figure out the issue of team spirit yet again. I don’t normally wear t-shirts. They’re unflattering and not feminine in any way! I do my best, but ugh! So I went on a search for something more feminine to wear on game days, and found a cute dress! I will have to alter it a bit, as I waited too long and they ran out of my size, and I’ll wear a Haftee underneath for modesty. And I can wear it in support of my home state in general, not just on game days. That helps with the price, and I LOVE green. I showed it to my Sweetie and it turns out he doesn’t really like seeing me in  my Ducks t-shirt. He likes me to look like a girl! Decision made!! So now I’ just waiting for the new dress to arrive! Besides, I wear skirts or dresses most of the time, so it’s great. I do sometimes wear pants that are modest, if a top “hides the hiney,” as another blogger terms it. My goals for clothing are modesty and femininity, as I’m a Christ Follower and a lady.

My Ducks t-shirt is modest enough, but far from feminine, as my Sweetie definitely noticed!! :>

So here’s the dress I’m waiting for:



The package that DID arrive today was my 3rd book to review from Bethany House Publishers by my FAVORITE author!!! Yippie!!!


Look, she’s wearing GREEN!!!

Happy Saturday and GO DUCKS!!

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Hello to Monday with Lisa Leonard

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A Shady Date at Cerro Alto

DSCN7650I ADORE tree tunnels! I’m far behind on blogging posts, but here’s a glimpse of our wonderful shady date last Sunday! People kept telling us about the Cerro Alto campground for shady walks and hikes, and we finally decided it was time to see for ourselves! It cost us $5 to get in, but it was so great to walk as much as you want without it having to be in the sun. I didn’t even mind that there were also patches of sun, because there was plenty of shade. It’s really hard to find shady places to walk here, and I only know of two other spots, so this was a great find! And I wasn’t allergic to the pine trees and their wonderful scent!! IMG_1633 Our day started with a great church service. Then we met up with my visiting father-in-law for lunch at the Wee Shack. Then we were off on our date!! IMG_1636 I loved this use of big rocks for decorating the campground! IMG_1640 This was a lot greener in real life! DSCN7625 Reminds me of my favorite twilight-time views! DSCN7635 A pretty leaf curtain! The colors were already changing. I think we’ll have to go back in a month or so for some Autumn colors, something I’ve really missed since we moved here! DSCN7624 DSCN7618 This was so much greener than it seems here! I just sat and drank it in for a few minutes. I can’t wait to see this place in March, our rainy month!! DSCN7643 This one was for my Sweetie! He loves wildlife! ;> DSCN7648 I LOVE stone walls! DSCN7610 A twisty, odd, cool looking tree! DSCN7613 One of the trails. Reminds me of some of our favorite trails in Oregon! DSCN7653 My Sweetie on the trail bridge! IMG_1658 I think this may be our first “selfie” photo! IMG_1656 A frosty mug of yummy refreshment! As I’ve said before, we think it’s important to date each other regularly. It’s something we committed to early on, and we do! It may not end up happening EVERY week, but most weeks we do take time out to spend together, because we recognize how important a healthy marriage is!   Thank you for the date idea Sweetie!



Living Proverbs 31


Love From My Sweetie


My Sweetie wants me to know he loves me!

I LOVE it when my sweetie surprises me and shows me love just because! It makes me feel special and cherished when he thinks of me, and even makes a special stop so he can let me know that in a tangible way!

It reminds me of the way God works. He often surprises us and shows us how much He loves us when we aren’t expecting it, and need the reminder the most!

1John 3:1 “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!”

John 15:9-10 “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.
If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.”

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her…”

Thank you Lord, for constantly loving me, no matter what!

Thank you Sweetie, for finding ways to surprise me with your love, and continuing to date me!

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Seeing Our Courtship Days Through the Eyes of Family


Ever since the first Valentine’s Day card, we’ve had a mouse and mushroom theme, my Sweetie and I!

We spent the weekend with family and had a FABULOUS time!! It’s always so fun to get together and this time we all met up at my in-laws in Southern California and it felt so much like our old Christmas gatherings before the cousins married and spent Christmases elsewhere. We were all feeling nostalgic and happy! A wonderful time together!

In the driveway at my in-law’s house.


The “young-ins” tooled around Downtown Disney on Saturday night, making it seem even more like our old gatherings where we’d ALL troupe off to Disneyland, amidst all of the beautiful Christmas decorations. The highlights of the night were the Swing Dancers and the Beignets! I love hanging out with people who love the same things I do! :> We ALL wanted to watch those dancers forever, not just THIS dancer! They also loved the Rainforest Cafe.

It was dark, but we were respectful and didn’t use the flash. This is with my phone using Instagram.


I think I’ve said this before, but my cousin-in-law and I are more like sisters and best friends, and she and my Sweetie have always been close. I became friends with her before I even knew he existed! She’s just great, which makes her a perfect person to take a vacation with, which we are!! We are going to have so much fun! Yay! :> ANYWAY, we both LOVE taking photos and it’s great to meander around with someone who understands that, because some people get kind of irritated by it. We both did a lot of Instagramming over the weekend! We felt better once we saw that we were both going overboard with it!!

Driveway flowers.




On Sunday. at one point, the 4 ladies ended up in the living room chatting without the men, and somehow we were talking about the days after I met my Sweetie, but we weren’t committed to each other yet. My Sweetie’s Aunt told me a couple of things I didn’t remember, my cousin-in-law had an insight I never wondered if she had, yet it fascinated me just the same and we reminisced about how I needed her to meet my Sweetie and she needed us to get the job in the shop her future husband came into to meet her! Life and connections are so fascinating! I felt like that was a fun and special time together, just hours before we had to head for home. Such sweet people and moments shared. Little treasures from God to us. :>

A perfect match!


I thoroughly enjoyed that moment, but I don’t know if I would have shared it here or just allowed it to slip away as life closes in again. But when I saw Kendra’s email reminder about Matrimonial Monday at A Proverbs 31 Wife, I knew this was a great moment to share. And sharing helps me remember for myself. Writing things down keeps them fresher and more clear in our minds, and helps ensure that we’ll have them even when loved ones are gone. It’s so much fun hearing about certain events from many different viewpoints. Everyone sees something the others miss!! These are the joys of FAMILY…and MARRIAGE!!

Have you learned new things from your family about other family members or you and your sweetie? What makes your family special?

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Practical and Precious Time with my Sweetie


Today I talked my Sweetie into taking the photos for my Modest Monday post tomorrow, at our local Sweet Springs Nature Reserve instead of out by our tree. It’s a favorite spot of ours and I thought it would be a nice little outing after church, and a fresh change for the photo taking. We love an opportunity to see Morro Rock! Of course, I said I talked him into it, but then I couldn’t pull him away!! He loves wildlife, AND he had my wonderful new-at-Christmas/birthday camera in his hands, so……..LOTS of wildlife photos! I love that we took this little opportunity to connect by doing something with both love! Taking a little time to do things like this can make all the difference in a relationship, and I know we need some time to connect with each other often, amidst all of the other things pulling at us. I’m really thankful for my Sweetie and this time we had together today!

Here are some of his photos of God’s creation:

Egrets in the wind.



Morro Rock through the haze.


He loved how the winds was ruffling the feathers of the Egrets!



How are you connecting with your Sweetie this week?

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Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard

Special Care from my Sweetie


I’ve been shlumping around the house this weekend with a cold, and my sweetie has been great about serving me when I need something, like water with ice and loading cds and dvds for me. He even tackled a couple of much needed house projects, while I was lying on the davenport, and brought me some yummy dinner, because I just couldn’t face the idea of figuring out what to eat anymore.

I truly appreciate all he has done for me these past couple of days!

Thank you sweetie!

Choosing to Say Yes to my Sweetie


I’m making an exception today and posting on a Sunday because I agreed to something that wasn’t in my “plan” for the day…and was very blessed because of it. I haven’t slept well the past 2 nights and woke up in pain, not an uncommon occurrence for me. So I planned to visit a little bit after church, take a nap and get a little hubby help putting my heavy scrapping supplies away from last weekend. Instead, we had a lovely visit with friends for over an hour after church, THEN my sweetie asks me to go on an impromptu picnic in the park. Hmmm…

I’ve heard many times over the years about saying yes to your sweetie when he initiates romance and leadership, so I decided to say YES! It actually didn’t take long at all to make the decision! :> THEN we remembered we hadn’t called my father-in-law to say Happy Birthday. Meanwhile, it’s getting later and later and all of MY plans begin to completely slip away. Guess what? I kept my word and went on the “picnic” anyway, although the clouds had rolled in, making it a bit chilly by this point, so we didn’t eat at the park after all.

He’s been really gracious when I’ve asked for his help taking Modest Monday photos too. Although he also wants to sneakily take take photos he wants of me as well! After reading a woman’s blog about avoiding photos of herself after gaining weight, I decided I also need to let this go and allow my sweetie and others to capture me on film anyway. YES, you can take my photo! We even had fun laughing about it together today! :>


In the end, we had a lovely time together and even ran into a couple we felt God wanted us to run into. Saying YES was a blessing!

Do you find it hard to say YES when something contradicts YOUR plans?