My New Pretty Dishes


A few years ago I decided I wanted to switch out our retro 70’s dish set with something different. Then a couple of years ago my husband expressed the same thing. Yay! He took photos of a few plates at Daiso while he was out of town, and I spotted a different one in the photos that I liked. Was it porcelain? Were there other pieces so I could create a set? Blank stares…I looked at other locations on other visits and found nothing. As I started looking around, I found I was drawn to modern vintage flowered patterns. But…they were either super expensive or discontinued, and mostly from England and Japan. Can you say expensive PLUS overseas shipping?!!! Ack!! I was feeling pretty hopeless and about to give up and settle with something that wasn’t really my style, when Pioneer Woman came out with her line a couple of weeks ago. A lot of her line is mostly my style, so I thought maybe I could piece together a set from the line. Then…when we were visiting his parents again over the weekend, I asked which Daiso store is the LARGEST..and FINALLY found my new pretty dishes!!!! I ended up choosing a different pattern than the original one I fell in love with, which was more of an English style. I shocked even myself! 🙂


The best part? Husband approved, which also surprised me. He knows I’ve been discouraged though, so maybe that was part of it?! I picked the green cups with him in mind, and I actually love the combo! 🙂









Sometimes you have to get creative when you can’t find what you want or need, so I made my own set!



I LOVE them!!





I love, love, love them!!!



My cupboard looks so pretty now! And our Ikea bowls are a good match. 🙂



Bye bye old 70’s dishes!


Now I have pretty, everyday dishes that I love as much as our shamrock china!! 🙂

What do you think?


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Recipe Exchange: Tea Cup “Cookies”


It started with a picture on Facebook, and the opportunity to make and serve them! I have a family in my life that loves miniature tea parties. It started when they were all much, much younger, and I helped the mom with childcare regularly while she homeschooled the oldest kids. Our tea parties began as a girl event, but as the boys saw the tiny candies we were eating, they joined in on the fun, one by one.

This is the original photo, using products from Austraila. If only I had those marshmallows, which are also sold in Ireland, or were when I lived there 18 years ago.


The Pioneer Woman shared a story a couple of weeks ago about her boys shunning scones as girly food, until she disguised them as “Sugar Biscuits” and it completely reminded me of the oldest boy from this family. The tea parties were far too girly for him…until he saw the sweets!! :>

So today, for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange with Little House on the Prairie Living, I’m sharing this fun idea, even though it isn’t technically a recipe.

Go to this post for the original idea.

*My Version*

I used Marie brand tea biscuits, because that’s what we have available here, with a simple colored glaze of icing sugar and water to create the look of the European biscuit/cookie .

White large marshmallows

The glaze acts as the glue for the sprinkles on top, the marshmallow cups to the biscuit saucers  and the handles, made of broken in half, pastel colored Lifesavors.

It goes pretty quickly and easily, and the kids were THRILLED with this special addition to our usual tea parties!

Be creative and make them your own out of things in your pantry!


Here’s a list the 6 year old of things to do on our “Play Date.” So ADORABLE! AND she made a MOVIE for me with her new camera! I felt so LOVED!



Play Kitchen

Have a tea party

A puzzle

Read Charlotte’s Web

Do a craft

Play Barbie with Tiffanie

Make a book with her

So sweet! Of course I had to tell her we wouldn’t have time for EVERYTHING! :>

Her new KITCHEN!


Serving me “dinner” from her kitchen.



I love these kids!

How do you make time with loved ones special?

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A Great Kitchen Cheat Sheet!

Here are some great charts I found over at with all kinds of tips and helps for the kitchen. We’ve all had questions like these at some point in our kitchens, right? So these are great charts, with a fun look you can print out and put up in a handy spot for reference! Enjoy!

If you’d like to find a printable version of this cheat sheet, visit the Everest kitchens page.

Recipe Exchange: Cracked Wheat Cereal

This week I’m getting back to The Little House on the Prairie Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange. Today’s recipe is  for a much loved hot cereal I fell in love with while working at The Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center in Oregon: yummy Cracked Wheat Cereal! I also met my husband while working there – whoo hoo!! For years the non-crock pot version eluded me, but I can now make it much more quickly, and in smaller portions. And without planning so far ahead. This recipe is sooo easy, with great reward. It’s a hearty, nutty, great breakfast or anytime food!

Cracked Wheat Cereal:

1/4 cup cracked wheat

1 cup water

dash of salt

**Simply put all of these ingredients into a small pot and simmer slowly for a half hour, stirring about every 5 minutes. The cracked wheat should absorb all of the water and thicken into a beautiful cereal. So easy!

**My favorite way to eat this is with a bit of brown sugar, but here are some other ideas:



Apple juice

**I’m also linking up with Raising Homemakers and Tip Me Tuesday with the Tip Junkie, so hop on over and check out their tips!

Your ingredients…

You can buy it here

Or in bulk like I do, since I live too far away now…

Cooking yumminess…

Finished product…

Time to eat!

**What do like to eat for breakfast?

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