Modest Monday: Orange Flowered Skirt


Yesterday I pulled out an old Bass skirt i bought on clearance several years ago for church. I haven’t worn it for a long time, and my still newish necklace (and earrings) from Amy Inspires Connor on Etsy matched perfectly!  I paired the skirt with an old white tank top from a thrift store and my white cardigan from Ross.

My brown sandals and Flexi Clip finished off the look, although I’m really tired of wearing my hair up for three years straight in this hot drought! I’m so bored with hot hairstyles and clothes!!


I tried a new pose this week, then noticed in reviewing the photos, that they didn’t look much different, except that only one leg shows! Haha! C’est la vie. Ah well, at least we have a new setting. : >



Of course my eyes are even extra squinty than normal. Once again, ah well, what’s a girl to do?






Have a great week and enjoy some summery outfits! And if you missed my “Why is Modesty Important” post from last week, HERE it is.


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March Giveaway


It’s March  and for a lot people that means it’s time to celebrate the Irish culture with food, music, dance, green and shamrocks! We actually celebrate the Irish many times and in many ways throughout the year. It’s a fun culture and I really love the beautiful green isle and my dear friends over there,  so I decided to do  an Irish themed GIVEAWAY!!

Then I was doing a bit of behind the scenes work this morning and discovered two fabulous things: I’ve nearly reached 20,000 hits on this blog, and one of my posts had so many views it knocked out my previous top post by more than double! You can see it HERE. It turns out that that is thanks to my being featured on the Modest Mom Modest Monday blog post today!! Exciting!  And the post happens to feature a bunch of Irish fashion from our trip last June. See, I think I need an Irish themed giveaway! :>


Rafflecopter doesn’t work with WordPress, so I’ll be doing this the old fashioned way. I’ll put all of the entry names into a hat and have my husband randomly draw the winner. :>

Here’s how it will work: Head over to my Etsy SHOP and pick your favorite item from the Irish section, then tell me which one you chose in the comment section below. (Don’t worry, you can always change your mind if you win). The winner will get to pick any Irish themed item I have for sale. I may even be adding more things in the next couple of days! ;>

P.S. I may throw in a special freebee if you pick one of the Bobby Pins!

So, pick your item, leave a comment and you are entered!! Giveaway ends Friday night at midnight, pacific time. Happy looking all!!


***Giveaway is now closed. ***

Modest Monday: Blue Christmas Outfit and Cameo Flexi Clip


After a much needed break for Christmas, birthday and New Year’s, relatives have all returned home, my Sweetie and I have settled back into our routines, and Modest Monday is back!! I still have one event left…celebrating with a friend our two December birthdays at a local Tea Room this week!! We can. not. wait!! Whoo Hoo!!

So, even though this was technically a Christmas outfit for me on two different occasions, and I didn’t have time to share it because of all of the fun busyness with family, I figured I’d share it anyway because it can be worn anytime really. As I’ve mentioned before, I like blue and white for Christmas since Jesus Christ was a Jew and those are the Jewish colors, so I call them the original Christmas colors. :> Although, if it’s true that the reason the English chose red and green is because they were bringing in greenery and red berries for decorating, I’m all for that, especially being an Oregon transplant living in California and missing evergreens so much!! And the SMELL!!!!  It HAS to be a REAL tree!! :>

Anyway, back to the outfit:




It can be tricky dressing Christmasy on these hot California “winter” days too, so I was happy to come up with a new outfit this year!

I won this Cameo Lila Rose Flexi Clip from The Modest Mom’s and Deborah and Co.’s  Caroline

Skirt $1 last year and the necklace this year at Walmart

Cardigan from several years ago from?

Tank from a thrift store several years ago

Shoes: Sanita’s

Snowflake earrings: gift

Joy/Nativity pin: Kohl’s last year or year before

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!


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My Birdie Necklace Win






Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL necklace I won from The Shopping Lounge! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! She has so many LOVELY items to choose from, and they are wonderfully made and, did I say that they are BEAUTIFUL?  Take a peek for yourself!




I won this necklace through a Facebook giveaway they had, and got to pick my favorite. This was it!

Here are some of her others:

** The Shopping Lounge isn’t paying me to talk about them, and that isn’t why I won. I just think the pendants are so LOVELY!

Maybe you need one too! :>

Modest Monday: “Irish” Anniversary Date


I planned to write this post about our anniversary days ago, but we’ve been so busy! So I’m incorporating it into this week’s Modest Monday post. We had to put our celebration off for a week, because I was sick on our actual day and the live Irish session only happens one day a week. We like to celebrate with Irish themes since we had an Irish themed wedding during St. Paddy’s week! :>

Here are some of the musicians.


The Irish session plays at a British themed pasty (pass-ty) restaurant which also serves Irish food. I could eat something different there EVERY week! That’s saying a lot from a picky eater! My Sweetie had a local mix, with the Tri Tip Pasty, Santa Maria style. I had one that married the two cultures of Ireland and England,  a Shepherd’s Pie Pasty. And I forgot to take a photo before I devoured half of it! We both LOVED our pasties!!


I did get a photo of the Strawberries and Cream Pasty though! Light, and not too sweet, it was super yummy!


And here’s what I wore for the date night with my sweetheart. We met 18 1/2 years ago and married 14 years ago. Two months after we met, I left for what turned into a 2 year stint as a missionary in Ireland. It was VERY hard to follow through with those plans after meeting the cousin of a friend, shaking his hand and having God tell me he was the one I was going to marry. But, in the end, I obeyed God’s calling and followed through with my plans. It was very hard leaving this person behind, but I don’t regret my time ministering to the Irish and building lifelong friendships! Our marriage hasn’t always been smooth, with the normal struggles plus infertility and job issues, and the 10 year mark was VERY hard to get past. But, with God’s help every single day, we’re still going, and getting stronger! Praise the Lord!!

I found this pretty wrap/scarf and the earrings and necklace on an Irish merchandise website I found about a year and a half ago, and put them on my wishlist for Christmas. As an “Irish” girl,  I’ll wear them anytime, so they are very worth having!



Too bad my Shamrock Bobby Pin is crooked in the photo. Ah well, I didn’t have time to do it all over again. :>

(I sold these pins in the SHOP)



I wrapped my Sweetie’s gift in a bag we bought on our last trip to Ireland 11 years ago.


And Trader Joe’s finally got Bells of Ireland after St. Paddy’s Day!



I’m so thankful to have my loving Sweetheart in my life! That his cousin introduced us, making sure she is permanently in my life as well!

I never tire of “dating” my Sweetheart!! :>

Why are you thankful for your sweetheart?


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Modest Monday: St. Patrick’s Day!


This year, St. Patrick’s Day, or what I like to call Ireland Day because I celebrate the country, my heritage and Irish friends that day, fell on a Sunday. It’s fun walking into church and seeing green on those celebrating! We usually celebrate more than anyone we know, as we both have Irish blood flowing through us. We mostly celebrate more like the Irish, but we do throw in some American fun as well! One thing that celebrates everything about the day, is the shamrock. Patrick used it to explain the concept of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, 3 in one) to the pagan druids and it is a clear representation of the Emerald Isle! So I like to incorporate it, a lot, especially during this week when we celebrate both our wedding anniversary and Ireland. We had an Irish themed wedding, as I said last week, complete with Ceili dancing and a kilt for my Sweetie! And our house is filled with reminders of my time there and our love for the LOVELY isle.

So, I don’t just wear a green shirt or say I have green in my eyes or something. No, I go all out!

Welcome to Modest Monday, Irish style!

I made this little jacket several years ago.


A gift from my wonderful cousin-in-law.


The dress is from a thrift store at least 10 years ago.




My shamrock ring from Avon. As a teenager. I designed my wedding ring, a shamrock with 3 emeralds as the leaves, and a diamond in the center. But alas, no one would make it…sigh…when I finally got married. NOW they exist, 14 years later!


My sweetheart gets in on the act as well.


This necklace is part of the jewelry my bridal party wore in our wedding. :>

I just noticed that it got turned and you can’t see that the pedant part is a heart.


I wore this one to church that I made for the SHOP. My in-laws gave me the little hat clip at the top of the page, but my Sweetie thought it was too flashy for church, so I switched later. :>


NOW, here’s what we ate!

Irish Stew


Soda Bread


Tea and a yummy treat from our local Carlock’s Bakery! It’s like a brownie with walnuts, mint cream and all covered in chocolate…mmmmm.



Our shamrock plants.


Other things we do to celebrate during the Irish week.



The Shamrock pasta version of my Chicken and Pesto Tortellini.


We also celebrated by watching the opening scene of “The Happiest Millionaire” where it focuses on the Irish butler and cook. And re-watched the episode of 19 Kids and counting where they visit our friends, the Murtaghs in Ireland at their Causey Farm and learn to make Brown Bread and some things from Matt Murtagh about farming! Then we watched/listened to the Irish Tenors sing one of my favorites, “Fields of Athenry!” Later we picked out the scene from “Darby O’Gill…” where they sing one of our favorites:

“For she is my dear, my darlin’ one.

Her eyes so sparklin’ full of fun.

No other, no other, can match the likes of her.

For she is my dear, my darlin’ one,

My smilin’ and beguilin’ one.

I love the ground she walks upon,

My pretty Irish girl.”

We decided this year to watch favorite scenes instead of trying to choose just one film, although Saturday we did watch “The Secret of Roan Inish.” Okay, I suppose I can’t cram much more Irish stuff into this post! ;>

And lots of Irish music and looking at photos from my time living in Ireland.

How do celebrate Ireland? Do you have any Irish roots?


Modest Mondays: A Christmas Outfit!


It’s time for Modest Mondays with The Modest Mom again, and I thought I  would share what I wore for our church Christmas party yesterday, (and to the service of course). I know I’ve shared about this dress before, but I’m sharing again because of how I dressed it up for Christmas. One of the great things about it, especially for a redhead who doesn’t usually wear red, is that it works for several holidays. Bonus!


As I’ve stated before, I LOVE anything gingerbread, so I used them as some of my accessories! I made a pin and a barrette and both  received compliments at the party.  :> Here’s how the gingerbread accessories started out.



I just safety pinned it on, easy!


I also wore my Nativity earrings, necklace and pin from Kohl’s. I just LOVE wearing these every year!



The cardigan is from a thrift store and works with anything!


And my fun boots again, even though it was a tad too warm for boots!


I bought this dress at Marshall’s a few years ago and completely re-worked it, making it more modest and adding sleeves. It started as a sleeveless dress with ruching and gathers, which means more fabric to turn it into a more flattering dress for me!

What are you wearing to Christmas gatherings?

And remember, there’s still time for shopping, so pop on over to the shop!


Modest Mondays

It’s time for Modest Mondays with the Modest Mom again! I love that she hosts this wonderful link-up every week! This week’s dress is peach and black  and came from WalMart. I wore a Cami-Secret again to get rid of the crazy plunging neckline that is soooo popular. I paired it with this heart-on-a-black-cord necklace and dangling hoop and black “pearl” earrings. The shoes? Sanitas again. I love the peach color of this dress!

What are you wearing this week?


Modest Mondays

I’m taking a break from vacation posts today for Modest Mondays! After a long break, it’s good to be back! Yesterday I wore this fun lilac dress, which I believe is from Kohl’s. Those $10 off of $10 or more cards are great!! The tiered skirt is so fun and happy! I wore one of my “Cami Secrets” for modesty, because soooo many things are made tooooo low cut. Over it I wore my favorite go-to short sleeved cardigan from a thrift store. The jewelry I chose to accent the black, as I realized I don’t really have lilac jewelry. I chose the heart on a cord necklace and hoops with black, dangling pearls.

I love the comfort and pretty color of this outfit!