Fun and Unique Gift “Bows” DIY


Last year I found a super fun idea for the “bows” on our Christmas gifts! I love doing something different and unique, and I even changed my “bows” from the original idea I found. It takes some work to find the miniatures for this project, but I was able to find enough variety by going through my house, Christmas stash and finding a few in stores. I LOVED making these, and the result!!!


So adorable! And I hung the tags from this one. :>



I like cute and different paper too!



I also used some other creative cuties for my cousin-in-law: a felt acorn, holly branch and cute tags made from the paper. :>





This box always makes me smile!

I just hot glued each decoration onto a clothespin and decorated packages, so easy and fast!!


I went completely out of the box for this one: simple and cute, and smudged, ugh!


Here’s my cousin-in-law’s adorable gift to me. She knows of my love for all things GINGERBREAD!! And those ice skates…how adorable!



Fun gifts under the tree!


Our tree!

**Here’s where I found the original idea I modified: Creature Comforts**

Do you have some fun and unique packaging ideas? Happy crafting!!


Living Proverbs 31 #89

Christmas Fashion Inspiration


This week I’m sharing some Modest Christmas Fashion inspiration with you all for Modest Monday! (Which has actually turned into Thursday…oops). Including some of my past outfits and some collections I created on Polyvore. I like to incorporate blue and white, the original Christmas colors since Jesus Christ was Jewish, plaids, greens, nativity and gingerbread accessories, etc. Hope you enjoy! :>


I call this one Christmas Plaid


Green Christmas Elegance


Ballet Style: Inspired by a skirt I’ve been wanting and finally own, and my ballet background.




Blues and more plaid.


Sometimes I even wear red plaid, although it’s my worst color.



Me and my Sweetie!


It’s fun picking out fun and festive outfits!! And I love gingerbread and Nativity themes! :>


Living Proverbs 31 #89

Christmas Wares In The Shop


Yesterday I shared some of my Christmasy and Autumn wares from my shop. But I forgot this little gem! My Winter Deer Embellished Hoop Art! So adorable!! Go and take a peek!

Also my Woodland Themed Embellished Hoop Art!



And here are the Gingerbread Ornaments and Leaf Pins I shared yesterday. All of these items are ready to sell in my ETSYSHOP now!!



Happy Shopping!! :>

Leaf Pins and Gingerbread Ornaments


I have some great things in the shop for Autumn and Christmas! Leaf Pins look great pinned on a lapel, a hat, a purse, in your hair, just about anywhere! And they come in Green, Yellow and Red!!! Pop over now and take a peek in the SHOP!



I also have adorable Gingerbread Ornaments in both men and women, ready to bake some Christmas treats! I absolutely LOVE all things gingerbread!!! They are just so fun and whimsical!!! So pop over and take a peek at these also!! Right now!! 🙂




Christmas is coming…happy shopping for your loved ones!

Recipe Exchange: My Copycat Dairy Queen Peppermint Ice Cream Cake


This year for my birthday (in December) I decided to try to tackle the yummy Dairy Queen cake I’ve had a few times. Armed with a few times from HERE  and a refresher from the Dairy Queen website (but I remembered it VERY well), I tackled it and was VERY happy with the result!

Unfortunately, I was only able to take quick photos with my little Sony Cyber Shot camera…sigh. So here you go. Here’s today’s Recipe Exchange yumminess!


In all honesty, this photo was taken the next day with my good camera, and after having a chance to freeze post decorating. We ended up eating it the day after my birthday and the family was in hurry to get on the road, so we rushed it a bit. Regardless of how melted or messy it was, this cake was DELICIOUS!!


Filled with ooey gooeyness, it really did remind me of the original cake!


Here’s what it looked like as we sliced it. :>


An ooey gooey, delicious mess!

All right, so here’s the scoop:


Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

2 cartons peppermint ice cream

20 oz chocolate fudge (not hot fudge)

4 Tbl chocolate crunch (from cake decorating shop) or crumbled chocolate wafer cookies in pinch

Stabilized whipped cream (1/4 pint or so unless you “ice” the entire cake)


Spring form pan

This is an easy recipe, but takes patience and time. :>

Soften the first carton of ice cream, then spread on the bottom of pan and freeze for 1 hour. Next spread chocolate fudge over first layer and freeze again for 1 hour. Sprinkle crunch over fudge and freeze again for 1 hour. Soften the 2nd carton of ice cream and spread over all, then freeze overnight.

Ahead of presentation time, spread stabilized whipped cream over sides (or all) of cake and decorate as desired. Then freeze at least 1 hour before serving to avoid the melting mess we had! :>

As you can see, I chose a few pink sugar sprinkles, pearls and a cute gingerbread boy as my decorations.

I was happy with the adorableness he added to the festivities, especially since I have a bit of an obsession with all things gingerbread!  :>

Happy cake making!!

Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange 02/18

Every Tuesday Afternoon

Babies {Welcome Home Wednesday Homemaking Link Up on Raising Arrows}

Recipe Exchange: “Gingerbread” Nativity


This year I found this sweet nativity idea, and as an avid gingerbread house fan, this really appealed to me as a way of observing Christ’s birthday! So today’s Recipe Exchange idea is this “Gingerbread” Nativity, a great activity for kids of all ages. :>


I made this at a little get together and it’s a bit messy looking as I hurried. Next time I would try THIS method. Then I wouldn’t have snow at the manger either, so better, since there wouldn’t have been any at Christ’s birth. And my little trick for this type of thing is…ALWAYS let the “glue” on the structures harden OVERNIGHT!!!


I used shredded wheat type cereal for the hay instead of coconut. And you have to make sure you find the rectangle graham crackers as these days a lot of them come in squares. When you cut the cracker, use a sawing motion and slowly and carefully saw into shape. I only found one size of gum drops, so I just cut off part of one for the heads. I used fruit roll ups for the head coverings and Jesus’ blanket. Just glue everything together with the royal icing, candy melts or caramel sauce.  Marshmallows and licorice pieces made the sheep.



This was so much fun to make! I think it needs to be a new tradition! :>

Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange 1/14

Every Tuesday Afternoon

New Storybook Playsets for the Shop


After many distractions, gift making, traveling and many local events, I have FINALLY been working on these adorable Storybook House Playsets! And more stories are on the way, once I get over this flu I’m dealing with at the moment.  The first set to enter the SHOP, is Gretel and the House of Sweets! Adorable colors and cute dolls make for a fun play time for any girl!


Each house has a “home” wall, “wall papered” walls and a play mat.


A certain little Sweetheart ADORED her Goldilocks and the 3 Bears House! We even rifled through her other toys for furniture and accessories for extra fun playtime!


You may notice we turned one of the little skirts into a lamp shade! And Rapunzel loves her pool and Little Bear loves her bed!:>





For this sweet girl’s birthday gift, I also made a bonus Rapunzel doll, as she considers herself Rapunzel!! She chose this set the very day I bought the fabric, and months later, she was still in love with it as I presented the gift to her. So sweet!

And here’s a taste of what is yet to come:


I’ve been so excited about these for months! They are just so adorable!!! I think I’m especially in love with Red Riding Hood!!!

Do these put a smile on your face? My face smiles EVERY time I look at ANY of them! :>

Modest Mondays: Another Christmas Outfit!









This week’s Modest Monday outfit is another Christmas idea. It isn’t so hard to put together a modest outfit for Christmas. But, first of all, my FAVORITE Christmas accessory by far, is my NATIVITY jewelry!!It took me a few years to piece together this collection, even though every piece came from Kohl’s. But they didn’t have a whole set at one time. I absolutely LOVE having jewelry that depicts the true reason we even have Christmas in the first place! If you’re looking for your own Nativity jewelry. you might try Kohl’s. :>

The dress is an old thrift store find that I shortened a couple of years back from almost floor length to below knee length for a more updated style. The shrug/ cardigan is from Kohl’s I believe.


And I added a Christmas-y ribbon around the waist.



I also wore my sweet gingerbread pin. :>


I wore my dressier looking Sanitas to church and my boots to a party that night.



I also wore my wrap, a wedding gift from my sweetie 13 years ago. :> I added a hood which was perfect for the drizzly day yesterday. But, alas, I forgot to take photos of it, so another time I’ll post photos.

What are you wearing to Christmas events?

Modest Mondays: A Christmas Outfit!


It’s time for Modest Mondays with The Modest Mom again, and I thought I  would share what I wore for our church Christmas party yesterday, (and to the service of course). I know I’ve shared about this dress before, but I’m sharing again because of how I dressed it up for Christmas. One of the great things about it, especially for a redhead who doesn’t usually wear red, is that it works for several holidays. Bonus!


As I’ve stated before, I LOVE anything gingerbread, so I used them as some of my accessories! I made a pin and a barrette and both  received compliments at the party.  :> Here’s how the gingerbread accessories started out.



I just safety pinned it on, easy!


I also wore my Nativity earrings, necklace and pin from Kohl’s. I just LOVE wearing these every year!



The cardigan is from a thrift store and works with anything!


And my fun boots again, even though it was a tad too warm for boots!


I bought this dress at Marshall’s a few years ago and completely re-worked it, making it more modest and adding sleeves. It started as a sleeveless dress with ruching and gathers, which means more fabric to turn it into a more flattering dress for me!

What are you wearing to Christmas gatherings?

And remember, there’s still time for shopping, so pop on over to the shop!