Modest Monday: Football Fan Style


I’ve never been like everyone else, which led me to much questioning as an adopted child. Although we were all redheads, it was clear that I looked different and had a different personality. It wasn’t until my 4th sister was born when I was 17 1/2 that I felt like someone looked more like me with our round faces and such. Later, I realized my 3rd brother has my personality. He’s 11 years younger.

I’ve always LOVED being feminine, and used to beg my mom, even in first grade, to let me wear dresses instead of pants. I also grew up being taught modesty, just not the reasons for it, except to not distract the boys at school. But no one had to beg me to appreciate my girly-ness. Instead I had to fight hard for it my whole life. And the more years that pass, the more I feel odd for wanting to be feminine, when most are fine dressing far too similar to men. God made me female, why would I want to look like a guy?

One area where it seems almost unforgivable to be feminine is in sports, but I don’t even like wearing t-shirts in my everyday life, so of course I don’t really love wearing them while watching sports. Actually my husband hates me in those sports t-shirts. But I love feeling more connected to my home state, my college and my college friends by watching my alma mater play football while living out of state.


So first I bought this dress to wear during games with a yellow shirt underneath:


Still sporty, but not so masculine.

But sometimes I need more, so even though I know everyone will think I’m weird, I’m sharing my cute and feminine Oregon Ducks outfit from last Saturday:


This shirt doesn’t have their name or duck on it, but it’s the right color! And the skirt has both yellow and green in it. BTW: I’m making the Oregon O here. 🙂



I like being accepted, but I also like being unique. Sometimes that means I’m the only one I know like me and people think I’m odd. Sometimes I’m okay with that and sometimes I just want to be “normal.” I think we’re all constantly working on being okay with our uniqueness. That’s life! 🙂


I talk with my hands. And my Sweetie doesn’t always wait until I’m ready when he snaps photos! 🙂


GO DUCKS!!!!!!


Why is Modesty Important?



Today I read Michelle Duggar’s explanation of why she dresses modestly, and although I became a Christ Follower at 5 years old, I really started thinking about modesty after college.  (Actually, FULL DISCLOSURE, I had REALLY started thinking about it in high school, but evaded God’s convictions in my heart so I could keep dressing the way I wanted).


I loved the way she explained her reasons for modesty because they are exactly my reasons also!! So please have a read and know that my heart is to please my Lord, not to judge someone else or act like I’m better than anyone. I just want to be obedient to the things God is telling me to do.


Michelle says:

“After I was born again and became a Christian, I really began to cover up. I felt like the Lord was saying to me, you know what, you probably shouldn’t be wearing that. It’s a little bit low cut, or a little bit too high, you know. I just really felt like I needed to obey what God was saying to me first and understand later. And then I saw in the scriptures a lot of things that helped me understand why I was feeling uncomfortable with my previous clothing choices. And I’m not saying this is for everyone because I realize different people are at different places and aren’t always going to have the same way of interpreting things.

Interestingly, Jim Bob and I had a conversation at that point and I said to him, I really feel like the Lord is impressing upon me that I should be modest in what I wear. And also, that I really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts…We always tell our children, go to his word. It’s not about these rigid standards. I meet many different people along life’s way and I hear some people say they are so sick of rules and regulations, and they go on and on about how they were raised in a certain denomination. I’m hearing what they’re saying, but I don’t understand it because that’s not where I came from. It’s not drudgery; it really is a joy to see what God says about things and bring that into our lives.”


Read More Here



It is possible to be modest in pants as well, just harder.





Happy reading!!


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Pretty, Feminine and Modest Fashion Inspiration

Pretty dress and straw hat.
Image from Pinterest


I’ve been a slacker when it comes to Modest Monday posts the past few months, due to health issues where I don’t get gussied up on Sundays, or we’re too busy to take photos. The only days my Sweetie can take them is on the weekends, as it’s usually dark when he gets home from work.


So…I’m going to try to make sure I post SOMETHING outfit or hair related every week, even if there aren’t any photos of what I’ve been wearing lately. :>


This week I’m sharing some inspiration from Pinterest I’ve found and love. I prefer clothes that are pretty, feminine and modest, so that’s what you’ll see. Of course, you probably know that already if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. :>


I love this sweet, classic look.


Love this dress!






















Modest and great color.



Cute Plaid Dress.




Pretty retro dress.




Pink Dress in Hearts








I love Pinterest and all of the pretty fashion inspiration!!


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My New $8 Dress


Over the weekend, my in-laws stopped after church and lunch to look for a new cabinet for their new TV. Bye bye old Napoleon Dynamite cabinet!  While they looked at furniture, I looked at clearance clothing and found some great finds that you are sure to see in future Modest Monday posts. :>

I bought five $8.00 items!!! Who Hoo!!

One of these fabulous buys was this BEAUTIFUL dress!!! My normal size was too big, yay! And I found a size that is a PERFECT fit!!


I just ADORE the special, lovely and feminine touches on this dress: from the flowers to the ruffles, it’s a win!! And not low cut, another plus!!


I can’t wait to wear it!! And my Sweetie wants me to wear it on a date with him. I told him he needs to plan the type of date where I could wear it! ;> I’m all for that!!

Modest Monday: Inspiration Ideas

Source: The Duggar Girls

FINALLY! A Modest Monday Post! Sunday was a long, tiring and fun day with my sister, her family, mother-in-law and sister-in-law on their way through as they move from New Mexico to Oregon. We had a FABULOUS time, but there was no time for MM photos!

So today I’m going to share some fun, attractive modesty inspiration. I actually tried to find some modest, feminine pants outfits also, but to no avail. Look for that in the near future, feminine, modest pants and tops that, as I read on another blog, hide the hiney.

Source: Working with Eager Hands from Fresh Modesty

I am a firm believer in both FEMININITY and MODESTY! They go hand in hand!

Source: That Wife Blog

"Casual New Vintage"(Modest Outfit)

Untitled #162

Source: Polyvore


Source: Totally Tessa

Source: A Proverbs 31 Wife – A Feminine and Modest Swimsuit

Orange Ruffled Scoop Neck Dress

Source: Shabby Apple

What do you think? Does this give you any help or inspiration? Have a great week!!


Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard

Modest Monday: Pretty and Feminine


Last week I posted about a couple of items I hadn’t worn yet. This morning I was debating between them for church. One of those items was this absolutely LOVELY blouse I bought in Solvang the last weekend of December. And I chose that one for today, but I paired it with the navy linen skirt instead of the turquoise because they were a better compliment to each other. It turned out others were wearing tops with pretty necklines today as well! FUN!

These Lisa Leonard earrings were the PERFECT pairing to this blouse! A PERFECT color match! I just LOVE it when that happens!!!


My sweetie graciously took photos for me this time! YAY!




I’m wearing it with this skirt this weekend to the Choose Joy Conference.


Same old Sanitas, although it is a new pair of the same style!


And I FINALLY bought my first Halftees, so you’ll be hearing about/seeing those later.

What are you wearing?

You can find more modest ideas at The Modest Mom: