Evie’s Bootbox Dollhouse


We don’t do much shopping on Black Friday anymore, as the deals aren’t as great and too many stores have tried to take over family time on Thanksgiving, just as they’ve done on Sundays. But there are a few things I shop for on that day, and after a few years of searching, I FINALLY found a new pair of boots to replace my worn out old ones I’d had for longer than I should have. I knew I needed new ones, but it was hard to find what I wanted, and in my size. So many brands of shoes do NOT make my size…ugh! Any way, I finally found a pair and I love them!

Here’s comes the real reason for this post though. You don’t want a big, long post about my boots, right?! 🙂

Before I throw out things like shoe boxes, I try to decide if there is any reason to keep them, like for storage maybe. So I let it sit as I pondered. (I love words like ponder)! A couple of weeks later I had the idea of making a dollhouse with it for a special 7 year old in my life for Christmas. It sounded like so much fun I couldn’t wait to start brainstorming and collecting items I could turn into furniture and such!! I won’t tell you how many nights I was up too late because I just couldn’t stop working yet. I was having too much fun! 🙂

So I’ll try to share with you all of the details of how I made everything and created this adorable Bootbox Dollhouse that was a hit!

Here are the basics. Because it was a nice large box, I was able to create four rooms and a pretty front yard with the attached lid.


The front of the house with a front door:


And a bonus dollie for her:


She likes toadstools just like me, so I covered her house with this scrapbook paper.

The back of the house:


The side:


And I made a clasp with these pretty flowered thumbtacks I found at a Japanese store in LA and a hair band so she can close up the house:


The yard:


With flower gardens, grass and a path…


A shady umbrella, a pool and a kitty cat..

I made the pool from an idea I found online out of four plastic bracelets with some cardboard and paper glued to the bottom.

And a baby carriage from the Dollar Tree. I also cut the “stem” off of a cupcake pick or something from there to use as a toy teddy bear and threw in a horse.


The kid’s room…


Plastic bottle lid (I saved a lot of these) as a toy holder with baby bottles, a butterfly and a rocking horse. All party favors from Dollar Tree.

A matchbook dresser covered with washi tape and those same tacks as drawer pulls. I glued beads to the other ends to cover the sharp points.

I didn’t take a photo of it, but I made a mattress out of a foam piece mailed with something, and covered it with a piece of stretchy fabric.


Furniture from DT and embellished with washi tape. I crocheted a little blanket for the bed and decorated the wall with some clearance flowers from Michael’s I had. Then I threaded a string through two pom poms, made a tiny loop and hung them with a cut off sewing pin.



I used a little crocheted throw rug and hung two hats that like to fall down, on more flowered tacks I poked through four tiny squares of cardboard and super glued to the wall. The girl’s hat is from clearance cupcakes I bought just for the hats! The boy’s were found by my Sweetie somewhere.


The hat hooks. And I call this little bear a balloon!

The bathroom:


I adore the floor in this room! I glued an aloe vera lid to a white lid to create the toilet, a pizza box spacer with a lid glued to the top for a sink (need to add the faucet I noticed after I gave it to her), a frame sticker for a mirror, another Chinese umbrella for a decoration and a raised yogurt lid glued to a cupcake paper for a bathtub.



I poked a flowered tack through the center of a miniature cupcake liner, attached a string and used my same trick to glue it to the ceiling.


The living room:


A cute washi tape bunting adorns this room. 🙂

Another matchbook dresser, a chair made from a jewelry box, a twig heart from my stash and a frame sticker with Elsa added. (Anna’s my favorite, but Elsa’s my buddy’s).



The lamp was both challenging and fun. It’s probably my favorite of everything I made!

A flowered tack through another mini cupcake liner, poked into the end of a q-tip, with the other end poked into the rubber base and a cardboard square base is glued on so it stands.


The chair is a nut cup glued to lid that is decorated with more washi tape. Washi tape is your friend! 🙂

I created shelves out a of one half of a jewelry box and a couple of cardboard pieces. And my husband brought home two mini frames free from a garage sale. One of these, plus another picture from a Frozen tag became a TV. I wasn’t planning on including a TV, but when I saw the frame, it was too perfect!


The Kitchen:


More Dollar Tree furniture decorated with washi tape and a paper doily tablecloth. A brrom in the corner from an old dollhouse stash I found recently. Another sink. A fridge made from jewelry boxes and cardboard, with food stickers glued inside and a stove made from a box covered in paper, with  sticky velcro circles as the burners. Another internet idea. ( I discovered some ideas when I was nearly finished implementing my own ideas). 🙂


I made a cake by gluing two different sized lids together, then gluing some mini pom poms on top. And fused the apron fabric to another piece of fabric so it wouldn’t fray, then cut it out and hung it.


I had SO much FUN working on this and figuring things out! SO FUN!!



Now my 8 year old buddy wants one, so I’m on a search for another bootbox…and the wheels are turning…



Modest Monday: Denim Dress and Green Flowered Cardigan


Finally…a new Modest Monday post! Actually, we were exhausted yesterday, after arriving home the night before from a little, last minute getaway, directly after a trip to spend Christmas with the in-laws, which was directly after having been sick for a week. So…we arrived home from church, I plopped down on the davenport and my Sweetie says to me, “I thought you were going to have me take outfit photos…” Groan from me. But, if he’s willing, I’ll do it. So we trudged out there and took them in about 10 quick minutes! Even while we tiredly, crankily argued…still, only 10 minutes. Then I took a nap and wasn’t so cranky anymore! :>

I woke up that morning and sat there trying to figure out what to wear and decided to pair my denim dress that I’ve worn here before, with my boots, black Haftee, necklace a friend made for me and one of my favorite cardigans. I found this cardigan at a thrift store years ago and fell in love with the flowers and the color. The wool was a bit too warm after all, even though we’ve finally been having cool days the past week. So I had to take it off. Boo hoo! But at least I’ve been able to wear my hair down lately, after three years of hot weather and having to wear it up. Yay! I am not a big denim fan, but this dress is the perfect cut for me, empire waist, A line and the perfect length for my height. :>

And I feel like maybe you actually can’t see the exhaustion and frustration in my smile…maybe. I was surprised at how well I felt the photos turned out after all of that. We like to make each other laugh!


I also wore this cardigan for my Anne of Green Gables reenactment post.


Happy Monday and Happy Adjustment back to regular life!


Living Proverbs 31

Tea Time Tuesday

Christmas Fashion Inspiration


This week I’m sharing some Modest Christmas Fashion inspiration with you all for Modest Monday! (Which has actually turned into Thursday…oops). Including some of my past outfits and some collections I created on Polyvore. I like to incorporate blue and white, the original Christmas colors since Jesus Christ was Jewish, plaids, greens, nativity and gingerbread accessories, etc. Hope you enjoy! :>


I call this one Christmas Plaid


Green Christmas Elegance


Ballet Style: Inspired by a skirt I’ve been wanting and finally own, and my ballet background.




Blues and more plaid.


Sometimes I even wear red plaid, although it’s my worst color.



Me and my Sweetie!


It’s fun picking out fun and festive outfits!! And I love gingerbread and Nativity themes! :>


Living Proverbs 31 #89

Modest Monday: Brown Polkadot Dress


It’s Modest Monday time again and I finally shortened this 1940’s style dress from Kohl’s so I could wear it again. I’ve missed it’s pretty brown whimsy!! :>


After fighting just before the photos, my Sweetie made me laugh!




Loving my new boots from a Black Friday sale! That’s THE best time to buy boots. I’d been looking for a new pair for a few years and finally found one. Yay!! AND…two days later it was finally cool enough to wear boots and my hair down!!! :>




Loving the new rings I made in different colors!


And I asked for these lovely Claddagh earrings a few years ago from Kohl’s.


This may be the last of the brown for awhile as we move into the royal colors of blue and purple for the Christmas season. I may also wearing some green though, as it is a favorite!

Do you dress according to seasons or holidays?


Modest Monday: Lace Valentine Dress


It feels so good to get back to a Modest Monday post! I feel like the past few months have literally just flown by! I was in Oregon for two weeks, then arrived home the day before Valentine’s Day. My Sweetie had a very busy two weeks at home. We were both exhausted, so, needless to say, we  had NOTHING planned to celebrate and chose to plan something ON Valentine’s Day, as we relaxed and rested up.


Before I left town, I had nothing prepared, no gifts, nothing! Thankfully I was able to pick up a few surprises in my travels, including a couple of special treats we don’t often get to enjoy, as they aren’t exactly local. :>


Special occasion Krispy Kreme I picked on my 4 hour drive home after landing, celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday early and spending the night.


Heart meringues from my favorite Solvang bakery, Olsen’s. But they were out of my favorite Swedish Delight. Good thing I had a Krispy Kreme, another favorite of mine. Meringues are a favorite of my Sweetie. :>



So on Friday night we enjoyed a home cooked meal, our Krispy Kreme and Miss Potter. We’ve been wanting to re-watch this ever since visiting the Lake District in England last June. It’s such a GORGEOUS area!! I’m ready to go back and spend a whole lot more time there!!


Isn’t my Sweetie handsome? :>


We decided to go to an early dinner on Saturday to a local restaurant overlooking the water. It was foggy when we arrived, but cleared up quite a bit in time for Modest Monday photos!


There’s a bit of pressure to hurry up with your photos when it’s cold and others are waiting to take their own photos!



GORGEOUS views!!


My FAVORITE photo of the day!! I LOVE his expression!!

I think it’s my favorite expression of his!!  :>


My BEAUTIFUL newish jewelry from Etsy, cameo necklace with matching rose earrings!

Coincidentally, my new dress has a bodice detail similar to many figure skating dresses and it’s winter Olympic time right now! I LOVE it! To make it more modest though, I a little perfect match tank underneath.



A special little pink stoned ring from a craft faire I worked a few years ago.



Lovely coat I don’t get to wear often enough here. A black Friday deal a few years ago.


Frankly, having no plans until the last minute took a lot of the pressure and expectations off of our date. The most fun for me was finding this new dress on my drive home and spending special time with my sweetie after a long separation. And his face when I came out in my new outfit! ;>

So, here’s what I’m wearing:

Beautiful pink lace dress and black leggings from Maxx Plus

Pink/peachy modesty tank from  garage sale

Black shrug from Ross or Marshall’s

High heeled black boots from PayLess

Frizzy, big hair is why I try not to shower the day of an event. Sigh…

A great time was had by all, celebrating our love for each other knowing that next month will mean 15 years of marriage!

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Modest Monday: Green Christmas Plaid


It’s Modest Monday time…even though it’s Tuesday. Haha! My to do list is so long everyday, I just try to squeeze the posts in whenever I have a chance. I wore this outfit to two Christmas parties over the weekend, my Sweetie’s company party and our church party on Sunday after church. I love the old fashioned plaid for Christmas! This skirt is actually a part of my newish Irish dance costume that I sewed a couple of years ago, but I just temporarily refashioned it for Christmastime. :>


I couldn’t find one of my nativity earrings yet this year, but I still wore my pin!


And I just bought the necklace at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, as I need more longer necklaces. I think the snowflake earrings are from Avon, a gift a few years ago.


And I bought these boots at Payless last year. I LOVE them!!


I found the little cardigan/shrug at Ross, and I’m wearing a high necked t-shirt under it. It was a fun and festive dressier outfit for Christmastime.

Do you have fun Christmas outfits you like to wear??



Modest Monday: Blue Plaid Skirt and Boots

DSCN1094 This week I finally broke out some of my winter items. It was a  bit too warm on the way to church, but then the sun went away and it was cold enough for this outfit. Yay! I even had to add a few warmer items as we headed out for our tree. It’s so nice to have a change…and to wear my BOOTS! :> DSCN1083 I like blue and white for Christmas because they’re the original Christmas colors, as they’re Jewish colors and Jesus Christ was Jewish. :> Foot pop!! DSCN1084_2 This outfit also reminded me of the modern Anne of Greene Gables/Avonlea posts of a few weeks ago. :> You can wear this outfit for church, a Christmas party or change a few things and it can work for everyday. It’s so comfortable and easy to move around in as well. DSCN1093 DSCN1089 Skirt: Kohl’s Boots: PayLess Necklace and Black top: WalMart Cardigan: Target Earrings: ? Joy Nativity pin: Kohl’s  ( I actually have a complete set of Nativity jewelry from Kohl’s)

Bramblewood Fashion


Modest Mondays: A Christmas Outfit!


It’s time for Modest Mondays with The Modest Mom again, and I thought I  would share what I wore for our church Christmas party yesterday, (and to the service of course). I know I’ve shared about this dress before, but I’m sharing again because of how I dressed it up for Christmas. One of the great things about it, especially for a redhead who doesn’t usually wear red, is that it works for several holidays. Bonus!


As I’ve stated before, I LOVE anything gingerbread, so I used them as some of my accessories! I made a pin and a barrette and both  received compliments at the party.  :> Here’s how the gingerbread accessories started out.



I just safety pinned it on, easy!


I also wore my Nativity earrings, necklace and pin from Kohl’s. I just LOVE wearing these every year!



The cardigan is from a thrift store and works with anything!


And my fun boots again, even though it was a tad too warm for boots!


I bought this dress at Marshall’s a few years ago and completely re-worked it, making it more modest and adding sleeves. It started as a sleeveless dress with ruching and gathers, which means more fabric to turn it into a more flattering dress for me!

What are you wearing to Christmas gatherings?

And remember, there’s still time for shopping, so pop on over to the shop!


Modest Monday: A Stylish Outfit

Welcome once again to Modest Monday with the Modest Mom! This week I’m sharing one of my outfits that makes me feel very stylish. And the pleasant surprise? Someone at church actually complimented my  “stylish outfit.” It feels dressier and reminds me a bit of the way I dressed in college and my thinner days.

The top and skirt are both thrift store finds I’ve had for at least a few years.

The tank top? Maybe Mervyn’s?

The boots are from last spring, but I already forgot what store I found them in.

This beautiful amber shamrock necklace and Claddagh earrings were gifts from my in-laws a few years ago.

What are you wearing during this Autumn season?

Artful Homemaking

Modest Mondays: Purple Dress

Did you know that today was Monday? Okay, not really, but I wanted to honor my dad on Monday, so I decided to do my Modest Monday post today. Saturday we went to the outdoor wedding of a young couple from our church. It was a rare, cooler day, and because it was outdoor also, I was able to pull out my boots and wrap for the afternoon/evening, and wear my hair down, finally!! Yay!

I’m not sure where I got this dress…maybe Ross?

The earrings and necklace were gifts from my sweetheart. :>

These new and beautiful boots are from? I’ve already forgotten, and I just bought them last February!

Do you like to wear certain things in cooler weather or to weddings?





The Modest Mom is also doing a special series on Dressing for the Holidays!




Growing Home

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