Modest Monday: Ellie from “Up” and a Pixar Party



Last Friday we celebrated the 23rd birthday of a dear young lady in our lives who is kind of like a daughter/niece to us. It’s always such a special time with dear young people we love so much. She decided to have a Pixar/Disney themed party, so I decided to dress like Ellie from “Up” and make her an “Up” themed gift. (You’ll see that at the end of the post) 🙂


My dress isn’t one of Ellie’s actual dresses, but the one I found was perfect in it’s style and era, so it worked. The birthday girl guessed who I was, that’s what matters!!


I rushed to take some photos for her as it was getting dark, and we took my photos at the end of the party, inside, after the humidity wreaked it’s havoc on my hair. Haha!




I’ll need to make a more permanent modesty panel for the new dress. Love those daisies!!! 🙂


Now to the party pictures:




Sally from “Cars.”








Hello cuties…and balloons and popcorn for the movie!!






The spread and pretty flowers.








The Ice Cream Cake! Yummy!!




And the movie!




And here’s the gift I made for her with the “Up” theme because she loves that film soooooooo much!!


Have a great week!












Patriotic Fruit Pizza



The day before Independence Day, the company my Sweetie works for like to have a potluck. This year I made a Patriotic Fruit Pizza, as it’s easy, yummy and filled with flair, even if you don’t decorate it with a STAR!!  I knew I was going to be busy ALL day on Wednesday, yet this needs to be fresh, so I wanted something fairly fast and easy.  As usual though, I ran into issues while shopping for the quickest-to-assemble ingredients. I start with a sugar cookie crust, but they were out of the pouch mixes, so I used the refrigerated type. Not as yummy, but even faster.The cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon juice spread ingredients were easy enough to find, but no blueberries, so I had to make do with GIANT blackberries for the STAR. Yummier, but not as pretty. It’s hard to create designs with big berries. It worked well enough though. : >


My recipe is a bit of a modified version of this one.


My Patriotic Fruit Pizza


Refrigerated sugar cookies

1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup powdered sugar

2 teaspoons grated lemon peel

2 cups fresh raspberries

2 cups fresh blackberries


**Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 12-inch pizza pan with cooking spray. Our oven is broken, so I flattened a foil pie pan in order to have a round pan that would fit into our toaster/convection oven. Flatten cookie dough pieces and  place in pan, pressing edges lightly together to form the crust.


Bake 15  minutes until cooked, but mot crunchy. Cool completely, about 25 minutes.


In medium bowl, beat cream cheese, powdered sugar and lemon lemon juice until fluffy. Spread over baked crust. Arrange  one color berries in large star shape in center. Arrange the other berries around star.  Serve immediately or store in refrigerator. Best served fresh.


Next time I make this STAR pizza I might take in the inside points a bit and take an aerial look and fix those raspberries at the bottom! : >


Enjoy and Happy Independence Day!!!

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The Homemaking Party


Make, Bake and Create Party



Washi Tape Phone Decoration



I’ve done it again! I came up with a temporary solution to my boring, but protective black Otterbox Commute phone case. When I bought it last year before our European trip, it looked like this:




I was so sad to go from a pretty, plastic case to a boring and plain black one. So my last minute solution before we left the country was this:




So, here we are a year later with a plain, black case that shows absolutely nothing about my personality!! I like color…and flowers…and pretty!! So…while I figure out what my solution is going to be (because I HAVE found some options), I came up with this temporary idea to make myself happier…Washi tape decorating!!


I started by creating a pattern by a combination of tracing and bending and dots and etc. I don’t know, I just figured it out:




Transferring that to a more sturdy pattern I could place my tape on. I meant to use the sticker backing cardstock so I wouldn’t have to waste tape, but it turned out that I used the wrong one. The bonus is that it’s a pretty pattern now!!






All set! So then I just laid down each strip of tape and cut around it to form the right shapes, carefully placed each strip on my case and…settled for imperfection. Sigh…I still like it better than before though!! :>






I’m thinking that I’ll probably redo it now that I’ve had some practice, because I’m a perfectionist and those circles/ovals really bother me! But they’re also hard to cut perfectly!


Have you decorated anything with Washi Tape?






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The Homemaking Party




Washi Tape Adapter



Yesterday I made my iPhone adapter absolutely adorable!! And it only took about two items and two minutes to make!!  And there’s no doubt about which one is mine!! :>






I just wrapped a piece of Washi tape around my adapter and I LOVE it!!!






You can create two different stripes too if you want!





I’m already thinking of other things to decorate with pretty Washi tape!! :>


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Tea Time and A Paper Flower Bouquet




This week I spent some much needed time with this little sweetie! It’s hard to believe she has grown so much from the little baby I took care of (with her brother too) while her mom homeschooled the older kids. As she’s gotten older and her family has moved a bit further away, (as opposed to living in our little town), we’ve spent a whole lot less time together. So we finally set a time to hang out together. :>




Now, at her house, we ALWAYS had mini tea parties, with tiny candies and such, and we ALWAYS worked on a craft. So this time we had a more “grown up” tea time at Panera Bread and we made a Paper Flower Bouquet as our craft. So it turns out that we basically did the same things we’ve always done together. And we both enjoyed the time as much as ever. We haven’t really changed much!! :>









Here’s our Instagram photo:




This sweet doll was made by her Nana:




And I love her flower light:




I love this little sweetheart so much and can’t wait until our next outing together!! It’s always great to invest in these sweet little lives, and we’re paid back in immeasurable ways!!


Here‘s how we made the sweet little paper flowers.


The Homemaking Party




Camp Crop 2014




I spent last weekend with 7 other wonderful women scrapbooking our little hearts out for FOUR.FULL.DAYS at our annual Camp Crop retreat for the 6th year!  We had such a fabulous time catching up, crafting and laughing together…A LOT!! This was my absolute favorite year! The past couple of years, I’ve tried to tell myself to relax and not worry too much about the number of pages I finish, but treat the time like a combination of crafting and relaxing. I had to because of health issues. But I think this year I finally took it to heart and thoroughly enjoyed time crafting, visiting and relaxing!! It’s so much fun getting together with these same women every year and I love these special women.


Here are some of the unique things I worked on over the weekend (excluding photos of my photo pages as I forgot to take them):




I made a cute little house album kit first to get my inspiration juices flowing.




It has sweet doors that open like a house if you put it together the way I did. My favorite part. ; >





Open sesame:




Inside the house, notice I tried to make wallpaper:




Another “room” view:






And the top, blue photos are the back. Now to figure out what photos it will hold!!


I also decorated the cover of my idea book…FINALLY:




My station:




Loving these pages:





Heather’s twine and ric rac collection:



Paula’s yummy coconut cupcakes:




We each gave little gifts to the others as we prepared our meal, (we each prepare ONE, love it!), and I decided just a few days before to MAKE the gifts. A variation of my new favorite wares in my ETSY shop.






I took photos of the other ladies too, but not sure they want to be on  here for all to see. :>


It’s so great to get away with your sweetheart and so great to get away with girlfriends. I highly recommend it!!!



 The Homemaking Party with Hope in Every Season

Paper Flower Bouquets



The past couple of weeks I’ve spent a couple of days making Paper Flower Bouquets with this little sweetie!


Every year around May Day, we like to deliver flowers to her neighbor friends and run! (This was the first year we got caught!! )  :>







I put together old scrapbook paper, bendy straws, flower shaped post it notes, stickers, a hole punch, and shaped punches and we set to work. We didn’t finish them in one day, so I asked if I should leave the materials for her to finish, but she wanted to make them together. So sweet. : >








I actually like this way better than buying flowers to deliver (it’s harder to find flowers to pick in our California towns), because we get to craft together AND surprise her friends! Win Win!!






So much fun! And you can make it work for just about any age with a circle punch and flower shaped post its! We decided not to make the effort to cut out flower shapes as we had each injured our cutting hand.


Don’t wait for May Day, do this activity ANY day!! Everyone involved will be blessed!


Have a blessed day!!









 The Homemaking Party with Hope in Every Season

Lemon Angel Spring Cake


I recently saw two fun and festive cakes on Pinterest and ? My wheels started turning because they each used a favorite or two of my Sweetie’s. So I decided to go the easy way, combine the two and add my own flair (which I tend to do frequently with EVERYTHING)!!!



Peek a boo!






The favorite ingredients? Peeps, lemon, of the lemon meringue pie variety, and angel food cake. I used lemon curd form Trader Joe’s because it’s a good price as well as a good flavor, and easier than making my own. :> And I prefer the bunnies to the chicks when it comes to Peeps. Or the gingerbread people! I also love all things MARSHMALLOW!!!!! So I decided to make Fluffy White Frosting for the cake, (or 7 minute, cloud, marshmallow frosting). We also love Angel Food Cake in this family, so I picked one, up ready made from the store so I could focus on the frosting and the cuteness factors!






So many things just fell into place as I mulled over ideas in my head and saw certain sprinkles and jellybeans at the store in certain colors. My version sort of nods to Lemon Meringue, my Swettie’s FAVORITE, and the marshmallow aspect of the Peeps!



So here’s what I did for this adorable cake:

First I gathered everything onto the table.






Then Make the Marshmallowy Frosting:




I ADORED Fluffy White Frosting as a kid and always hat it on my Cherry Chip Cake for my birthdays. Betty Crocker had a boxed version we used a lot (COMPLETELY different from the canned variety! I really dislike those cans!). I believe it’s only available on the east coast these days, but I was able to try it again recently, and I really just prefer homemade these days!


Next, start assembling…the FUN part!! (Although, eating some of the marshmallow goodness is also fun and gives you energy to continue on)! :>




I cut my Angel Food Cake in half and spooned on the Lemon Curd, smoothed it around and put the top back on it.




Spread the frosting on the top of the cake and gently ease some down the sides, smoothing all the while and being careful to avoid crumbs in the frosting. Either fill in the middle or just ice around the hole. Start decorating!!

Tip: ALWAYS use 4 strips of parchment paper under the cake so you can pull them out afterward along with any messiness.



I lined the base with alternating pink and yellow jellybeans, threw sprinkles at the sides and top and set the cake on a pretty cake board for prettier photos. :>


Then I decorated the top with jellybeans and placed two bunnies in the hole. The frosting buoyed them up!





One of the best things about this idea, is that the choices are ENDLESS, and kids will LOVE decorating it themselves!!!




It is simply DELIGHTFUL! Light and airy! A perfect springtime cake!!


P.S. Here’s a cute version some kids made!









Hope In Every Season
Welcome Home Wednesdays


March Giveaway


It’s March  and for a lot people that means it’s time to celebrate the Irish culture with food, music, dance, green and shamrocks! We actually celebrate the Irish many times and in many ways throughout the year. It’s a fun culture and I really love the beautiful green isle and my dear friends over there,  so I decided to do  an Irish themed GIVEAWAY!!

Then I was doing a bit of behind the scenes work this morning and discovered two fabulous things: I’ve nearly reached 20,000 hits on this blog, and one of my posts had so many views it knocked out my previous top post by more than double! You can see it HERE. It turns out that that is thanks to my being featured on the Modest Mom Modest Monday blog post today!! Exciting!  And the post happens to feature a bunch of Irish fashion from our trip last June. See, I think I need an Irish themed giveaway! :>


Rafflecopter doesn’t work with WordPress, so I’ll be doing this the old fashioned way. I’ll put all of the entry names into a hat and have my husband randomly draw the winner. :>

Here’s how it will work: Head over to my Etsy SHOP and pick your favorite item from the Irish section, then tell me which one you chose in the comment section below. (Don’t worry, you can always change your mind if you win). The winner will get to pick any Irish themed item I have for sale. I may even be adding more things in the next couple of days! ;>

P.S. I may throw in a special freebee if you pick one of the Bobby Pins!

So, pick your item, leave a comment and you are entered!! Giveaway ends Friday night at midnight, pacific time. Happy looking all!!


***Giveaway is now closed. ***

New Line of Embellished Fabric Hoops


I’ve recently added a new line of Embellished Fabric Hoop Art pieces to my ETSY SHOP! Each piece uses a unique piece of fabric that I’ve embellished with a combination of embroidery, buttons, beads and/or mini pom poms. I will be adding more designs regularly as I discover fabrics and designs. It’s been so much fun!


Adorable Woodland Embellished Fabric Hoop Art

It all started when I found a bolt of fabric that seemed to lend itself to a perfect circular scene. Ideas began running through my head as I bought the fabric and planned the embellishments! I made one for myself, then ended up giving it to my first momma, so I need to make myself another one. :> Here is the one that started it all:


I LOVE these adorable woodsy scenes!!


Pretty Flowered Embellished Fabric Hoop Art


Eclectic Blue and Green Flowered Embellished Fabric Hoop Art


Eclectic Blue and Green Flowered Embellished Fabric Hoop Art


Eclectic Blue and Green Flowered Embellished Fabric Hoop Art

It’s always great to have hand work at the ready, and this project easily lends itself to my changing moods or tastes or the different sides of my personality! :>

So many patterns and colors to catch my whimsy! I’m already working on the next unique and special piece!

So hop on over to my SHOP and peruse…keep checking back for new hoop artwork!