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My name is Tiffanie and I am a Christ-follower and Oregonian at heart who lives on the central coast of California with my Bearded Tech husband. I recently started a small handmade business called Truly Skrumptious and I sell my wares at craft boutiques and on Etsy. I also love all things Irish, flowers and children. I’ve always been very crafty and lately I’m doing a lot of sewing and crocheting. I blog about handmade wares, recipes, Ireland, nature and my love for Christ.

I started this blog in order to help promote my handmade business on Etsy, so it has the same name. But it’s become much more than that over the past year and a half. I discovered two great link-ups with The Modest Mom and her Modest Mondays and Little House on the Prairie Living and her Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange. These are two topics that play a big part in my daily life, so I jumped on board. Now I love hearing people ask, “will that be on the next MM post or recipe post?” Modesty has has always been a bit of a platform for me as I see it slipping away in our culture. I’ve been talking to teenagers about this for years! Now I’m sharing with peers! I love it! And I cook every day, so of course recipes are a fun topic, and I love the old fashioned aspect of the exchange!

I’ve also shared about my love of Jesus Christ the Messiah and a bit of my journey to draw closer to Him. Annnnd, a bit about our struggle as we deal with childlessness and the loss of an adopted child after 16 months with our precious little girl in our home, loving, teaching and raising her to love and see her need for her Savior.While I wouldn’t give up those 16 months with her for anything, I don’t love the heartache losing her has brought to our lives. If we could go backward in time, I would take her again though. In our hearts she will always be our daughter and we will always be her parents. But how do I answer the inevitable question of, “Do you have kids?” It’s easier when they ask, “Are you a mom?” But that comes much less often. God is good and He is the comforter of our hearts.

I was a missionary in Ireland a while back, and I have Irish roots, so I have a great love for the Green Isle and it’s people. You’ll hear me talking about that as well.

So, although I don’t talk about my shop and wares as much as I had planned, I do still promote it at times and offer links to my shop, in case you want to pop in.

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!

Etsy Shop

To read my old posts with iWeb, click this link!

15 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Tiffanie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the follow! I saw your comment on Facebook, what a small world! We have something else in common – my paternal grandmother was Irish! Your blog is lovely, I have also signed up to follow you 🙂

    • Hi Sherri! Diane and I go to the same church, and I have an interest in all of the Celtic Isles, so I wanted to read your blog! I’m mostly Irish, but have a bit of English blood in me as well. I look forward to spending more time exploring your blog after our upcoming trip to Ireland and England! :>

  2. How lovely, have a wonderful time, maybe I might bump into you when you are here in England! I look forward to ‘seeing’ you when you get back! All prayers for safe, happy and joy-filled travels 🙂

  3. I have just found your blog and have spent this evening reading through. It was lovely to see you have been to Edinburgh! My family live there, and we are only about an hour away. What a small world!

    • I am so glad you stopped by! I had always wanted to visit Scotland, especially Edinburgh! When I lived in Ireland, I didn’t have money for travel, and 11 years ago on our visit back to Ireland, we didn’t have time, so I was happy to have the extra time afforded because of my husband’s work in England, to finally get there. Even still, it was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it! What town do you live in? I live in the States, originally from Oregon, now live in California where my husband comes from, and lived in County Meath near Kells in Ireland. : >

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