Recipe Exchange: Mince and Potatoes

Mince and Potatoes for you Irish celebration!

Truly Skrumptious


I can’t believe I haven’t shared my “company” dish before! Since I haven’t cooked anything new and exciting lately, I was scouring through my photos, looking for something I could share today for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange. That’s when I realized I have a couple of photos of and have never shared my Shepherd’s Pie recipe, so here you go! It’s such an easy, forgiving dish that you can play with until it becomes yours. I ALWAYS make it the same way, the way we made it when I lived in Ireland, where I first ate it. But the whole idea of this dish is that you (the shepherds) use whatever you have on hand and throw it all in together. The original would have had, and still does sometimes, lamb instead of the ground beef or “mince” that I use. I can’t believe I don’t have any photos…

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