Recipe Exchange: Irish Soda Bread

Another idea for Irish Day is White Soda Bread, a fast and easy loaf you can whip up in no time!

Truly Skrumptious


After being sick for nearly a full week, I’m finally here with a great Irish recipe for you all for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange this week! I’ve been making this bread for 18 years now, and it’s ALWAYS yummy!! It’s fast, yummy and rustic, and always hits the spot! The Irish still eat this bread often, and it’s sister, Brown Bread, and I learned to love it and make while I lived in Ireland as a missionary. Let your kids join in and help you make this recipe for St. Patrick’s Day – they’ll have a lot of fun joining in! I love the way the best Irish recipes came from the idea of just making do with whatever you have on hand. When they didn’t have yeast, they made Soda bread. It’s absolutely perfect paired with Shepherd’s Pie/Mince and Potatoes and Irish Stew, updated recipe and photos…

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