Dreaming Of Winter


A couple of weeks ago, during our millionth heat wave since moving here ten years ago, I came across my photos from my Oregon trip last February…and I was dreaming of winter. We don’t have winter here, only spring or summer weather, and I really miss seasons. I like variety! I always looked forward to each new season for the change and/or relief it brought. Also it’s beauty. My friends here think I hate the sun and that rain is my favorite, but that isn’t true. I used to appreciate the sun when it came out after the long rainy months. And my favorite type of day was always a cool, crisp, sunny autumn day with pretty, crunchy leaves underfoot. It’s just that the only change in weather we have is rain. And I LOVE GREEN more than brown when it comes to vegetation, and rain makes things green!.

So, while others have been trying to force winter out since the very first day December 21st, even those near us who have either spring or summer EVERY day, I’ve been longing for those days when we would pray that it would snow…and sometimes we woke up to find it had! πŸ™‚

Last February, while I was visiting family and friends in Oregon, we had a blizzard that snowed some of us in and kept us from seeing each other. That was the sad part, especially since that was the whole point of my trip. 😦 But it WAS tons of fun having snow and winter again!!

The day started with brunch with friends…and snow beginning to fall:


I didn’t wear appropriate clothes and shoes for snow that day:


We were snowed in at one of my favorite places in the world, and almost stayed the night until my cousin-in-law’s husband came and rescued us.



Snowy beaches are always fun!







Snowy Whale Park




Becoming more blizzardly:


Everyone’s favorite spot becomes even more magical at night and snowy.


At least we’re supposed to get a decent amount of rain this weekend. πŸ™‚

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