Tea For Two At Eddison And Melrose


We had some unexpected, paid time off after Christmas and decided to take another trip to Carmel/Monterey. After discovering an affordable and clean motel last March and a fabulous tea room, we were ready for a fun and relaxing break, without much planned. We also discovered Scottish scones last March at the Tuck Box, but they were closed for a nice, long break of their own. Great for them, sad for us. We did love our one time being in the area when they were open, maybe next time?


Karen and her tea room were just as charming as last time! I told her about my birthday and she had pretty sparkling juice for us, a candle in my cupcake and sweet birthday wishes. I also love the rose that garnishes the tea tier! She also volunteered to take our photo and I found a hat on her rack that perfectly matched my outfit! She always makes us feel so loved and special. In fact, when I told her that, she said she thinks of her shop as her living room. And that’s EXACTLY what it feels like…visiting a dear friend!! I should have snapped a pic of her! :>


And super skrumptious yumminess for a decent price!! And cream scones!!! So skrumptious!!


Elegance at it’s finest!


And we were the last customers so I took some photos of the gorgeousness with my real camera this time! I just love the decor and colors!











More pics of us:




**Here are a few phone photos**

Our special, sparkling juice!


The darling hat!


Pretty Teapot and cup.


I mushed up one of the blackberries and put it with my lemon curd and whipped cream and it was soooo yummy!!


So many things make this my favorite tea room, cream scones, extra, lovely touches, pretty decor. But the best of all is Karen, her care and her staff! Kim was just as friendly and welcoming as Karen herself! Thank you both for another memorable afternoon tea!

So if you’re ever in the Carmel/Monterey area, pop into Eddison and Melrose in Monterey, meet Karen, relax and enjoy some lovely tea and fare! She knows how to see the potential and make something beautiful and welcoming! :>

Living Proverbs 31


Tea Time Tuesday

12 thoughts on “Tea For Two At Eddison And Melrose

  1. Hi Tiffanie,
    Happy New Year and a belated Happy Birthday! What a sweet Tea Room; love the decor! The china is lovely and the food really does look scrumptious; a splendid way to spend your birthday. Love the chintz teapot! So glad you have shared this with us and thank you for joining me for Tea Time. Have a beautiful dya.


  2. Also, You might enjoy the Facebook Group – Afternoon Tea Across America as there are many from Oregon in the group – just Facebook Afternoon Tea Across America and enter your desire to join. The ladies in this group are very friendly! I am in it and it is fun!

  3. What a lovely place! I felt like I was sitting right with you! We have an Irish friend who calls all things delicious ‘scrummy’ – sort of a take on scrumptious ❤ And scones in Ireland are not some fancy confection but just a biscuit (with wonderful options and flavors) and then I thought- leave it to my Irish ancestors to make a simple biscuit delightful with fruits and creme fraiche. Thanks for sharing!

    • I lived in Ireland and any teatime there is much more rustic, but delightful. I sometimes feel like a traitor for loving the English way of taking tea so much! Especially since my Irish friends are responsible for my love of tea. I am very loyal to Irish tea though!! Bewley’s and Barry’s all the way for me!! I’m glad you enjoyed my visit with me! :>

  4. Dear Tiffany, thank you so much for the time you took to write & document your visit (with these lovely photos) to the tea room in such a wonderful way!! Just this afternoon I had the pleasure of welcoming 3 of your wonderful friends into my “living room” thanks to you. May 2015 bring you great joy, Karen🌸

    • I was so happy to hear that they saw a photo I shared with a comment about your lovely tea room and service, and decided they wanted to celebrate their birthdays in the same way! It’s a joy to write about my experience, as well as a joy to experience it in the first place! Until next time dear Karen…

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