Modest Monday: Autumn Brown with Pink Flowers


It’s time for Modest Monday! I find it difficult to feel like I’m dressing for autumn day after day when the weather feels more like summer every day. It can be tricky and boring,  but once in a while I put together an outfit I haven’t worn for awhile, and then it’s fun again! That’s what happened this week. I’m partial to flowers and wear them anytime of the year…because I can’t wear them for only a certain time, like spring or summer. I’d have to wait too long! Besides, we have summer weather in every single month here, so why not? :>

So, here’s my brown and pink outfit:


This pretty top is too long, so I tie a ribbon around it and create an empire waist look, which is the most flattering for me anyway. :>



And I just started making these rings! Flowers = happy!!


My pretty top and jewelry are from Kohl’s

My skirt is from Bass

And I’m wearing my trusty Sanita’s of course

What are you wearing this week?



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