Modest Monday: Red Flowered Engagement Dress


Finally, another Modest Monday post. After weeks of wearing repeat outfits or being too busy to get my Sweetie to take photos, here it is. :>

Then, I was going through the photos and realized I just wore the dress I became engaged in. Gotta love empire waists, the forgiver of extra pounds. Did you read last week’s post about our engagement day? Of course, it’s a lot warmer here in California than in Oregon in October, so definitely no tights or cardigan.

So here you go: my engagement day dress 16 years later!

DSCN6441Look…autumn colors behind me!! And it was kinda windy as usual.



I love these rings!


The perfect necklace! And a reminder that I’m loved. :>


My windblown hair and one of my Leaf Pins carefully put into my hair.




Can you believe some people think my hair isn’t curly? :>


Stop by my ETSY SHOP for a red, yellow or green Leaf Pin and wear it every day, for Thanksgiving, Christmas or give one as a gift!!

Here we are 16 years ago:



Have a great week!!

So Much At Home

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