Modest Monday: Danish Days



Last weekend we went to the annual Danish Days in Solvang. It’s always a lot of fun with Danish dancing, music and Swedish Delight, my favorite desert! It’s so perfect with meringue, chocolate and almond bits and whipped cream, light, yummy goodness!I decided to wear this sundress with a peasant top as sort of a modern way to dress up instead of a costume. I also needed something super cool, as it’s even hotter inland in Solvang, and this fit the bill.


These photos turned out better than I expected at the end of a hot, humid (read frizzy) and windy day. :>




I’ve been wearing my hair in a braid a LOT the past couple of years during this hot drought, and one day I tucked it up into the top of itself and realized it was a fun new style! For this day I added a little daisy attached to a hairpin. An easy and fun new style!




My Sweetie and I even did a little dancing!










8 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Danish Days

  1. Since you seem to be near Solvang, you must be somewhere in Santa Barbara or SLO counties. Which town/area do you live in? I grew up in SB and now live in Paso Robles. It’s always fun to read through a blog and find someone nearby!!

    Susan O

    • I live in Los Osos! I’ve lived here 10 years now. Originally from Portland, Oregon, so missing seasons and a break from this heat. My husband is from Orange County and we met in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We love Solvang, and Cambria…oh, and Carmel!! : >

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