First Momma Visit



Last week my first momma came to visit and we had a great time! This was only our third meeting (unless you count the few in high school during our first attempt at a relationship, before my mom broke us up). And this was our best visit yet!! She traveled down with a couple of friends and they made some others stops along the way.


We started with a trip to Foster’s for ice cream treats.




Then I took them to the beach and they LOVED it!!



With it being summer and hot, there were lots of people enjoying the ocean breezes crashing waves.



And, of course, surfers!







Us, and an example of modest pant wearing.



Loved these cute shoes on the young girl.



The (lovely) smokestacks.



And our lovely rock!




It means so much to me to have these special times together after 40 years of separation. We both still get nervous and we’re still getting to know each other, but we’re having fun doing it. :>


As a three year old missing her mother and trying to adjust to a new family, I never knew if we would ever be together again. And I know she felt the same way, so we’re so excited to finally have these times to bond as a mother and daughter.


**Technically, I didn’t Instagram all of these, but they were all taken with my phone. :>**



life rearranged

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