My Modest Wedding Dress



Inspired by the Modest Mom’s modest wedding dress inspiration this week and the fact that it’s wedding season for most people, I thought I would share photos from my wedding and how I made it more modest. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad to begin with.

And you’ll notice that my Sweetie’s “skirt” is shorter than mine. :>


I found my dress at a Vietnamese bridal shop just up the street from my apartment. Why is that so important you ask? Because I’m only 4’11”  tall (or short :>) and this dress was the PERFECT length!! One alteration I expected to face, but didn’t have to. Yay! It didn’t have a train and the v-neck wasn’t modest enough, so my mother-in-law offered to make a train and a modesty panel if we could find the right fabrics, which we did!! And she did!! ( We also found all of the other fabrics for dresses and ring bearer outfit). You would never know those two things were added to my dress. And with the extra fabric she also made me a little purse for tissues, lipstick touch ups, etc. She also made the made-of-honor dress for my now cousin-in-law and the adorable, old fashioned shorts outfit for our ring bearer. She was such a blessing!

Here’s my sister helping me get ready. You can see the modesty panel here.




Walking down the isle was such a joy! No more planning and seeing our family and friends there to love and support us.



Our first communion as husband and wife. See my beautiful train? I LOVE it!! It had hooks that attached to my dress, then could be removed for the reception and Irish ceili dancing. :>



The first person to call me Mrs. Ferrel was my husband’s aunt. Sweet words to my ears!!


Sometimes the groom needs his “skirt/train” fluffed too! Haha! :>


The sweetest little flower girl in the world! She is now 18 years old. How is that possible?! We had/have a special relationship, so our wonderful photographer and friend captured our love for each other here. Definitely a favorite of mine!!



Her dress went so well with mine, a great find! I completely forgot to wear my veil over my face so my groom could lift it to kiss me. I was sad.

I made my own veil and made it adaptable like the train.I took a plain, silk headband, glued flowers onto it and made the tulle veil part detachable so I could wear the headband alone. I still have it!!


My dear friends and sister! And the cutest little flower girl again!


Three out of four sisters plus two husbands.




A wedding in march, in Oregon means rain. But we have a chauffeur with an umbrella for the bride.




HAPPY new bride and groom!!




Time for some Irish ceili dancing!



This Irish kilt was a last minute addition to the wedding, once my Sweetie found out that for years I had wanted my groom to wear a kilt! I guess he loves if this introvert was willing to dress like this for me with all of these eyes on him!



The kids couldn’t wait for CAKE!!And my flower girl wanted to be right there with me the whole time. So sweet!




Our cake was a last minute disaster. The week before our wedding , the beloved Kienows Bakery called to say they were closing their business a few months earlier than planned. What? So I needed a new bakery, and fast. It’s only a cake. So I decided not to try to transport it the two hours out the location, but go with a local grocery store and save myself more headaches. I called, and she had JUST put the order in for the next week. Ack! Thankfully, she said she could call them right back, but couldn’t do anything fancy at this last minute. She DID say she’d try to add some shamrocks for us. :>

It’s just a cake, and everything worked out. It’s also just a wedding, the marriage is more important. You know what people have said to us the most, (besides comments about the kilt :>) that our wedding was very God-honoring. What a lovely compliment.



The adorable ring bearer outfit. His brothers told him he would have to marry the flower girl if he walked with her down the isle. Brothers are such torturers!



Off to the honeymoon amidst a birdseed shower!!




Such a happy, blessed day for us 15 years ago! So many struggles and so many joys. And our Lord has been with us every step of the way, guiding us in His ways.



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