Modest Monday: Patriotic Feminine Fashion




Modest Monday is back at last! After a LONG break I finally have a new modesty ideas post. Inspired by the Modest Mom and her patriotic post BEFORE the 4th of July, I thought I would share what I wore for Memorial Day.


I worked for several years looking for a more feminine option in a world filled with unisex, ugly t-shirts. First I found this top from Walmart several years ago (that I can now pair with this great skirt for variety!):



At least it has flowers!




Then I found this dress at Marshall’s and completely re-worked it, adding sleeves and making the bodice more modest. It had a lot of ruching, which means plenty of extra fabric for me to work with.  And I turned two bracelets from Kohl’s into a necklace (although the red is a bit more pink).











And then, I found this skirt! I loved it and it’s femininity immediately! It took me a while to find the right pairings, but now I’m so happy with the outfit!




It’s always better if you don’t limit yourself to the items the stores earmark for certain holidays or events. Keep your options open!!


The earrings came with a necklace I bought on Etsy from ConnorInspiresAmy. And the cute patriotic buttons came from Target? I just pinned one in my hair. :>




And find fun and festive items like these Dollar Tree glasses for the kids (or even yourself)!





Have a great Freedom Day with family and friends as you celebrate the birth of America! Happy 4th of July! (My Sweetie would want to make sure everyone watches some FIREWORKS)!!



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