Washi Tape Phone Decoration



I’ve done it again! I came up with a temporary solution to my boring, but protective black Otterbox Commute phone case. When I bought it last year before our European trip, it looked like this:




I was so sad to go from a pretty, plastic case to a boring and plain black one. So my last minute solution before we left the country was this:




So, here we are a year later with a plain, black case that shows absolutely nothing about my personality!! I like color…and flowers…and pretty!! So…while I figure out what my solution is going to be (because I HAVE found some options), I came up with this temporary idea to make myself happier…Washi tape decorating!!


I started by creating a pattern by a combination of tracing and bending and dots and etc. I don’t know, I just figured it out:




Transferring that to a more sturdy pattern I could place my tape on. I meant to use the sticker backing cardstock so I wouldn’t have to waste tape, but it turned out that I used the wrong one. The bonus is that it’s a pretty pattern now!!






All set! So then I just laid down each strip of tape and cut around it to form the right shapes, carefully placed each strip on my case and…settled for imperfection. Sigh…I still like it better than before though!! :>






I’m thinking that I’ll probably redo it now that I’ve had some practice, because I’m a perfectionist and those circles/ovals really bother me! But they’re also hard to cut perfectly!


Have you decorated anything with Washi Tape?






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