Friendship and the Tea Trolley




Yesterday I spent some much needed time with my wonderful friend Diane at the Tea Trolley. When the owner said, ” Just what the doctor ordered,” her words were oh so true! We both needed the time for a nice, long visit in a relaxing and beautiful setting while drinking yummy, soothing tea. It was PERFECT TIMING and PERFECT FRIENDSHIP in the PERFECT SETTING.




God knows what we need and orchestrates our lives so perfectly, even though we sometimes can’t see it. My prayer is that I learn to trust Him more with the  details of my life, because even though I don’t always feel like it, He knows what is absolutely the BEST for me. And yesterday that was chatting with my friend Diane and sipping apricot tea.  :>



So much yumminess!


And matching cups and teapots!



I love her pretty little dessert cups!



And skrumptious lemon curd!




Have yourself a cup of tea with a friend today!



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One thought on “Friendship and the Tea Trolley

  1. Sharing tea with a friend in a lovely atmosphere like this is just so special! Love the pretty teapots and matching teacups. The tea treats look scrumptious! Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a happy day!


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