Celebrating 15 Years!


Happy 15th anniversary to us!!!

No rain for us here in California, but I’m spending the whole weekend with my Sweetie in Carmel! Yippee!!



Irish dancing and and Irish kilt at our Irish themed wedding. No big surprise for anyone there! :>



God has given us 15 years of love, trials, sorrows, joys and a commitment to stay together, no matter what. Believe me, that has been tested, especially around the 10 year mark! (Of course we had MANY trials during our dating years as well, no bliss for us until after we were married). But God has seen us through to the other side, and brought us close together again. Praise the Lord!! He is good!!

(And one of these days we’ll get these photos scanned…)

I’m thankful for this life with my Sweetie!!


One thought on “Celebrating 15 Years!

  1. […] Since our engagement happened in October, which was the month I always wanted to get married in with all of the gorgeous autumn colored leaves, (autumn is my favorite season when I live in places with crisp, cool air and the great colors), we had to figure out a different month for the wedding, because I wasn’t waiting ANOTHER year to get married! We finally decided on March with an Irish theme, since we both have Irish roots, and I obviously have a soft spot for the country and people. That’s pretty much the story. A short engagement and then a wedding! If you want more about the wedding day, you can find it HERE and HERE. […]

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