Modest Monday: Men, Modesty and Bathing Suits


I firmly believe that modesty is important for both men AND women. I know that MANY people think it’s only for women to implement, but that isn’t true, it’s just that there is a much bigger problem with immodesty in our culture with women. But, really modesty goes both ways. My Sweetie has learned a lot about modesty along with me throughout our 15 year marriage! Unlike me, he has always dressed pretty modestly. I rebelled a little bit against my mother’s VERY strict rules and would sneak tight pants and mini skirts to school and change clothes to look more cool and to attract guys. So I had further to go when I was fist convicted of my clothing choices. The beginning for me was with bathing suits. Even though I always wore a one piece, it still always felt like I was wearing my underwear in public, and I knew that that is wrong! So I started wearing shorts and t-shirts over mine. That was the beginning of changes for me. Ironically, the biggest change for my Sweetie also involved bathing suits, so he now wears a t-shirt with his longer trunks. I’ve always had a problem with men going shirtless, and I know other women have the same issue.

So here’s a Modest Monday post focusing on modesty for men, featuring my super handsome Sweetie! Both casual and dressier clothing.



And speaking of bathing suits, here’s a post about the one I wear now. :>






Modeling my super nice camera cover!





Modesty takes a bit more effort, but it’s so worth it to please our Lord and Savior!

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