Modest Monday: European Style Then and Now


We had a busy Sunday, especially my Sweetie, so I didn’t feel I could ask him to take outfit photos. I also wasn’t feeling very well, so I thought I would share some of the fashions I observed while in Europe last June, specifically Ireland and Scotland , for this week’s Modest Monday post.

DSCN5566_2 Here are some of the wedding fashions we saw at our friend’s wedding in Ireland. Above is a photo of a little girl’s dress at the Haymaking Festival, a living history sort of event.   DSCN5822   Modern styles reminiscent of earlier days.   DSCN5799   DSCN5883   DSCN5971   I waited a LONG time for people to leave him alone so I could snap this one with the bicycle also!   DSCN6128_2   The younger crowd.   DSCN6046   The older crowd set dancing, my absolute favorite after ballet! It isn’t odd for women to dance together as there is always a shortage of men when dancing, here too!   DSCN5920   The ’80’s style (and most popular/common) Irish Step Dancing costume.


The even younger crowd.



I like to take photos of fabrics that interest me, like all of these kids are displaying. :>


Loved these matching coats at Hill Top Farm, Beatrix Potter’s house!


The Scottish crowd at Edinburgh Castle. These also remind me of the Irish kilt my Sweetie wore for our wedding! :>



What inspires you and your fashions?



9 thoughts on “Modest Monday: European Style Then and Now

  1. I love your blog! My mom is from Ireland and I’ve always wanted to go visit but haven’t had a chance. Maybe some day.=)

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