Recipe Exchange: My Copycat Dairy Queen Peppermint Ice Cream Cake


This year for my birthday (in December) I decided to try to tackle the yummy Dairy Queen cake I’ve had a few times. Armed with a few times from HERE  and a refresher from the Dairy Queen website (but I remembered it VERY well), I tackled it and was VERY happy with the result!

Unfortunately, I was only able to take quick photos with my little Sony Cyber Shot camera…sigh. So here you go. Here’s today’s Recipe Exchange yumminess!


In all honesty, this photo was taken the next day with my good camera, and after having a chance to freeze post decorating. We ended up eating it the day after my birthday and the family was in hurry to get on the road, so we rushed it a bit. Regardless of how melted or messy it was, this cake was DELICIOUS!!


Filled with ooey gooeyness, it really did remind me of the original cake!


Here’s what it looked like as we sliced it. :>


An ooey gooey, delicious mess!

All right, so here’s the scoop:


Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

2 cartons peppermint ice cream

20 oz chocolate fudge (not hot fudge)

4 Tbl chocolate crunch (from cake decorating shop) or crumbled chocolate wafer cookies in pinch

Stabilized whipped cream (1/4 pint or so unless you “ice” the entire cake)


Spring form pan

This is an easy recipe, but takes patience and time. :>

Soften the first carton of ice cream, then spread on the bottom of pan and freeze for 1 hour. Next spread chocolate fudge over first layer and freeze again for 1 hour. Sprinkle crunch over fudge and freeze again for 1 hour. Soften the 2nd carton of ice cream and spread over all, then freeze overnight.

Ahead of presentation time, spread stabilized whipped cream over sides (or all) of cake and decorate as desired. Then freeze at least 1 hour before serving to avoid the melting mess we had! :>

As you can see, I chose a few pink sugar sprinkles, pearls and a cute gingerbread boy as my decorations.

I was happy with the adorableness he added to the festivities, especially since I have a bit of an obsession with all things gingerbread!  :>

Happy cake making!!

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