Modest Monday: Lace Valentine Dress


It feels so good to get back to a Modest Monday post! I feel like the past few months have literally just flown by! I was in Oregon for two weeks, then arrived home the day before Valentine’s Day. My Sweetie had a very busy two weeks at home. We were both exhausted, so, needless to say, we  had NOTHING planned to celebrate and chose to plan something ON Valentine’s Day, as we relaxed and rested up.


Before I left town, I had nothing prepared, no gifts, nothing! Thankfully I was able to pick up a few surprises in my travels, including a couple of special treats we don’t often get to enjoy, as they aren’t exactly local. :>


Special occasion Krispy Kreme I picked on my 4 hour drive home after landing, celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday early and spending the night.


Heart meringues from my favorite Solvang bakery, Olsen’s. But they were out of my favorite Swedish Delight. Good thing I had a Krispy Kreme, another favorite of mine. Meringues are a favorite of my Sweetie. :>



So on Friday night we enjoyed a home cooked meal, our Krispy Kreme and Miss Potter. We’ve been wanting to re-watch this ever since visiting the Lake District in England last June. It’s such a GORGEOUS area!! I’m ready to go back and spend a whole lot more time there!!


Isn’t my Sweetie handsome? :>


We decided to go to an early dinner on Saturday to a local restaurant overlooking the water. It was foggy when we arrived, but cleared up quite a bit in time for Modest Monday photos!


There’s a bit of pressure to hurry up with your photos when it’s cold and others are waiting to take their own photos!



GORGEOUS views!!


My FAVORITE photo of the day!! I LOVE his expression!!

I think it’s my favorite expression of his!!  :>


My BEAUTIFUL newish jewelry from Etsy, cameo necklace with matching rose earrings!

Coincidentally, my new dress has a bodice detail similar to many figure skating dresses and it’s winter Olympic time right now! I LOVE it! To make it more modest though, I a little perfect match tank underneath.



A special little pink stoned ring from a craft faire I worked a few years ago.



Lovely coat I don’t get to wear often enough here. A black Friday deal a few years ago.


Frankly, having no plans until the last minute took a lot of the pressure and expectations off of our date. The most fun for me was finding this new dress on my drive home and spending special time with my sweetie after a long separation. And his face when I came out in my new outfit! ;>

So, here’s what I’m wearing:

Beautiful pink lace dress and black leggings from Maxx Plus

Pink/peachy modesty tank from  garage sale

Black shrug from Ross or Marshall’s

High heeled black boots from PayLess

Frizzy, big hair is why I try not to shower the day of an event. Sigh…

A great time was had by all, celebrating our love for each other knowing that next month will mean 15 years of marriage!

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