Modest Monday: Why I Still Wear Pants


I talk a lot about wearing skirts and dresses, and share many Modest Monday posts on them. So I know some of you who know me in real life may wonder why I’m still wearing pants. I wanted to take some photos of some of my modest outfits wearing pants, then talk about this as an accompaniment,  but since I haven’t taken the photos yet, I’m finally talking about it anyway.

My two main goals in clothing are: MODESTY and FEMININITY. I truly believe God desires those two things from us in our daily living. As I switched back to wearing skirts and dresses, I had a problem, I didn’t want to get rid of tops and pants that had been so difficult to find and waste the money on so many items. So I started thinking. I also had a few situations where it might have made friends feel too uncomfortable. So I decided I would go ahead and wear pants sometimes, as long as the rest of my outfit was still feminine, and , as one blogger said, my tops “hide my hiney.” Not the way I usually speak, but it ‘s the best way to describe the issue. :>


So I make sure my tops are long enough, pants aren’t too tight, and of course add to the top if it’s too low, which they usually are these days. I love Half Tees and Cami Secrets for those situations.

So these days I’m wearing skirts and dresses about 2/3 of the time and pants the other 1/3. This may change in the future, or maybe I’ll keep it this way. Not sure yet. I just know I need to follow what God is telling me to do, and in this case that’s being a woman who is feminine and modest, and encouraging others to do the same. That part will never change. :>

If you wondered, now you know!

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4 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Why I Still Wear Pants

  1. I too am skirts mostly but pants sometimes. It has changed over the years, from pants all the time to skirts all the time and now to mainly skirts but pants when they seem more appropriate or acceptable.

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