Recipe Exchange: “Gingerbread” Nativity


This year I found this sweet nativity idea, and as an avid gingerbread house fan, this really appealed to me as a way of observing Christ’s birthday! So today’s Recipe Exchange idea is this “Gingerbread” Nativity, a great activity for kids of all ages. :>


I made this at a little get together and it’s a bit messy looking as I hurried. Next time I would try THIS method. Then I wouldn’t have snow at the manger either, so better, since there wouldn’t have been any at Christ’s birth. And my little trick for this type of thing is…ALWAYS let the “glue” on the structures harden OVERNIGHT!!!


I used shredded wheat type cereal for the hay instead of coconut. And you have to make sure you find the rectangle graham crackers as these days a lot of them come in squares. When you cut the cracker, use a sawing motion and slowly and carefully saw into shape. I only found one size of gum drops, so I just cut off part of one for the heads. I used fruit roll ups for the head coverings and Jesus’ blanket. Just glue everything together with the royal icing, candy melts or caramel sauce.  Marshmallows and licorice pieces made the sheep.



This was so much fun to make! I think it needs to be a new tradition! :>

Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange 1/14

Every Tuesday Afternoon


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